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Big Fish

Big Fish Revisited

I travelled all the way from the West to the East side, mainly for 2 reasons:

1) Try the food from Big Fish again as the butterfish that I had way back was fabulous.

2) Udders ice-cream is just next door! Desserts come next.

                                                           ”Butterfish!!” & Set Lunch promo


                                                Promotion for July- Crabcakes at $12.90+

                                                          Promotion for August & September

                                                                           Caesar Salad ($11+)



A large serving of Romaine lettuce with soy turkey bacon bits.



                                      BigFish Harvest$29+ ( The picture on the menu)

                         But it came………………… The cod looks awful!



” Combi of char-grilled Cod and Salmon, approx 100g each, served with Garlic butter Queen scallops on bed of watercress and lemon butter sauce”.( as described)



The cod … looks awful and the portion was small than my palm.

The salmon fillet & scallops were tad overdone… rough texture.

I like the watercress & lemon butter sauce which was the only saving grace.

I was a little disappointed with the drop of standard … perhaps they have a change of chef? Neverthless, I ” MAY” still return but… only for the butterfish.

P.S No GST charge but 10% Svc charge still included.


                                                                                 Udders ( Siglap)



Udders … many of us would have heard of. They are popular for their liqueur ice-cream. There are a few udders ”milking outlets” in Singapore but the one at Siglap is pretty new and it is an Ice-cream cafe with double storey , glass windows and panals. It is popular with students ,especially from VJC  and a great hangout place for desserts.

The price are as follows :

Classic : $3.70 / scoop

Premium + Classic : $ 5.70

Premium + Premium : $ 6.70

Premium + Connoisseur : $7.20

What does Classic, Premium and Connoisseur refers to? It basically classify/ group the ice-cream flavours according to popularity and quality. The Connoisseur are the best-sellers and highly recommended to try it out.


                                                 Tira-miss- u & Rum RuM Raisin ($7.20)




I am a die-hard fan of alcohol and my tolerance of alcohol/ liqueur is high. I chose these two flavours ( best sellers + 6 * of alcohol for the tira-miss-u) .

Tira-miss-u: For those who can’t hold your liqueur/ first time trying liqueur ice-cream, best to ”stay away” from this .  The ice-cream has a large amount of mascapone cheese, brandy  + cognac in it . Both are strong liqueur thus you might not get used to it. As for me, I felt that the liqueur content is definitely higher  than offered in other ice-cream parlours . But, I can still take it … probably the limit was abt 60 %   ?


Rum Rum raisins has only 4 stars of liqueur amount thus alcohol content is slightly weaker. I still prefer the ones from Haato & OUMS which has lots of raisins in the ice-cream.


Hmm…. I would return to udders to try the rest of liqueur flavours. Since I can withstand the strong liqueur of the Tira-miss-u, I guess the rest would definitely not have a problem.




Address: 87 Upper East Coast Road

Website :






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Trattoria L’Ancora

Trattoria L’ Ancora



The premise was previously Borgo and now was replaced by L’ Ancora. To cut the story short, L’ Ancora is a cosy Italian restaurant which offers fantastic italian pasta held by Chef Shaminda. Some bloggers commented that Chef Shaminda was previously from La Nonna, Namly Place but Kumar, the restaurant manager told me that the Chef was previously from Senso. Now, which is the correct version? I have doubts but if you are interested to know, ask the chef personally.



                                                                        Blackboard Specials




Once you stepped into the restaurant, you can see the ”Blackboard specials” which are specials of the day not stated/offered in the regular menu.


    Pasta-making corner : Where the fresh would prepare your freshly made home-made pasta



  Kumar introduces the different types of home-made pasta they offered and the Wholewheat pasta is something special. Try the healthy  wholewheat pasta for change.



                                                                                    The Menu



Other than the blackboard specials and regular menu, they offer a 3 course set lunch from Mon-Fri. For set lunch menu, please log in to their website.





                                                                 Insalata di Granchio ($16+)



”Crab meat with a light lemon dressing, served on a bed of rocket & tomatoes”

                                                                                        Close up



The rocket leaves were crisp and lightly dizzled with lemon and balsamic dressing. The blue swimmer crab is sweet and fresh. The crabmeat salad serves as a light appetitzer.



                                                                          Merluzzo ($30+)



For info, when you see Merluzzo on the menu, it refers to cod.

”Oven baked white cod fillet topped with balsamic reduction served with cauliflower”

This thick omega 3 & 6 baby is loved. The cod is baked and finished off with balsamic glaze. The cod is soft and tender in the interior while the outer layer forms a crust which is lightly seasoned with some black peppercorns and glazed with sweet balsamic. The fish flakes off easily using my fork and it shows how soft it is.

                                                                                           Another shot





The cod , is served under mashed potatoes and  cauliflower florets but since I am not a fan of mashed potatoes, they arranged for the cod to be served under a bed of zucchini slices. Well, I am Lovin greens and no doubt I enjoyed the zucchini and cauliflowers!


