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                                                               Canele at Shaw Centre



I am very sure that most of the Food bloggers/ Dessert Lovers would have heard or know Canele inside out.  After our lunch at The Ship Restaurant , we craved for desserts and the first thing that comes to my mind is , Canele.

We went to the nearest Shaw Centre outlet to get our dessert fix.


                                                                             Sweet Crepes menu



We are  not here for the mains (just had it) and I was deciding to get the savoury (looks good too) or the Sweet crepes . Finally, we set our mind on the Foret Noire cos I ‘m a liquer sucker!



                   From Left: Hazelnut macaron , Caramel Orange Macaron



It was the first time Mum had Macarons thus I specially picked the Hazelnut flavour for her ( cos she loves nuts) . She feels that the Macaron is just too sweet for her and she could only detect sweetness rather than the flavour of hazelnuts.

My caramel orange marcaron is under the special edition. Although I knew that Macarons are made from Almond flour and being allergic to it, I decided to go against it and just try one ( just one won’t die) . The macaron shell is very crispy but the interior is soft. I feel that it was too sweet (the caramel) but I like the crispy macaron shell.

                                                 Foret Noire ( Black Forest ) $13.50++



      ”Dark cherry compote, chocolate ice cream and kirsch chantilly cream’.



The whole presentation of the crepe loooks lovely! As described, the crepe is thin and topped with a scoop of dark chocolate ice-cream with hint of kirsh, chocolate shards , chantilly cream and sweet cherries.



                                                                                             Close up




The crepe is very thin and it paired well with the chantilly cream and dark chocolate ice-cream. Both Mum & I enjoyed the dark chocolate ice-cream, it is less sweet & infused with minimal kirsh. The cherry is sweet but I would prefer to be soaked in Kirsh.

The crepes here are meant more for sharing (Huge serving ). The outlet here is busy and thus it was a little difficult to get the attention of the servers.  However, I would certainly return again for my dessert fix!





Shaw Centre




The Ship Restaurant

The Ship Restaurant


                                                                    The Ship Restaurant



This is not  my first visit to The Ship Restaurant. I had been there many years ago but I can’t exactly remember when and the food I had there.  A re-visit to The Ship as Mum wanted to try the Escargots . Well, The Ship had been smooth sailing and many had raved about the escargots .


                                                                       Awards and Accolades



For info, The Ship Restaurant is ”docked” at Level 4 of Shaw Centre.It is ”hidden” at a corner and I think people might not have even noticed it’s existence if they didn’t publise themselves.



                                                                                          The Ship



The interior is very dim and once you enter the restaurant, you can see the ”Ship” and  imagin e yourself as a passenger, dining on the deck.The restaurant itself really resembles the deck of the Ship.  A true experience!



                                                                                        The Menu


                                                                              Executive SET MEAL




Upon seated, they hand us the menu promptly. I was interested in the executive set meal which is 1/2 lobster with choice of grilled chicken, pork, fish or rib eye steak. The set comes with a daily soup , dessert of the day and coffe/tea priced at $34.50++.

It has been quite a long time since I had lobster thus my mind is set on the 1/2 lobster with grilled fish. Frankly speaking, I didn’t really fancy lobster meat due to the tough texture. I prefer slipper lobster a.k.a Crayfish!

I also had 1/2 dozen of the Escargots to share with my mom.

                                                                   Bread roll with SCS butter


                                                      Green salad with French dressing



We had the green salad with choice of French or 1000 island dressing. It was a simple salad with some lettuce, tomatoes, carrot and capsicum strips.


                                                          Escargots Bourguinonne ($13.90++)



Don’t leave The Ship without trying the Escargots! It’s one of the better ones you can get in Singapore. You can order it at 1 or 1/2 dozen. The escargots were probably stir-fried and stuffed in the shells and baked in the oven. I like the fragrance of the minced garlic and butter, it was so addictive! I think I could probably finish a dozen by myself.



                                             1/2 LOBSTER with Dory fish ($34.90++)



The Lobster set comes with 1/2 lobster done Thermidor style (white wine, cheese + mushrooms) and 2 pcs of pan-fried dory fish fillets. I actually request for ”no cheese” but they still serve it with cheese.



