Senso Ristorante



Main dining area 



Cool & Classy






Senso undergone a revamp & to celebrate its 10th anniversary, the chef introduced several dishes such as the ”Duo of Risotti special Senso 10th anniversary” & Tiramisu Rivisto” . The must try – ‘‘Pan fried mozarella wrapped in Parma ham ” & Taglierini Boston Lobster” . 

Prices here were slightly in the high side but you can choose to order the 3 course set lunch menu priced at $36++.

Seasonal menu : Black truffles promotion 



Bread basket



Upon seated, the bread basket was served but unfortunately, the breads were cold and dry.


TOP: Pan fried mozarella wrapped parma ham & Scallop in shell with spinach




Scallop =)


Close up of the gratinated scallop 




The scallop was firm & slightly chewy. However, the sauteed spinach was over salted and the sun-dried tomato contributed an extra saltiness. Overall, the scallop was too salty I didn’t enjoy it.

Close up of the pan fried mozarella wrapped parma ham 




This is deliciously man! 

I had NEVER tried this unique blend of flavours b4 . The saltiness of the parma ham blended very well with the mild tasting mozzarella cheese , olive tapenade &  the ham was so crispy due to the streaks of fats .

I wished there were more ~~~~~~  ^_^ !


Lobster Lasagne ($28++)



Having read several reviews complimenting the Lobster Lasagne, I was slightly disappointed with the dish . The texture of the lobster chunks were too rough, perhaps due to the over-baking process. Lasagne sheets taste like chinese ” Mee Hoon Kuay” & the cheese was too heavy. It got ”jerlat’‘ after a few bites.




Pan seared seabass,sauteed veg,shaved black truffles, saffron espuma ($42++)



The pan seared seabass fillets were served under a bed of sauteed vegetables, saffron espuma & shaved black truffles. I kinda regret ordering the seabass with black truffles as truffles lacked in flavour & fragrance… In simple words ” taste like pieces of wood shreds” . 



Verdict: While the service were top-notch & perfect venue for dining, the food doesn’t really suit my personal likes/ preference. There are better options elsewhere ~




Senso Ristorante

21 Club Street











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  1. Hey, Trang from Vietnam, remember? do you think you will be something of a cook critics in the future? your taste is luxurious and expensive!


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