                                                           Panna Cotta ( Complimentary)




I have no intention to have desserts since it was raining + the weather was rather cool. However, Kumar surprised me with a complimentary Panna Cotta. I was surprised + overjoyed (not because it was free).

The Panna cotta was the version of the chinese” Vanilla flavoured tau huay”. It was like a soft pudding flavoured with vanilla , topped with some blueberries and caramelised berries sauce. Frankly speaking, I enjoyed this simple pana cotta .



Conclusion: Come by during weekdays when it is less busy.  Try their  home-made pasta (their forte) and perhaps some pizzas. I had a enjoyable chat with Kumar, the restaurant manager , who provides a hosiptable service to me. Trattoria L’ Ancora … is a keeper!


Trattoria L’ Ancora

789 Bukit Timah road


Cream Bistro

Cream Bistro

What comes to your mind when you hear Pacific Plaza? Adidas Shop? ”That CD Shop”? Other than these 2 popular shops, there is a cafe that is right behind ” That CD Shop”. That’ s right, it’s CREAM BISTRO which off a fusion of cuisine here. You can find  Japanese, Korean, Western and Asian cuisine here and I feel that this bistro provides a relaxing and comfortable atmospshere for chilling out, away from the hustle and bustle of Orchard Road.

                                                                                        The Menu




Like I mention earlier, they offer Japanese, Korean, Asian and Western cuisine. The dishes are clearly classified into different sections.

They do offer a daily $9.90++ set meal  which allows you to choose from different cuisine as well . You can actually have your lunch here daily without having the same food. E.g Monday ( Japanese set ), Tuesday ( Korean set ) and so on.

                                                                Chicken Caesar Salad ($6.50++)




Lots and lots of chicken with tukey bacon.




                                                                  Pan-seared Cod ($15.50++)



The 2 slices of cod fillets comes with mashed potatoes and side salad but I change them all to side salad. They even allow me to choose the salad dressing and I had the Tomato vinaigrette.

The Cod was slightly pan-fried rather than seared as it forms a crisp outer layer. The cod fillets were thin and I felt that the fish was not really fresh. They do not provide any sauce/ dressing to go with the cod instead, they served chilli sauce!

                                                                                        Another shot




Generally, the food is average but the service is pretty good. I was given a $10 voucher which I could use it to off-set my bill in the next visit.





Cream Bistro

#01-04 Pacific Plaza (behind ”That CD Shop” )

The Tavern

Hey guys….


I’m blogging again! However, I  would have lesser time to blog as I normally had my lunch in sch & would ONLY be able to explore and visit the restaurants during weekends. Rest assured that I didn’t disappear or abandon my blog. I would try my best to update whenever I am free 🙂


The Tavern

The Tavern Restaurant , located along the shophouse of River valley road, offers Swiss & Continental cuisine. It has been there for 6years! The Tavern is a resturant well-known for it’s excellent Traditional European food and of course it is one of the restuarant that the rich and famous would frequent. However or sadly, I am not one of them.

                                                                                  The restaurant


                                                                                      The interior




The decor of the interior adopts a Traditional style and ambience. They divide the restaurant into 2 to occupy more tables. The cosy restaurant seats 100 persons and has a private rooms on the second level that is usually used for private functions.




                                                                                                 The Menu




The menu is not printed in a form of a menu booklet but instead, the dishes are written on a chalkboard where the service staff would push the menu board over to you to have a look.  Starters, mains and desserts are written on different chalkboard thus it makes it easier for reference and placing orders. I personally feel that the dishes are priced on the higher side (even more ex than other popular restaurants) . The starters are priced $18 and above thus expect to pay around $50 per person here.

They do offer a 1 for 1 set lunch ( for DBS / POSB Credit card holders) priced at $60++. I would strongly recommend to go for the set lunch as it is much more worth it . I believe that it is the quality that matters and  thus if you don’t mind forking out extra $  ,    order some of their signature dishes.

The restaurant signature dishes are Pan fried goose liver ( Foie gras), scallop carpaccio and the Raclette cheese.



                                                           1/2 dozen Escargots ($16.50++)



Definitely one of the best I’ve tried so far. The escragots ( snails) are cooked with their home-made garlic butter and baked till perfection. The home-made garlic butter smells fragrant and they added some minced onions to it. The escargots are huge , meaty and succulent!



                                                    Stuffed Portobello mushrooms ($18++)





The portobello mushrooms serve as a light appetitizer. 2 portobello mushrooms topped with fresh carbmeat (crab leg), cubes of carrots , minced onions  light mayonnaise dressing and finish off with pesto sauce.

The crabmeat was fresh and sweet and they were pretty generous with the crabmeat. Portobello mushrooms were juicy but I find the size a little too petite.



                                                                                          Close up



                                                I simplyyy enjoyed this and  2 is not enough!




