Chef Daniel’s Kitchen Revisited

Chef Daniel’s Kitchen 





I think this was my 4th visit??? Can’t remember the exact figures…

They offer valuable- pricing set lunch  ( $10.50 & 16.50 ) and the food attained a certain standard since the menu was created by Chef Daniel Koh himself. Sometimes I felt dining in high-class restaurants are a waste of money . We pay for the ambience and service but often the food was merely average and mediocre.I’m not referring to ALL Restaurants but IMO, I had experienced quite a number.

Hmm… was kinda lucky that I met Quan Yifeng, Patricia Mok, Belinda Lee & Kym Ng @ Chef Daniel’s Kitchen. They were a noisy crowd… could hear their noise in the restaurant and busy taking photos. Initially I wanted to walk over to request for photo-taking but felt a little awkward & shy … Mom said ‘‘ Celebrities also have a pair of eyes , a nose and a mouth , what’s so special about them ? Leave them alone lah ”. Mom had a point too … and thus I held back but my eyes stayed focused on them throughout the lunch .




Speciality of the Month (July)



The ‘‘wok charred salmon ” looked captivating  =)




House salad ($10++)




A simple mixed salad with sliced mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, pickled cucumber , sweet honey dew in honey mustard dressing.




Five spices Foie Gras ($14++)




I wonder why there were melon balls served alongside… anyway, the melons were really sweet but had a hint of spiciness.

The Foie gras was infused with very mild ”five spices” which is commonly used in Chinese Ngoh Hiang. I would prefer the foie gras to be slightly pan fried to create a crispy outer layer.  Sweet glutinous and wild black rice served underneath provides a chewy & nutty texture .




Wok Charred Salmon ($22++) 




The Wok charred salmon was an award-wining dish of Chef Daniel Koh. Indeed, the dish deserved to to be awarded. The salmon was served slightly charred on the outside but the inner was 80% cooked. Set atop a bed of braised leeks, tomatoes and lady’s finger. We enjoyed the mild-tasting salmon and the vegetables in the broth.



Grilled Tuna Steak ($22++)




The tuna steak was seasoned with cumin, coriander and white pepper but on top of that I felt that sichuan peppers were also added for extra spiciness. The dish smell fragrant, which reminded me of ”roti prata with curry” . The tuna dish was a fusion of Western and Indian cuisine where strong herbs and spices were used .

~A.W.E.S.O.M.E ~






The outer layer was the blend of herbs and spices (cumin, coriander, white pepper & sichuan peppers) which provides a crisp texture while the inner was rare. I could literally taste the natural freshness and flavour of the tuna meat. The sauce was delicious but I couldn’t make out what exact ingredients were used…. perhaps a bit of miso ???

The green bean sambal had bits of crispy tau kwa , bits of long beans and stir fried in sambal chilli which reminded me of muslim food…Enjoyed it!

The grilled tomato , on the other hand, was redundant since the texture was so tough and was not juicy at all.


Verdict : Reservations are highly recommended as the place often experienced high human traffic ( full-house) during lunch & dinner hours. Most of the service staffs are from PRC and therefore there ”might” be miscommunication. However, the service was pretty friendly & efficient. Despite the inaccessibility, I felt it was worth the effort to get here to enjoy tantalizing food.



Chef Daniel’s Kitchen

L7 Bugis Iluma

Website :


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  1. Wow! Looks like I’ve gotta make a trip back to try the tuna!! Great review here (: I’ve just set up a food blog recently, would really appreciate it if you could go have a look and perhaps link me as well? (:


  2. […] heard of Chef Daniel’s Kitchen from Hui Yuan’s blog but I didn’t expect the grandeur of the the restaurant. Situated on the 7th floor Iluma, a […]


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