Romano Ristorante

Romano Ristorante

Romano Ristorante, tucked along Upper Thomson Road, just a few doors away Ivin’s.Romano is a family Italian Restuarant where the chef takes care of the cooking and all the trivial matters such as serving and taking orders. Since there is only 1 person doing all the jobs, he may take a longer time to bring the menu to you thus you have to take your own initiative.

The interior is simple and cosy, ideal for a simple and casual dining. That explains why you can always see families having their lunch/dinner here.

                                                                                     The Menu


You can find the usual Italian fares such as Pastas, Pizzas, Appetitizers, Mains and Tiramisu here. Well, the pasta is reasonably priced starting from $8.90+ onwards. The mains cost between $14.90- $19.90+ which I felt was well worth for the huge portion.

                                                                                Insalata Mista ($5.90+)


A simple Italian salad. A bowl full of lettuce, shredded carrots, bellpeppers, tomato slices and spinach leaves tossed in Italian dressing. The portion is huge of course…. the veggies were fresh and crisp.

                                                                    Chicken Piccata($16.90+)


The chicken breast is coated with thin parmesan breadcrumbs ,lightly deep-fried and served with creamy capers sauce. The chicken piccata was served with linguine, brocolli and potatoes but I kindly request them to remove everything, leaving just the brocolli on my plate.

The chicken breast was quite tender and juicy despite being lightly deep-fried and on top of that, it was not oily.

                                                                                      Another shot


The sauce, creamy capers sauce was a little on the heavy side. You can see the amount of sauce that is served with the chicken breast . The sauce is very smooth and not very thick but it tends to get a little jelak after having too much of it. Those who dislike creamy and heavy sauce would have to give this a miss. Anyway, I still managed to lick the plate clean as I love sauces.

Romano Ristorante is ideal for family and casual dining. The food (imo) was just average and I must agree that the prices were very reasonable for the portion served.

Romano Ristorante

10 Jalan Leban


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  1. We have moved to 910 Upper Thomson road, Singapore 787112 and we are open for business.


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