                                                             Lobster Thermidor




The 1/2 lobster looks kinda pathetic. Although it looks huge but there wasn’t much lobster meat. I can only taste the cheese and mushroom and perhaps a few bits of the lobster meat which was slightly tough and chewy. Mum advised me not to order Lobsters as they may look big and meaty but there really isn’t much to enjoy.




                                                                  Pan-fried Dory fillets



At least the dory fillets were decent. The fish has a crispy skin and the meat is very soft. It is spinkled with some almond flakes that added crunch.

We decided not to have any desserts because we can get better desserts somewhere!

Verdict: I would probably come by again if I am craving for the Escargots. The rest of the food were just average to me ( personal). Majority of the staff here are senior citizens and please understand if they can’t understand or speak English well.

The Ship Restaurant

Level 4-34 Shaw Centre



Swiss Culture Restaurant

Swiss Culture Restaurant


Fancy a ” sky garden dining ” experience? Suntec City has a Sky Garden which housed many restaurants, sample Turkish, Thai, Vietnamese or even Swiss cuisine here. I happened to walked past Swiss culture resturant and the friendly waitress introduced the Swiss cuisine to me. I looked at the menu board and was interested to try their food.

Sits are available outside the restaurant as there isn’t any tables in the small restaurant interior.

                                                                                       The Menu




Upon seated, the friendly waitress handed me the oven. She further explained the signature dishes and her recommendations.

Swiss culture restaurant offers award-wining cuisine at affordable prices. The must-trys are the Cheese Fondue, Chocololate Fondue and the Swiss Sausage. These 3 dishes are award-wining and has received commendations and awards.

                                 Caesar salad topped with seared prawns ($11.90+)




I had the Caesar salad through the recommendation and chose the seared prawns as toppings (extra $4 charge). The waitress recommended the caesar salad as The Green Salad was a little boring and their caesar salad is quite popular too.


With Chicken slices                $3

With Baccon                                $3

With Beef Slices                        $4

With seared Prawns              $ 4

                                                                                    Close up



The Caesar salad comes in a huge bowl of ice-berg and romaine lettuce, lots of bacon bits, mashed eggs,topped with 5 seared prawns and separate caesar dressing at the side . The lettuce were crisp and I like the bacon bits, which is made from real bacon. The Casear dressing is home-made, I can taste the strong  flavour of anchovies and bits of bacon in the dressing.The  prawns were lightly seasoned with some black pepper and lightly seared, the texture was bouncy and not tough.

                         Chilean Codfish with cajun spice & mixed herbs ($28.80+)



The codfish is supposed to be seasoned witth cajun spice & mixed herbs but I couldn’t see or detect any spice or herbs in the fish . The chilean cod is served with mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables and they kindly replaced the mashed potatoes with lots of vegetables for me.



                                                                                                 Shot 2




The chilean cod was over-cooked, resulting the texture to be firm,  rubbery and chewy. It reminds me of eating dried scallops. The fish was not properly de-scaled and there were some fins remaining on the skin. The fish is then served with a creamy sweet butter sauce.

 They were really generous with the vegetables, serving a huge portion of carrots, brocolli and tomatoes.


Verdict: Other than the over-cooked codfish, everything is perfect- The service,ambience…etc. I received some vouchers from them which I can use it in my subsequent visits to off-set the meal. This gives me another reason for a re-visit.



Swiss Culture Restaurant

#03-006 Suntec Tw3

Website :




Haato… follow your heart


                                                                   Haato (Liang Court)



I need some ice-cream therapy, especially after my lunch. The weather is so warm today  (even though it was raining heavily ytd) and nothing beats having a scoop of ice-cream to ‘‘cool” myself down.

Anyway, it has been a long time since I had Haato ice-cream. I remembered the last time I had it was probably 3-4 yrs ago when the outlet at Wheelock place is still there.



                                                                                 The Flavours



The flavour of the month for Liang court is the ISOTONIC SORBET. I tried a little and it taste something like sprite/ 7 up…. energy boost!



