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P.S Cafe

P.S Cafe (Palais)

I used to visit P.S Cafe for it’s desserts – The chocolate doorstep crunch cake & Double chocolate black-out.  P.S Cafe has now become one of my favourite places for brunch. The outlet at Harding Road is very popular for it’s weekend brunches & reservations are needed. Thus, I decided to visit the Palais branch instead.

Palais Renaissance is an irresistible destination along the world-famous Orchard Road for the who’s who of the local and expatriate community in Singapore, as well as well-heeled travelers with a discerning taste for high fashion and class.

The ambience of P.S cafe adopts an American feel. Well, most of the patrons here are the Americans and  especially when the chain is owned and operated by Project Shop Blood Brothers.



The menu offers the popular eggs benedicts and other favourite brunches.


                                                                     P.S Breakfast Stack ($22++)


Tomato coddled egg on Homemade Zucchini & Parmesan Bread with roaste portobello & chargrilled asparagus, hollandaise sauce & wild rockets.

Wow! I was so excited when I saw my Breakfast Stack and the coodled egg sitting on the tomato. The food is well-presented & too pretty to even touch it.

The Wild rockets were mixed with light lemon vingrette, some black pepper & diced tomatoes, very refreshing to start off.

The Aspapragus were well grilled, it is soft, a little charred and has a smoky flavour.

 The Portobello mushroom, juicy and infused with herbs and black pepper.

The Homemade Zucchini & Parmesan Bread, is soft and fragrant. The bread has a crispy crust and it is eggy but not soggy. There are some mixed zucchini , mashed parmesan cheese and herbs mixed together in the bread. I simply love this!

                                                  Another Shot of My Coddle Egg


The Tomato coddled Egg, a unique idea to coddle an egg in a tomato. The egg is coddled perfectly, the runny egg yolk oozes out and soaked the bread, simply divine! The hollandaise sauce which accompanied the egg has a tinge of sourness and savoury butter in it. It is one of the best hollandaise sauce I have tried so far.

The service here is efficent and friendly. Although the restaurant is rather busy, they are fast to sit the customers and prompt in taking orders refilling water. I would definately came back again for brunch!

P.S Cafe

Palais Renaissance L2

Website: www.



It was a long awaited brunch in Spruce. Spruce had received numerous reviews & people raving about their brunch and the toasts and sausages. I finally made my way to Spruce to have their popular weekend brunch.


Spuce is located in Tanglin Road, near to the former Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It was ”hidden” in the Phoenix Park. Thanks to HGW for providing the information and the map, I found my way to Phoenix Park.

Reservations are recommended especially during the weekend brunch. Since I had no reservations made, I had to wait for a wahile before I could get a seat.

The brunch menu, which serve the ever popular Egg benedicts in 3 different options– The British Brekkie, The Spruce Big Brekkie and The Spruce Garden Brekkie. Besides the Eggs, they do have pancakes, waffles, brunch favourites and in house cakes on display.


The Spruce Garden Brekkie ($15++)

2 Eggs( Poached, Scrambled/ Sunny side up)

Avacado, Fresh tomatoes,Grilled vegetables, Capsicums, Basil, Garden Salad, mushrooms and toasted broiche. I requested them to reomove the Avacado as I do not really like them. There wasn’t any grilled vegetables and capsicums in my Egg set. I wonder if there is some mistake in my order.

The Garden salad is mixed with lemon vingrette which is light and refreshing. The mushrooms were my favourite! They were infused with the aroma of herbs. The tomatoes were cut into thick slices and garnished with basil leaves.

The poached egg had some spring onions on it. They were done quite badly. One of the egg was ok, with some runny yolk oozing out while the other was too runny, seems like a raw egg. I was not impressed. They do not serve any hollandaise sauce with the Eggs which I find it pretty weird. I had to request for the sauce and they asked me what sauce I wanted.

Th brioche was pretty good, buttery and eggy. The french toasts were the best, in my opinion. They were thick and crispy.

The service here needs some improvement. I had to make a few signals to the staff before they attended to me. Well, it’s was rather a busy period but the other tables seemed to be feeling quite impatient while waiting for the staff to attend to them too.


320 Tanglin Road

Phoenix Park

Website: www.

Prego Pizzeria



Prego is an italian restaurant that is part of The Fairmont hotel.There were several entrances at the side but I just could not find the main entrance.

Prego features a pizzeria, wine bar, rotisserie, takeaway counter and deli. Freshly baked breads, cakes, salads, sausages, cold cuts and pastas are available from the deli counter.

