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Le Figue Revisited

I had been to ”most” of the restaurants in Singapore and sometimes would hesitate to return- The same menu, same food, same ambience… sort of boring. Whenever I have the time, I would love to check out the weekly set lunch offered by some *restaurants ( shall not mention names) . If I fancied any of the dishes being offered, I would make my way down to the restaurant to try out the set lunch.

*P.S Le Figue is one of them



The last visit to Le Figue was with Rachel to celebrate her birthday as well as trying the set lunch. Both Rachel & I were impressed by the Chef’s creativity as he was able to play around with the food –  textures, emulsions, carpaccio…etc. Every dish is a piece of art ( too pretty to be consumed ). I went back again to Le Figue to try the set lunch for this week.


This week’s set lunch( 28/9/2010- 1/10/2010)


Tortellini of suckling piglet


” Tortellini of suckling piglet, arugula Salad, Bouchon Green Apple, Balsamic Reduction, Jus De Brun”


The 4 tortellini were wrapped with cubes of suckling piglet .The texture & flavour reminds me of the chinese braised pork belly cut into mini cubes. The skin of the tortellini was not too thick and balsamic reduction added a tangy finish.


Crabmeat salad


”Salad Of New Season Beetroot, Crab Meat, Chive Flower, Flat Parsley, Citrus Cream, Orange Reduction”


3 small portions of crabmeat were a thin beetroot carpaccio were served with citrus cream. The citrus cream has bits of orange peel in it which I enjoyed it. The crabmeat would be better if a little black pepper was sprinkled . You could ask for some wholemeal bread to go along with the crabmeat salad.


Tuna Maguro


” Pan Seared Tuna Maguro, Crispy Silver Fish, Celeriac Puree, Garlic Chips, Fine Beans, Potato Emulsion”


2 pieces of thick seared tuna was served. Sad to say that there was one piece that was over-seared, resulting the fish meat to be tough and difficult to chew. The celeriac puree was smooth and the sliver fish was battered till crispy.


Verdict: If you like to enjoy your lunch/ dinner in a quiet & peaceful environment , Le Figue is the ideal choice. According to them, the restaurant is very quiet on Wednesday & Thursday afternoon so feel free to drop by for lunch . I wouldn’t mind returning weekly for their set lunch.




Le Figue

Camden Medical Centre


Website :


Bel Mondo

Bel Mondo

It had been quite a long while since I went to Millenia Walk. I vividly remembered it  was pretty boring( in terms of restaurant choices) but it undergo some sort of renovations . Some restaurants were being replaced and the newer ones seemed to be ”surviving strong”.

Bel Mondo is one of the newer restaurant and offers South Italian cuisine at reasonable prices.

The use of bright and cheerful colours liven up the atmosphere. There is a bar area facing the window of the kitchen where we can observe the chefs making pizzas on the spot.

The Menu

They offer a $15 nett set lunch on weekdays. The set lunch comes with a soup of the day, pizza/ pasta of choice, dessert of the day and a beverage. The pizzas were freshly made on the spot and thus a waiting time of 10mins is required. The downside, they use a normal oven instead of charcoal oven.

A small selections of appetizers and mains were offered but there were a large selections on pastas and risottos.

Caesar salad ($12++)

The caesar salad comes in a generous portion with romaine lettuce, bacon, garlic croutons and parmesan shavings. The dressing was unevenly mixed and some romaine lettuce were heavily salted. The bacon were also on the salty side and garlic croutons was too hard.

Half roasted chicken with mesclun salad ($25++)

The roasted chicken was recommended by the waitress. I didn’t expect the serving size to be rather huge! The ”bird” was nicely roasted with a crispy and non-oily skin. The meat of chicken leg and wing was rather tender but I simply couldn’t stomach 1/2 roasted chicken by myself, considering that I had the Caesar salad before this. I left the breast part ( which was dry) untouched.

Verdict: The $ 15 nett set lunch is well-worth it and it was popular with the office people working around that area. Service is efficient and ”service with a smile”.

