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Lunch Experiment 3

Zucchini with truffle oil



Lightly sauteed the zucchini with some butter, add some broth and simmer till soft & mix in some butter for a buttery flavour. A touch of truffle oil … smells heavenly!



Oven baked parrot



The parrot here refers to the parrot fish and not the bird-parrot.

The parrot fish is a bright-coloured fish and has many colours . Do not be mesmerized by its ”beauty” and avoid eating it!

The meat was meaty and light-flavoured and best to be oven-baked or grilled to avoid the meat falling apart. I seasoned with some olive oil, salt & pepper and lots of minced garlic to bring out the flavour.

The result was expected…. juice from the fish was retained , meat was soft and the fragrance of the garlic bits was addicitive!



Verdict: A Sucess!


Lunch Experiment 2


Zucchini, Lemon Thyme Veloute , Truffle oil


I simply enjoyed this simple dish!

Barramundi fillet was lightly marinated with olive oil & grilled with black pepper. Lemon thyme veloute was a little on the sourish side ( added too much lemon juice) . I drizzled some truffle oil on the fish fillet & veloute —– delicious nah!



Crispy skin


The barramundi skin was crispy … great job!

I should have added the entire stalk of thyme rather than chopping it ^0^ . The rough fibre of the thyme stalk was too difficult to chew and had to be removed !



Verdict: Simplicity @ it’s best!



Lunch Experiment 1

Lunch was @ home & I managed to prepare something ( edible) for myself. Being used to the ”chinese” way of cooking, somehow I made some mistakes in the ”Western” way . I’m not used to using electric oven- like controlling the temperature & the preparation of ingredients posed a challenge for me. E.g the garlic were chopped too coarsely . Well, it’s my first attempt and I shall learn from the mistakes & try to improve myself!



Mixed green salad with mussels



I added some sauteed minced garlic & onions to complement the salad & the result was good! It actually added some texture a flavours to the boring green salad leaves.

The mussels were lightly sauteed with garlic & it was fragrant… yum yum!



Grilled Red snapper with thyme and zucchini




Disappointing dish!

I’m not sure why the zucchini doesn’t have the oomph factor… I baked it with some chopped garlic for about 15 mins & it turns out ——— Zucchini was slightly ”raw” but crunchy & the chopped garlic were too raw!

Next time I shall grill it instead!




Close up of the Red snapper



Perhaps the red snapper fillet wasn’t fresh, it taste like frozen fish. I was quite sensitive to frozen food, especially frozen fish & when I tried a little, I knew it was the frozen type.

You must be wondering since I’m sensitive to frozen fish & why I preparing it . When I bought the fish fillets, it was freshly packed and perhaps the people de-froze it and re-packed as fresh fish fillets.

Anyway, the herb crust was delicious—-thyme with garlic & black pepper.





What’s for lunch tmr? Watch out this page!



Away ;-/…

Note:  I ‘m glad that I managed to try most of the restaurants on my ” to-go ” list & tried the white truffles for the first time in my life. I have no regrets… Spent a bomb feasting on those luxury food and now it’s time to cut down.

As the school term starts officially today ( 1 dec 2010 ), it’s gona be a busy life for me from then on. I would have to cut down the number of times dining out & blogging =( . Thus, I would update this page whenever I have the time ( cross fingers Xxx ) & hopefully I can discover new places too.




Lovin greens

I ‘m glad that I managed to try most of the restaurants on my ” to-go ” list & tried the white truffles for the first time in my life.