Prego conveys a sense of fun in a casual atmosphere. Strategically located at the corner of bustling Bras Basah and Beach Roads, delight in a hearty Italian dinner whilst people-watching. One must try it’s signature dessert- The Tiramisu.

I decided to had the February Executive 2 course set lunch priced at $45++ . There is only a choice of salad and 3 main courses available.

                                               Complimentary Bread

It was just an ordinary bread roll but it taste terrific with the home-made tomato sauce & olive oil. This is a favourite and popular with the customers here.

                                                               Insalata Di Pollo

It is basically a salad with grilled chicken breast, mesclun, cherry tomatoes, cheese , balsamic vinegrette and olive oil. The portion is just too small and sadly, the grilled chicken breast taste bland and flat. Perhaps I am biased against chicken meat but this fared badly. I left the thin chicken pieces untouched.

                                       Fettuccine con panna funghi e Piselli

This was my main course. The other 2 choices were beef and rabbit meat which I do not really prefer thus I decided to have the pasta. The Fettuccine pasta comes with mushrooms and green peas with cream sauce but I requested them to remove the green peas and replaced by vegetables. However, they merely add in more mushrooms. I asked them and they told me it wouldn’t taste good if other vegetables were used.

This is a simple pasta that anyone could whip up. It’s just some Fecttuccine pasta, mushrooms and cream sauce. The Fettuccine was hard and it taste like chinese flour noodles, too starchy.

The mushrooms were ok, chewy and flavourful. The cream sauce was a little heavy so I requested for some home-made tomato sauce to cover it. 

My verdict: Overpriced! I paid around $52 for the above 2 dishes ,the serving was so small and they are simple dishes that anybody could simply whip up at home. Definately not worth the hefty price tag.


1F The Fairmont Hotel Singapore




Tavolo is an authentic Italian Restaurant, nestled right in the heart of CBD. It is perfect for business lunches and dining in style.

Designed with subtle lighting,  Tavolo creates an intimate dining room of warmth and elegance. Tavolo ensures that dining in the restaurant is a totally memorable affair. It is a restaurant that is sophisticated yet still maintains a relaxed and inviting atomosphere.

The 3 courses set-lunch is priced at $38++ which includes an appetizer, a main course, dessert and complimentary coffee/tea. The food items are then selected from the ala-carte menu. Initially I wanted to order just the pasta but the waiter recommended the set lunch which he told me was ”more worth” it and the portions are not that huge.

                            Complimetary Focaccia Bread

 It was very fragrant with the aroma of herbs. I like my bread moist but it was a little on the oily side.


                                               Tartara di Verdure
Eggplants, Zucchini Tartar and truffle flavoured. It looks like a moulded rice to me. It is basically diced eggplants, capers, onions, cucumbers and corriander leaves in truffle sauce. It was an interesting mix of vegetables and  I must say it serves as a good appetitizer.

                                       Pappardelle Alla primavera

This dish is not offered in the menu but the chef agreed to accomodate to my request by replaced the penne to Pappardelle. I wanted to try the Pappardelle as it is home-made. The pasta came with lots of mixed vegetables( carrot sticks, cucumbers, french beans, tomatoes and asparagus). They were well- cooked and remained the crunchiness.

The Pappardelle is very smooth and they lightly top it with some seaweed. The Pappardelle is cooked with the mixed vegetables with tomato-based sauce. I love the sauce, it was tangy. The sauce is prepared freshly by using fresh tomatoes and not the packet/canned tomato sauce.


                                                         Crespelle Ripiene

This delicate looking dessert is actually an Apple crepe. Most people would order the Tiramisu which is a ”must order” in Italian retsuarants. However, I wanted something light to clean my palate. The homemade crepe is wrapped with diced apple with custard. It taste something like apple pie but less sweet. The strawberry that was served was very sweet and I love the strawberry puree that surrounds it. A pity it was rather a small portion.


5 Boon Tat Street



The Dunearn

The Dunearn Guildhouse


The opening of the Bukit Timah Guild House (BTGH) marks  historic return to the Bukit Timah campus some three decades after they moved out from the Evans Road Guild House.

Conveniently located in the heart of Singapore, BTGH and its facilities are housed in a quaint, beautifully restored colonial bungalow.  While the other 3 guildhouses are only opened to the NUSS alumni members, the bukit timah guildhouse is opened to the Public.

Steeped in rich heritage and nestled amidst the lush foliage of the Singapore Botanic Gardens, BTGH springs a relaxed tranquil atmosphere with an enchanting garden offering members respite from the bustling city.

Both Harris and I managed to find our way  from the NUS campus all the way to the Guildhouse and we waited for Glenn to join us for the awesome dinner.