Bel Mondo

#01-09 Millenia Walk


Nando’s JB

There’s always a long Q at Nando’s Bugis Junction and I can’t understand why is there a craze about the Nando’s flame grilled chicken and the peri-peri sauce. Well, I have tried Nando’s some time back last year and wasn’t too impress with the Peri Peri sauce ( it’s just some fiery spicy sauce).

I was at J.B today (longbang my dad’s car) and the usual food outlets at City Sqaure Mall- Kenny Rogers, Nando’s , Secret Recipe.. so borrring!

Peri-fy your life!

I walked past Nando’s and was welcomed by the friendly and cheerful service staff. Looking at the restaurant set-up and the business, I decided to try their famous flame-grilled chicken.

The Menu

The signature flame-grilled chicken :

1/4 chicken with 2 sidelines

1/2 chicken with 2 sidelines

1 whole chicken with 2 sidelines

They offer a few selections for the sidelines – potato salad, coleslaw , 3 beans salad..etc. I wasn’t too interested in the sidelines as they are calorie laden ( mayonnaise and potatoes ). For the sauce, you can opt for lemon herb ( first timers), mild, spicy or extra spicy .

The peri peri sauces

They offer 4 different types of peri peri sauce :

– Garlic Peri Peri

– Tomato

– Spicy Peri Peri

– Extra Spicy Peri Peri

The extra spicy wasn’t spicy enough for me…. the intensity was weak.

Caesar Salad( RM 9.90)

This Caesar salad has one of the lightest dressing that I have tried. The salad leaves were lightly coated with a light caesar dressing. There’s no bacon or hard-boiled egg but lots of bread croutons. The bread croutons stood out which were not the extra hard type ( they were slightly soft and has a nice aroma of bread ).

1/4 chicken -mild peri peri sauce ( RM 10.90)

I thought that the chicken was pre- grilled and warm it when the customer made an order. The chicken leg wasn’t served warm and when I cut it open, the chicken meat was rather bloody …. gosh! I kept quiet and just finish those parts that were cooked. Anyway, the mild peri peri sauce didn’t serve any purpose/ effect.

Verdict: Im not returning to have those bloody chicken meat!


J.B City Square Mall

The Salad Shop & The Moomba Tuckshop

I planned to start eating ”healthily” this week cos I had enjoyed too much good food for the past few weeks. My body needs some cleansing thus for this week’s post, I would focus on Salad bars, Sandwich shops or any healthy places. Most of these places are found in the CBD area thus please avoid going on weekends ( most places are closed!)

The Salad Shop

Do not get mixed up with ‘‘ Salad Stop!’‘.  Salad Stop!  have various outlets in Singapore- Marina Square, Novena Square, George Street and OUB Centre while ” The Salad Shop” does not have any branches . Located at UOB plaza 2 ( facing the Singapore River), they offer salads for everybody.(herbivores/ carnivores).  You get to customise your salads – Choose the salad base, dressings, toppings…etc.

The order form

Pick up the order form and start filling up before queuing up and paying .

Firstly, choose the salad base

Next, select the salad size, feeds and dressing.

Then, proceed to the salad bar with the completed form and to the cashier to pay .

Lastly, wait for your salad to be served to you (dining in)

The Salad bar

The people are busy preparing the salads. The queue is super long especially during lunch hours. It is advised to go before / after lunch hours to avoid standing around to wait for an empty tables and may even have to share tables. The Salad Shop is rather small thus it gets so crowded and packed during lunch hours. I don’t think it is an ideal place if you want to enjoy your salad in peace ( too many people staring, sort of rushing you to quickly finish up your food so they can occupy your seat).

My queue number

The salad was served to me within 5 mins which I consider it to efficient (long Q)

My own creation ($12)

Complimentary bread being  provided at the service station. You can take as many as you want ( dun be a cheapo and waste food).