Small cup                     =   $3

Medium cup                = $4

Large (fit 2 scoops)   =$ 5

Waffles and ice-cream cone available too.

Tea-time set (2-5 pm) : cake of the day + coffee/tea  = $5

                                                          Rum & Raisin + Strawberry ($5)



I love anything with liquer! That explains my favourtitism towards Rum & raisin ice-cream.

The rum & raisin flavour was rich in rum and they were generous with the raisins as well. I thought the gelato is a little on the sticky side,

Strawberry flavour was not too bad, not too sweet and has bits of strawberries in it.



                                                  From left : Rum & Raisin, Strawberry


Liang court & various locations

Website :




                                                                  Spizzico Ristorante Italiano



Spizzico Ristorante Italiano is a small and quaint restaurant in UE shopping mall. UE shopping mall seemed to be crowded especially during weekends as parents would bring their children for pastry and baking class at Bakerzin and hang around Delifrance.

The interior of the restaurant is quite cosy, probably sit around 7 tables at most. However, alfresco sitting available.

I was attracted by the Executive lunch and set lunch that are  being offered and decided to have my lunch here. It has been quite some time since I had pasta!

                                                                                  The Menu



They offered two different set lunch. The 3 course Executive set lunch price at $24.90++ and Set lunch priced at $12.90++. I must admit the price was quite reasonable for 3 course lunch . If you would to order the Exeuctive set lunch for 2 pax, it would be slightly cheaper – $34.90++.

Looking at the choices offered for the 2 set lunches , I thought I should go ala-carte, to try the chef’s specialities pasta.

                                                Insalata Tomo e Caurolflori ($16++)



I was being warned  by the waitress that the starters and salads served are meant for sharing. I went against their advice and ordered the Tuna salad with rocket leaves.



                                                                                         Close up




I was taken aback by the huge portion of Tuna salad that was served to me. Bascially, the rocket leaves were topped  with geneorus Tuna Mayo ( canned tuna mayo, probably from Ayam Brand). I thought the Tuna were fresh tuna slices or seared tuna slices served with the rocket leaves. There were really generous with the tuna mayo which I thought the serving was amount 2 cans of Tuna! The salads also comes with lots of cherry tomatoes and cauliflowers and I enjoyed eating the cherry tomatoes with the tuna mayo.

Did I managed to finish the salad? Of course not! I tried my very best and left a portion of tuna mayo on the plate. Hey, I still have a pasta dish coming up!



                                                                            What is it inside???



                                                                 It’s my crayfish pasta!

( Oven baked Paparadelle with crayfish & tomato wrapped in aluminium foil) $28++



They offered Tagliolini pasta with the crayfish but they kindly allowed me to change the pasta to Home-made Paparadelle . Only 3 types of pastas are home-made – Paparadelle, Fettuccine and Tagliatelle. Of course, I would like to try their home-made pasta instead of the commercial pasta.

The pasta took around 15-20mins to arrive as the pasta is slowly baked in the oven, to allow the natural flavour of the crayfish to be retained. Do wait patiently, it is worth it!

I slowly tear open the aluminium foil and the aroma of the pasta smells so fragrant! Take a sniff before enjoying the pasta.

                                                                                    Close up




2 CRAYFISH was being served with a small serving of Paparadelle pasta, with black olives and tomatoes cooked in a spicy tomato sauce. The juice from the crayfish leaks out to the tomato sauce, resulting in a savoury and richness of seafood flavour. Crayfish was fresh and meaty and the serving paparadelle pasta was just alright. The texture of the pasta was a little rough, something like Fettucine but broader. I would prefer it to be slighly smoother but I guess this is what they call al-dente.

Anyway, the pasta was delicious!



Spizzico Ristorante Italiano

UE Shopping mall


Ben and Jerry’s

Ben & Jerry’s



                                                                              The Ranch House



I just had their Strawberry and Gooseberry yoghurt ice-cream 2 days ago .  After my lunch at Enoteca (next door), I was craving for ice-cream! Thus, I headed next door to satisfy my craving. I didn’t take a picture of their ice-cream the previous time but I remembered to bring my camerca along with me this time round!