The Guildhouse has a vintage-looking decor, it looks like an old bungalow to me. Seats were available at the restaurant itself or alfresco-dining (magnificiant view at night).


The restaurant introduced set lunch and dinner and the menu changes monthly. The 3 of us were hesistating whether to go for the ala-carte or the set dinner. The set-dinner looks promising, 5 course meal ( cold appetitizers, soup, warm appetitizers, choice of main course, dessert and choice of coffee/tea). The set dinner is priced at $39.80++ which I felt was quite reasonable for the generous portion they served.

Both Harris and Glenn took the set-dinner while I decided to go ala-carte. The 2 of them are eyeing on the desserts right from the start.

                      Complimentary Focacia bread

It was pretty normal but the  aroma of the herbs was fragrant. I didn’t try it but Both Glenn and Harris happily finished them all and regretted not leaving a few slices for dipping the soup.


  The cold appetitizer- Aubergine Parcel with bull tomatoes & mozarella cheese

As Harris is not a fan of vegetables stuff, he kindly offered his aubergine parcel to me. I was delighted as I love aubergines! Notice the differences in the 2 pictures? The first picture looks more presentable the greenish liquid stuff makes the dish pretty to look at.

The greenish liquid is actually Basil pesto sauce which I love it. The black-coloured liquid that surrounds it was the balsamic reduction and I thought it was chocolate syrup. The aubergine slices were nicely grilled and there were tomato slices wrapped in it. Harris was curious why was the dish called aubergine parcel and I explained to him that the tomato slices were wrapped in the aubergine slices and resemble a parcel. The mozarella cheese that was melted at the top of the parcel hardened thus it did not fare well.

           Mixed seafood veloute with Tomato

The soup comes with the set menu. The comments that Harris gave was ” Fruity essence and creamy” while Glenn did not appear to like it. He commented that the prawns were unfresh.

The dish serves as a good start, light and refreshing, preparing us for the main course that is to be served soon.


   The warm appetitzer- Roasted sea bass on a bed of Crispy Parmesan Intermezzo

I was not a fan of sea bass due to the muddy taste but I was quite satisfied with the grilled sea bass that was served. It was nicely-grilled, the texture of the fish is smooth and tender. The fillet is served with some sauce which we could not figure out what was it.


Braised Australian Reg grouper with lemongrass broth & seasonal mixed vegetables

This was my ala-carte order. Since there is only 3 choices of fish on the menu, I decided to have the Grouper fish. The fish requires a longer time to braise thus it was served pretty late. It looks delectable, with the colouful mixes of vegetables and a huge piece of fillet ”sitting ”on top of the mixed vegetables. The fish was over-cooked, resulting a rough and tough texture. Fish normally do not require a long time to cook and since it was braised, it was a wrong method of cooking. However, I love the lemongrass broth and the mixed vegetables. The lemongrass broth taste like tom yam soup minus the spicyness and sourness. It was a little creamy and I can taste a little milky flavour in it. The mixed vegetables include zucchini, squash, aubergines, capsicums…etc. They were diced into little cubes and served together with the lemongrass broth. It was not only colourful but also flavourful! Divine!

               Green Apple sorbet with ice-jelly

The sorbet is served in a small little cup. The apple sorbet was quite refreshing and cleaned our palates after the soup and fish. We couldn’t make out what was the flavour of the ice-jelly though.


Fillet Mignon on a bed of Raspberry confit & Red wine Sauce

This was Harris’s order. How can he not order the Fillet Mignon when BEING was a huge fan of beef. He had his fillet mignon medium-rare. His comments to me was ,” It could have been less dry”. I predict he didn’t enjoy it as much as the fillet was served with the greens. He offered the asaparagus and cherry tomatoes to Glenn and I which we happily gobbled them down.

Oven-baked Honey mustard Flavoured  Spatchcock served with garlic crushed potatoes

Glenn decided to take the Bird since he had too much lobsters last night. His comments was ,” a little more gamey than chicken,it was tender and juicy.” I took a small bite and find it to be quite promising too. The meat was indeed tender and the honey-mustard sauce goes well with the bird. Harris loved the skin of the bird which Glenn didn’t like it.


                      Valrhona Chocolate with raspberry coulis & vanilla gelato

Finally dessert time! The long awaited event of the dinner. The 2 guys were eyeing the desserts right from the start. The green apple dessert that was served with the set dinner was not to their preference hence they decided to order it from the ala-carte menu.