I opted for the ” Elephant size” which allows me to have 6 main feeds, 2 supp feeds and 1 prime feed. My salad has alfalfa sprouts, brocolli, roasted pumpkin, onions, tomatoes, raisins, roasted peppers, grilled zucchini & Chicken Tikka tossed in Sun-dried tomato vinaigrette ( they offer 23 types of dressings). The salad is also well-tossed. You can opt for less / more dressing/ dressing @ the side.The ingredients were fresh and comes in huge pieces.

Verdict : The salad was good , mainly due to the variety of fresh ingredients. But considering the crazy Q, I was hesitating whether to return.

The Salad Shop

UOB Plaza 2

#01-20 Raffles place

————————————-Moomba Tuckshop——————————–

The Moomba Tuckshop,located at the ground level of Bank of China Building offers fantastic sandwiches!

Seafood on Dark Rye bread($9)

You can opt for the bread- multigrain, brioche, onion & sage, spinach, walnut or dark rye bread.

The ”seafood’‘ isn’t the usual prawns and squids but lots of blueswimmer crabmeat with marinated wakame and tobiko !

Generous crabmeat!

The bread itself is a little dry and chewy but they were so generous with the crabmeat. The tobiko complement the crab very well & gives a crunchy texture. I tried to finish every morsel , leaving just a small slice of bread behind.

Verdict: The place is very small, with limited tables inside. It was rather cramped and stuffy having food there , inhaling all sorts of funny smell from the kitchen.

The Moomba Tuckshop

#B1-01 Bank of China Building

Le Bon Marche

Le Bon Marche

Le Bon Marche @ Alocassia Service Apartments

Le Bon Marche, used to be at Tiong Bahru ( next to CentrePs) and now they have moved to a new location at Alocassia Service Apartment. It along the main road, accessibility is a problem if you are driving.

Le Bon Marche adopts a Bistro style, offering French cuisine while it’s neighbour, Al Borgo offers Italian. The bistro resembles a mini supermarket, where they carry all sorts of ingredients/ food for French cooking. If you are looking for French produce to whip up some French cuisine, get them at Le Bon Marche!

Daily special’s written on the board, check them out!

Monthly set lunch menu

Monthly set lunch/dinner available priced at $30++ and $48++.The prices here are on the higher side but you pay for what you get! You can enjoy fresh and seasonal produce. They can even prepare a platter of antipasti for a group/ family.

Bread basket

Sauteed Vegetables ($10++)

I can choose the types of veggies I prefer. This bowl of veggies has carrots, broccoli, sugar snap beans and butter beans. The butterbeans belongs to the family of long beans but it is slightly yellowish in colour, sweeter and softer.

Pan Roasted Racasse Fish fillet ($32++)

I was interested to try this ‘’ Racasse fish’’ and it turns out to be Scorpion fish. Did a goggle search and realized this fish is aptly known as Scorpion fish due to it’s venomous spines that can inflict a painful, even deadly, sting.It’s dangerous to capture this fish so I must savour it slowly. But, will the poison be passed to the person eating, I’m not too sure… cross fingers…xx

Scorpion fish

Scorpion Fish fillet

Anyway, the scorpion fish has a firm and lobster-like meat. The meat was rather mild but when you dip in squid ink sauce, it brings out a rich flavour. The braised fennel were so soft and melts in my mouth in every bite.

Couscous with sun-dried tomatoes

There were pieces of sun-dried tomatoes in the couscous, It has been a long while since I had couscous and I like the combination.

Squid ink sauce!

Verdict: You pay for what you get here  ( the quality), I saw bottles of white truffles ( tartufu biano), black truffles carpaccio , white truffle cream … all the gourmet items, I wish I could buy all of them home.

Le Bon Marche

383 Bukit Timah Road

#01-01 Alocassia Service Apartments

Cafe Epicurious / Sweet Salty Spicy

I used to work part-time @ Sweet Salty Spicy Thai Canteen  and it has been many years, many changes took place over this period of time. Cafe Epicurious collaborated with Sweet Salty Spicy Kitchen, offering Western + Thai cuisine.