                                                   Cookie Affair & Cherry Gacia ($9.90)


Most people had the Cookie Affair and I just go with the flow. I am a fan of Cherries (that explains my favouritism in Blackforest cakes).

The Cookie Affair is basically chocolate flavoured ice-cream with cookie bits and it was not overly sweet.

The Cherry Gacier depends on individual preference. Most people didn’t like the ”almond-like” taste ( taste like chinese almond pudding) but I actually like it. The ice-cream has chocolate bits and sweet cherries in it .

Cravings satisfied    🙂

When would be my next ice-cream date with Ben & Jerry’s ?

The Ranch House

Blk 8 Dempsey Hill Green


Culina Enoteca

Culina Enoteca


Many of us might have heard of Culina, which is the Singapore leading purveyor of gourmet foods and wine. Culina has it’s very own restaurant, Enoteca, which means ” wine library” in Italian. Enoteca is ‘‘housed’‘ at Dempsey Hill Green, one of the food paradise in Singapore. They used to have another outlet along Bukit Timah but was closed down.  Enoteca and Culina work hand in hand, using the quality products from Culina to bring out the freshest and quality assured food to the diners.

                                                                                         The Menu


The menu is simple, with few selections of mains, appetizers, sides and desserts. They have an extensive collection of wines and a wine library in the restaurant. They serve many  wines by the glass , thus wine-lovers would have the opportunity to savour many prestigious wine from all over the world.

I was interested in only the mains, the Pertuna Ocean Trout which is quite uncommon to be served in restaurants ( although I have tried it some time back). Many people thought that Salmon and Ocean Trout are the same but they are different! especially in terms of taste and texture. Ocean Trout belongs to the Salmonid family but have a fine and slightly less oily meat and the taste is less mild compared to Salmon. Ever the ”over-indulgence” in Salmon many years ago, I developed a phobia in Salmon but definitely not Ocean Trout!



                                                                                    Chef’s special




Look out for the daily Chef’s special which are dishes not available on the menu. The dishes changes daily and according to availability.



                                                                                Weekly Set Lunch



Enoteca introduced a Weekly 3 course set lunch priced at $30 nett/ pax. The menu changes weekly so you wouldn’t get bored having the same food. Prices here are in nett, they do not charge GST & Service charge!



                                                       Warm and Crusty  Bread



Pertuna Ocean Trout with mixed seasonal vegetables and baby potatoes ($28)




The fillet of ocean was quite small but was enough to satisfy my craving. Since I didn’t want the baby potatoes, the chef kindly replaced it with rocket leaves and the portion of salad leaves and the grilled vegetables filled the plate, leaving a small fillet of ocean trout in sight.

The Ocean Trout was well-grilled with a tinge of salt, a crispy skin and soft texture. I just wished that they would serve a slightly large fillet of the Ocean Trout. ( Greedy  🙂   )

The Grilled seasonal vegetables consist of my favourite vegetables such as brocolli, zucchini, squash and tomatoes, lightly grilled with tinge of salt . I particluarly like the salsa that was served on top of the fish as it has a tangy and appetising flavour.

The rocket leaves were lightly tossed in some plum dressing & cracked black pepper.



                                              The innards of the fish… so tender & juicy!



                                                                     Sauteed mushrooms ($6)



I ordered the sauteed msuhrooms as a side dish but the portion was huge, enough to feed 2 pax. I could actually do a TA if I could not finish.

The sauted mushrooms were button mushrooms sliced in halve, sauteed in white wine, whole clove garlic and mugworts ( type of herb). The sauteed mushrooms were a little on the greasy side. I would prefer the garlic to be minced garlic and sauteed with the mushrooms, minced garlic produced  much more fragrance and aroma.  I could hardly finish the sauteed mushrooms, probably finished 1/3 of it.

I decided to skip desserts  .( Ben and Jerry’s is just next door)

Culina Enoteca

Blk 8 Dempsey Hill Green

Website :