Verdict: Other than the pricey factor, there is no reason why I should not make a return. The food is good, service is good, ambience is good but the  price… not very good !



The Tavern Restaurant

227/229 River Valley Road




Deste, a Tradition in Confectionery was established as a ”chocolate  laboratory” at the Riverwalk. They have been experimenting and creating chocolate bon bons, pralines and cakes. The first Deste outlet opened it’s door at The Mandarin Gallery (for takeway) and the most recent cafe was at 313 @ Somerset where you can enjoy your desserts in alfresco style.

                                                          Cakes and pastries on display



I guess I have tried most of their cakes since they were pretty much similar to the ones from Ricciotti ( from the same company) .



                                                              Chocolate bon bons and pralines




The chocolate bon bons and pralines are made from artificial sweetener, Maltitol which is suitable even for diabetics! Pralines are normally made from caramel but the Patissier had found a method which allows him to produce these sugar-free pralines.  For those who wants to cut off their sugar inake without having to forgo Chocolates, Deste pralines are a safe bet!

                                                                       The Dessert Menu






Enjoy a slice of pastry/cake of your choice , a piece of chocolate bon bon & a scoop of gelato + coffee/ Tea for $14.90++ ( available from 12-6pm)


It was this promotion that ‘lured” me to Deste…



Black Forest :  Chocolate cream, cherries in brandy, flourless chocolate sponge and lots of chocolate



I am an avid of desserts infused/ flavoured with liquor thus my personal favourites are Tiramisu and Blackforest. My favourite blackforest would be the ones from Laurent’s and Cafe Pralet.

Deste version of  Blackforest would be slightly on the mild side . The cream was a little bland but the chocolate was flavoured with adequate amount of liquor . I love brandied cherries but there was merely 3 mini cherries soaked in very mild liquor. The chocolate sponge has a burnt chocolate taste.

                                                                           Bon Bon: Espresso



One of the popular flavour would be the Boero ( Brandy) but since I am having the Blackforest, I shall try the Espresso . The espresso and chocolate ganache was pretty smooth and not too sweet. Perhaps due to the usage of artificial sweetener.



                                                     Gelato: Chocolate crunchy caramel




The gelato was served frozen(molten) but melts pretty fast and becomes slightly watery after some time.  I couldn’t detect any caramel flavour but instead, a strong espresso syrup is present. The gelato taste more like coffee flavoured ice-cream to me. I like the crunchy chocolate cookies in the gelato which added a little crunch.




Verdict: Give me Lauren’t and Cafe pralet’s blackforest any time!




313@ Somerset





I have yet to explore Tripleone @ Somerset and thus I made my way down and discovered two dining places, ‘ Applebees’ and ‘Italiannies’. Although some fellow food bloggers had already been there and blogged about the food, I still went ahead to share my experience.

The exact location of Italiannies is well hidden in the sense that you would have to walk right to the end( walked past Imperial Treasure) and the restaurant is pretty small.

                                                                                         The Menu




Italiannies offers a ‘Never Ending Lunch” which is only available from Mon- Fri (11.30-2.30pm) . It is a semi buffet lunch with never ending pastas, pizzas, desserts, main course + drinks priced at only $15.90nett. It think this is really worth the money and you get to sample all their dishes.

However, I doubt I would have the opportunity to drop by during weekdays thus I settled with their ala-carte.



                                                                          Herb focaccia Bread



They offer 2 types of bread– Focaccia and Tuscan which is baked  freshly inhouse. They do sell the bread in loaves. Do get them if you enjoy it. I opted for the Focaccia as I prefer them to plain ciabatta.The bread is slightly on the dry side and the flavour of herbs is not that strong.



                         Caesar Salad with toasted focaccia croutons( $4.90++)




The portion for the salad is pretty generous. Romaine lettuce with their home made focaccia croutons and sprinkled with lots of parmesan cheese. I was not an avid fan of cheese thus I felt that there were too much cheese, making the salad a little heavy.



                                   2 bread sticks served together with the caesar salad


                                                     Parmesan Crusted Fish ($17.90++)



”Oven-baked Fish fillet, served over fried zucchini and red onion rings with white capers sauce”.




The dory fish is crumbed with parmesan and herbs, baked till golden brown. The parmesan crust wasn’t too salty but I thought it was rather bland. The fish itself is also bland (tasteless) , perhaps prior pre-seasoning would salvage .




                                                                                             Close up




Those who enjoy fried onion rings would be overjoyed. The fried zucchini and red onion rings served along with the fish is addictive , crispy and not too oily. However, for health reasons, best to enjoy in small serving.

Verdict: They are pretty generous with the food portion which I guess it well worth every penny you paid for. The pizzas are pretty popular here and enjoy the freshly baked pizzas from the oven. I was very impressed with the service here. The staff were very prompt, efficient and courteous. I think Singapore needs more such people in the service and F& B industry!





#01-02 Tripleone Somerset

Website :