The Manager ( Suraj ) still worked there ( same position ) and I’m surprised he still remembered me after so many years.

Since both Western & Thai foods are available, I made a quick decision and had :

Asian Salad  & A turmeric marinated chicken

Asian Salad ($10.50)

This looks more like a Japanese salad imo with slices of nori sheets and smoked salmon. The salad leaves were withered and the smoked salmon was thin and tasteles. Salad were  tossed in a sesame dressing.

Turmeric marinated chicken ($14++)

The Turmeric marinated chicken was offered in the Thai menu. Personally, I am a fan of chicken meat marinated in herbs – Turmeric, Marsala, lemongrasss… you name them all!

The Chicken meat was marinated in strong turmeric and preserved black beans and grilled till perfection. The chicken meat was very tender , bursting with flavours in every bite. They serve a dipping sauce ( lime + chilli + preserved soy beans ) along with the chicken. The only complain , too much raw shredded cabbage offered ( underneath the chicken ).

The manager was happy to see me again, at Cafe Epicurious , we have a chit-chat and in the end, I was waived off the 10 % svc charge. ( Thks )

Sharon & Helena used to be @ Persimmon (Link Hotel ) and I’m galad to meet them here at Cafe Epicurious again!

Cafe Epicurious / Sweet Salty Spicy Thai Canteen

392 , Upper Bukit Timah Road,

The Railmall

Website :

Epicurious :

SSS               :



Singapore Botanical gardens

A swan

The previous visit to Halia restaurant was a blogger’s brunch outing. This time round, I came for lunch. Halia- means Ginger in Malay ( Teh Halia – Ginger tea) nestled in the Ginger Garden of The Singapore Botanical Gardens.

The Set lunch menu

The Menu changed recently and they changed 80% of the brunch, lunch & dinner menu. However, the favourites still remains in the new menu.

I would STRONGLY RECOMMEND to order food from the set lunch menu. If you going ala-carte, be prepared to spend. Individual dishes cost around $20-$30 for appetizers, $40 & above for mains and $10 & above for desserts. I felt that prices are set on the pricey side .

The set lunch, $28++ for 2 course and $32++ for 3 course is much worth it. A few of the dishes are selected from the ala-carte menu, offered during lunch time.

Focaccia Bread

Mesclun salad, avocado, orange, radish, corn chips, cucumbers in tangy citrus dressing.

Light citrus dressing provides a refreshing salad. I was not a fan of avocado & they were generous with the avocado and served 2 large slices in the salad.

Focaccia sandwich with Tandoori spiced chicken fillet

A warm & crusty focaccia bun is served instead of bread slices. The chicken fillet is marinated with tandoori spices and grilled. I felt that the chicken fillet was rather dry and lacked in flavour.

The cubes of mangoes and pickles laid on top of the chicken fillet was good though.

Cappuccino ” dunkin pit” without brownies

Even though I was already 80% full, I wouldn’t want to miss out the desserts ( ha… only $4++ difference). The Cappuccino ”dunkin pit” is supposedly to serve along with 2 chocolate brownies but since the brownies contain walnuts, I had ” dunkin pit” without the brownies .

Close up

This is a sinful indulgence and best to be shared. This small glass of dessert contains layers of warm chocolate, cool vanilla cream & coffee iced shavings. The chef recommended me to eat it in 1 whole scoop ( from top to bottom) since I didn’t had any brownies to ”dip” with. I followed his recommendation and eat it in 1 whole spoonful and it was indeed rich and shiok! The chocolate was very rich and gooey and it’s like a chocolate milkshake . I felt jerlat after finishing the dessert but was worth every calorie.

Verdict: Recommended to come for lunch / brunch ( set lunch/ brunch menu ). The service was attentive but prices are on the higher side.

Halia Restaurant

Singapore Botanical Gardens, Ginger garden

1 Cluny Road

Website :