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Domani- A different experience



Doing some last minute shopping for the upcoming CNY, I was at Takashimaya to visit the CNY fair . I find it quite boring and meaningless since all the participating stalls were all selling & promoting their CNY goodies. After shopping, I was feeling a little hungry and hence I decided to drop by Domani for lunch.

I was actually having some mixed feelings… whether to step into Domani again. The previous visit to Domani was rather an unpleasant one.

Read the story here :



Set menu



There were some changes made in this latest set compared to the previous visit.

The latest set menu priced at $26.90++ consist of choice of salad/soup/ tapas, choice of pasta and a main course. Well, it is recommended to be shared between 2 pax unless you could finish a portion of pasta & a main course by yourself. In addition, the portions served here are generous .





Garden green salad ($4.90++)



Seabass with creamed spinach ($18.90++)


This was the 2nd time having this Seabass fillet and I’m satisfied with the standard.

There is a choice of having french fries / saffron rice and I had the former.



Close up




A generous slab of seabass . topped with creamed spinach was served along with side salad and french fries. The Seabass was fresh and had a crisp skin and the meat was soft. The creamed spinach goes well with the light-flavoured seabass meat. The french fries were addictive and not oily at oil.



Verdict : I was satisfied with the overall ”makeover ‘‘ of Domani. The manager changed all the previous staffs ( which provide lousy service) and the present staffs were all friendly people.




B2-37 Ngee Ann City

Website :


Oenotheque by Wine Universe


Hidden at the corner of Millenia Walk, it is quite easy to miss Oenotheque by the Wine Universe. The space had been fully made used and the idea of retail-cellar, restaurant and bar (3-in-1) was a contemporary concept.

The restaurant featured Modern French Cuisine, helmed by Head Chef- Paul Longworth. If you wished to observe the chefs at work, request for the bar seats.



Chefs at work

Set lunch menu



The restaurant offers a 2 or 3 course set lunch priced at $32++ and $38++ respectively ( some dishes might require additional supplement. It was a challenge to decide for the choice of starters as they  all seemed to  suit my personal preference.



Tiger prawn tartare, cucumber, quail egg and caviar



It was quite common to see Tuna tartare on the menu but Chef Longworth used Fresh tiger prawns instead and it proved to work very well. The tiger prawns were sweet and without any fishy smell or flavour. The thin-like thread used for garnishing was white radish which I thought was vermicelli!

Quail egg + caviar =  Divine!


Fillet of barramundi, salsify braised in red wine and coconut sauce



This dish looks like a piece of art .

The thick ‘‘egg-white” was actually coconut cream which I mistook it for egg white . The barramundi fish was lightly seared , served with thick coconut cream, purple salsify and top with asparagus spears.



Another shot


The barramundi fillet was simply and light-tasting but I thought there was too much coconut cream and tend to overpower the natural flavour of the fish ( coconut cream is thick and rich).

It was my first time trying purple salsify and I even mistook it for asparagus! The texture indeed reminds me of asparagus but salsify has an ”oyster’‘ flavour and hence it is also known as ‘‘oyster plant”.




Roasted potatoes



It was a little peculiar to serve roasted potatoes as a side dish ( as I did not place an order for that) but anyway, I enjoyed the roasted potatoes.

The skin was incredibly crispy and bursting with flavors in each bite. It was certainly addictive and even a  person like me who dislikes starch made an attempt to finish all of them.



Verdict: Thumbs up for the food presentation, simple, light-tasting food.



Oenotheque by Wine Universe

#01-109 Millenia Walk

Website :



Chef Daniel’s KitchenC

From the TV advertisment, Chef Daniel was featured in the latest movie by Mark Lee & Jack Neo- Homecoming: Reunion dinner. From my knowledge, Chef Daniel created a few dishes for the movie and the dishes were then featured on the menu by Chef Daniel’s Kitchen.

At Chef Daniel’s kitchen, expect dishes to have a blend of East and West … FUSION is the word!

Besides the CNY festive lunch& dinner menu, a 3 course Executive set lunch menu priced at $16.50 nett is also available. You would get to choose from a main course from a range of selections, a soup of the day & a dessert.

BTW, prices here are nett, no more ++  !