Glenn’s dessert, the valrhona chocolate balls looks so pretty and cute to even eat it. The chocolate balls were battered and served on small little spoons with some berris coulis. I even thought they were fishballs. Glenn happily polished them off.


     Double baked cheesecake brownie with macadamia nut ice-cream

Harris is eyeing the the brownie right from the start. Yes, He loves brownies. However he could not finish the piece of brownie as he was too full after the few dishes that we ate. Cheesecakes are heavy and plus the chocolate, he couldn’t take it . However, he loves the macadamia nut ice-cream and licked it off his plate cleanly.

My verdict, the set-dinner is indeed worth it as the portion that was served was generous. The baby lobster with sea prawn which did not order looks salivating. We thought it would be a small crayfish but it turned out to be rather huge lobster.

Since we are not the members of the NUSS graduate club, we are obliged to pay the 10% service charge and 7% GST.  I would recommend to go for the set lunch/dinners that are promoted monthly. Neverthless, it was an awesome dinner with the 2 guys.

The Dunearn Guildhouse

1F Cluny Road
Singapore 259602
Tel: 6779 1811

Website :



Wild Honey

Wild Honey

Wild honey, it’s about beautiful breakfast. Tucked in level 3 of the newly renovated of Mandarin gallery, Wild honey serves different types of breakfast from European to Tunisian. Many people are curious why they are called wild honey. Are they lots of honey there to attract ”bees” like us?

The restaurant adopts a vintage look, it wasn’t a very big restaurant yet it is cosy enough for people to sit around. The menu is scribbled on the board and you would have to make your choice and place your order at the cashier. Too many choices? Diffcult to make decisions? Do not worry… the I phones are there to help. The pictures of the different breakfast sets are in the I phone, you are free to browse and pick your choice. I must agree that they are creative to try out this method and makes them stands out from the rest. I was stop by them from taking pictures of the menu written on the board. All breakfast sets are priced at $18++


Eurpoean Set ($18++)

Their version of Eggs benedict with Field mushrooms & prociutto. I have requested for multigrain bread instead of brioche and the hollandaise sauce to be at the side. The eggs benedict came with 2 poached eggs and grilled field mushrooms sitting on top of 2 slices of multigrain toast. One of the eggs were done pretty good, with the runny egg yolk oozing out and soaking the bread. While the other, was not sucessful, the egg yolk seemed to coagulate .

                                              Runny Egg yolk

The prociutto ham was a little on the dry side. Though it was well-cured, but it fails to impress me. The hollandaise sauce is a little bland. I expect hollandaise sauce to have a little sour taste but there wasn’t, just bland butter taste.

Frankly speaking, I felt a little uneasy dining there. When they served me the food, they placed the bill on the table. The staffs kept walking around to refill water which I think is not necessary. I walked to the cashier to pay for my food and they were a little surprised. Well, they placed the bill on my table so I think they expect me to pay at the cashier right?

While I was dining there, I spotted 2 magazines editors(from appetite), they are chatting and taking about Wild honey. I think Whild honey is going to make a name for itself very soon.

Sky Cafe & Wine Bar

Sky Cafe & Wine Bar


Sky Cafe, it is well hidden at Level 16 of Harbourfront Tower 2. I wouldn’t have come to the cafe if I had not search HGW. The breathtaking view also includes that of Sentosa and Mount Faber. This cafe is inside Sky Fitness Club and I find myself a little ”out-of -place” when I dine at the cafe. The customers are people who wants to enjoy healthy yet tasty cuisine before and after their workout.


Views from the cafe


The menu demostrate some of the healthy food such as wholemeal sandwiches, lot-fat brownies, burgers, pastas…etc. Choices are quite limited though. The are brown rice sets and the protein drinks are quite popular. The people there would probably ”power” up with protein drinks and bar before and the  start of their work-outs.


Ultimate Veggie Sandwich ($6)

Since there is only 1 person tending the cafe, he had to do the ordering and preparing of the food. The sandwich took abt 15mins to arrive. 3 slices of wholemeal bread with lettuce, tomatoes,cucumbers, cheese and capsicums. I have added extra egg-whites and tofu to go along with the plain veggie sandwich. The tofu is actually soy bean cake, it was served cold and I didn’t like that.

They serve a fat piece of cheese which was not even melted. It was a little gross and turn-off. The sandwich is actually quite filling, with all the healthy ingredients. It was almost too healthy and definately not for anyone who is a carnivore.

The cafe is taken over 3 times by different owners, they used to have raw lasagne but the current, just simple stuffs. I would probably return for the work-outs but not for the food.

Sky Cafe & Wine bar

Level 16, Harbourfront tower 2