Sorry for the blur image =|



Ciabatta Bread



The triangular ciabatta bread was rather hollow and dry. I’m not sure why they used dried chillies as toppings for the bread…. weird ~



Prawn Salad (I) $12 nett


” Prawn salad please, does it contain any nuts or seeds?” I asked

Manager : I think there are some nuts on the mango salad

Me: Can you please remove it cos I’m allergic to nuts

Manager: OK, so Prawn salad with no peanuts or nuts  right & he double confirmed with me.


However…. when the Prawn salad was served, the mango salad ( as topping) contained sprinkle of peanuts & the salad leaves were also coated with peanuts. I stared at the dish and the manager came over to check. I told him that I was allergic to nuts and he double confirmed with me that there would not be any nuts in the salad yet a mistake was made……

He apologized and the dish was sent back to the kitchen .



Prawn salad (II)


He got it right the second time.

The green mango strips reminds me of green mango salad in Thai cuisine – sweet and sour which was refreshing. The salad leaves were tossed in a lime & mustard dressing which I find it quite unique and goes very well with the salad. The prawns were fresh and bouncy.



Halibut with cabbage, light coconut sauce ($25 nett)



They offer 2 different types of fish – Halibut & Seabass & I had the former .

They informed me that they made a mistake in the printing of the menu. The picture of the seabass actually belonged to the halibut.

I thought the texture of the fish taste similar to that of the Seabass instead of Halibut & even the fish skin was similar.

Anyway, the coconut sauce was actually a light curry based sauce. It reminds me of eating the muslim dish – Longtong . They were generous with the cabbage but I was more interested to find out why they added prawns in the coconut sauce. I thought it was rather tough and it didn’t complement the sauce .

The fish was lighted marinated with some turmeric which I enjoyed it and of course the combination with the coconut sauce was perfect.


Verdict: I would be back to try the Executive set lunch soon!





Chef Daniel’s Kitchen

L7 Bugis Iluma

Website :


I was planning to visit Fairprice Finest @ Tripleone Somerset after lunch and the nearest Italian restaurant would be Italiannies.


I remembered dining here once and there were hits and misses then. A revisit and discovered new dishes being added to the menu.




Sicilian Chicken salad ($16.90++)



The portions served here are great for sharing and they were generous with the grapes and cubes of chicken. The ”Lemon-dijion dressing” stated on the menu were contradicting to the dressing being served. The dressing reminds me of caesar dressing which was creamy. However hint of basil and parsley can be detected in the dressing. I wished the mangoes would be sweeter….



Baked Mediterranean Seabass ($29.90++)



There were 2 fish dishes being listed in the menu- Salmon & Baked Med. Seabass. I had the latter since I was not a big fan of salmon. ”Normally”, in western/ italian/ french dining places, I would expect fillets being served .

After placing my order , I waited patiently for the seabass to be served. The servers actually cleared the table and then placed the ”WHOLE” dish of seabass right in front of me! I can’t believe that they actually serve a WHOLE fish.

In the first place, when I asked the waitress how do they actually prepare/served the seabass, she was unsure and did not highlight to me that a WHOLE fish is served instead.

Anyway, I dived straight at the entire fishhead.

I realised that the scales and fins was not properly cleaned as I had to spit out the fish scales every now and then…. unglam!

The fish was stuffed with bay leaves( to remove the fishy smell) , baked in sicilian style – garlic and cherry tomatoes.The fish was fresh and moist…. just the way I like to enjoy the natural flavour of fish.

I would recommend the fish to be shared.

Thankfully, I could ” doggy-bag” the left-overs home .

The Head chef informed me that they always want to create something different & instead of serving fish fillet, they served a whole fish .. Ahem, that’s really a unusual scene.





#01-02 TripleOne Somerset

Website: www.

Marche- Mum’s Birthday

To celebrate Mum’s birthday, both of us went to Marche @ 313 Somerset as mum loved the sausages and rosti there.



Large Salad ($11.90+)




A large salad to start off… for $11.90+, I piled my plate with lots of veggies. My favourites are the grilled bell peppers and fennel salad.


Plain rosti with sour cream ( $5.90+)



Most people would order the rosti when they come to Marche. What’s so special about their rosti? I guess it’s personal preference.

I find the rosti average … the strips of potatoes were crisp but the sour cream were too bland and thick.



Garlic Pork Sausage ($6.90+)



The pork sausage was juicy on the salty side.

Can’t have this too often due to high fat & sodium content.



Fruit cake ($4.90+)



We had a slice of fruit cake ( cos it’s healthier) as birthday cake. They were very generous with the fruits( strawberries and grapes). However, the sponge was too dry and crumbles easily.


We also shared a pizza which I forgot to take a picture of it.



Happy Birthday Mum =)







Bistro Au Petite- $25++ Set Lunch

Bistro Au Petite


A RETURN to Bistro Au Petite after … 1yr? The price for the set lunch remained unchanged , @ $25++. I felt that the bistro offered one of the most reasonable set around , with wider selections  for the appetitzers & desserts. It may be quite out of the way ( Jalan Merah Saga) but the bistro showed promising and potential customers.

An Executive set lunch priced at $38++ is also available in addition to the 3 course $25 ++ set lunch.

For the $38++ Executive set lunch, you get to select from 2 choices of appetitzers, 2 main courses and a dessert. The menu changes once/ twice, depending on the chef’s specials.

For the $25 ++ set lunch, most of the diners here would opt for the Escargots for appetitzers ( snails baked with garlic butter & tomatoes) , lamb shank for mains and cheesecake/ creme brulee for desserts.






1/2 dozen snails with fragrant garlic butter and sweet tomatoes certainly deserved praises. Be careful as the snails arrived sizzling hot & may burn your tongue if you decide to pop them to your mouth. Well, I scalded my tongue… Oops!






The ”Fresh catch of the day” was the Escolar, an oily type of fish resembling the texture of snowfish. One thing special about Bistro Au Petite is that they offer slightly different types of fish . It’s getting a bit boring to see seabass, snapper, cod, salmon and barramundi offered in restaurants .

I like the simplicity of this dish, the fish was lightly pan seared and served with blanched carrots . It doesn’t taste oily/ greasy to me at all and the meat was a smooth and a little flaky.



Mixed berries shortcake



My choice of dessert was a Homemade strawberry shortcake. Having informed them that I was allergic to the nuts that was present in the strawberry shortcake, they kindly informed me that a mixed berries shortcake was served instead.

I guess they just took the cake out from the fridge as the berries were icy cold. Nevertheless, I still felt that the set lunch was value for $.




Bistro Au Petite

Jalan Merah Saga

Website :



Alcova- Great place for set lunch!


It was my 2nd visit here and as usual… the restaurant is full. Thankfully, I managed to get a table. It was common to see ” reserved” signs placed on the tables @ Alcova as they offer a salad buffet which was well- received by the office people.

If you are planning to have a business discussion here, my advice is to drop the idea. The restaurant have great sound and audio system & it tends to get pretty noisy .



Set lunch menu



The set lunch menu changes weekly but rest assured that the Salad bar for ”Healthy set lunch” is always available (the restaurant changed the choices of main courses and desserts).

If you have a huge appetite, go for as many rounds of the salad bar as you can. The main courses here are fit for a ”princess” ( small portion).



My salad



They offer mesclun , romaine, rocket salad leaves, artichoke hearts, sun-dried tomatoes, carrot sticks, cucumber,pickles, olives, tomatoes,brocolli, hard-boiled egg,canned tuna,coleslaw, potato salad, raisins, cheese powder, pumpkin seeds, dressings & condiments along with 3 selection of in house bread.

The hard-boiled egg stood out.

Usually, the yolk of hard-boiled egg tends to have a grey-ish colour due to over-cooking ( iron content lost) but the egg yolk here is definitely not! It was slightly soft, light soft-boiled egg.




Malabar red snapper, roasted potatoes, white wine sauce


The chef loves to create fusion dishes.

The malabar red snapper has a crispy skin and a soft texture and laid on top of 3 slices of roasted potatoes and top with baby bok choi.

The baby bok choi is” drenched ‘‘ with sesame oil and seeds which smells fragrant and while I am usually not a fan of potatoes, fell in love with the slices of roasted potatoes here. The skin is incredibly crispy and wasn’t starchy at all! The white wine sauce complements the dish very well.




Verdict: Well-reasonable priced set lunch and I would definitely return!




Market Street carpark