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Gunther’s Revisited

Date of visit: 31 August 2010 ( Tuesday)

Although there are  dozens of ”over-dued” post that have not been blogged ( shall do so when I have the free time), I would like to blog about Gunther’s (the latest).

Well, the visit to Gunther’s was a Revisit as I celebrated my birthday at the restaurant with a blogger friend of mine . I was very pleased with the service and the novelty dishes that Chef Gunther created . A typical lunch/ dinner at Gunther’s does not come cheap, it can easily cost you $100 without even having wines but it all depends what you order, especially the seasonal items that would be showcased to you on a trolley.

However, a $38 ++ 3 course set lunch (menu changes weekly) doesn’t hurt the pockets!

When I arrived at the restaurant, I saw a professional photographer ( or was he a food blogger too?) taking pictures of the Angel hair pasta ,Oscietra Caviar . Well, this is one of their signature dish and much raved by critics.

The Menu

The Set Lunch menu

Warm and extremely crusty mini baguette

I was having a bad flu and cough for the past  week and it doesn’t get any better even after taking medication and thus I stay away from the cold dessert. The restaurant manager, Alexander kindly obliged to subsitute a light salad in replacement of the dessert offered .

Dessert of the day: Panna Cotta / Profiterols

A lovely Salad….

The salad looks pleasing to the eye and couldn’t bear to even eat it! When we hear the word ” salad’‘, some of us would start to groan and thought it was just salad leaves, tomatoes and perhaps some olives tossed in balsamic vinaigrette, so borrring…! But this salad may change your perspective. The use of different colours managed to catch my attention and whet my appetite.


The platter of mixed grilled vegetables consist of  grilled corn, mushrooms, segments of grapefruit, Scamorza cheese with some salad leaves .

Everything was well-executed but in particular, I like the Momotaro tomato ( in the center ) which was super sweet and juicy. The grilled corn also has a smoky flavour which is my second favourite .

Scrambled eggs, smoked salmon

This looks like baby food or porridge?  The scrambled eggs were mixed with minimal cheese and milk. There were generous smoked salmon which has a smoked flavour to it but some may find it a little fishy .

Close up

I ate it together with the crispy slices  of baguette and I must admit that the baguette has a nice crunch to it! It’s the season of summer truffles and I’m sure it goes pretty well with the scrambled eggs.

Seafood pasta ( Capellini)

The seafood pasta came recommended by Alexander (The restaurant manager) . He assured that the seafood just arrived this morning and was very fresh.

When the pasta was presented , the fragrant aroma of the seafood stock stimulated my appetite . There were generous little neck clams, a fresh prawn and a small cod fish fillet that was well seasoned.

Close up

The capellini was smooth and Chef Gunther loves to use Chives and chilli in his capellini pasta ( Check out one of the dish- Capellini with kombu, chives, dried shrimps ,chilli). The capellini pasta has a hint of spiciness but not too overpowering. Next time I shall try the version with dried shrimps to compare.

Verdict: No doubt it is one of the top French restaurant in Singapore ( other than Les Amis ). The 3 course lunch menu is reasonably-priced and would tempt you to visit them again!

Gunther’s Modern French Cuisine

36 Purvis Street #01-03 Singapore 188613




Date of visit:  8 August 2010 ( Saturday)

Michelangelo’s had been on ”to-go” list. Previously helmed by Chef Angelo (  Started Angelo’s in Kiliney road) and after his departure, Chef Victor Tan took over and introduced a few of his ”own dishes’‘. The stalwarts like penne sambuca still remains on the menu.

Some new dishes being offered, braised boneless beef short ribs , Moroccan Lambshank, Chocolate fondant and The Seared scallops with caviar.

Look out for the Signboard!

No more dark cavernous interior, it’s brighter ( in a way)

The menu

Recommended starters include the Pan seared scallops with caviar and the Seared Foie gras. Mains are priced on the higher side . They offer a 3 course lunch menu priced at $35 ++ and menu changes fortnightly. If you are feeling adventurous, try 3 course meal, which you can select an  appetitzer, a main and a dessert from the ala-carte menu, priced at $58 (pasta) and $68 ( meat / seafood).

Pan seared scallops with carviar on onion confit & sun-dried tomato & pesto( $24++)

I would always love to try the chef’s signature as I believe it showcases the Chef’s skills and talent . This signature starter certainly did not disappoint!

4 de-shelled and crunchy prawns were paired with 3 bouncy and well-seared scallops.

Close up

The scallop … yums!!!

The scallops were the star of the show, they were fresh and has a bouncy texture. Paired with caviar and the sweet onion relish, it was perfeccct… particularly the onion relish, which leaves a sweet aftertaste.

The prawns were also well-executed, they were not over-cooked and retain the firm texture.

Caesar Salad with poached egg ( $18++)

The Caesar salad was well-presented , top with a wobbly poached egg , slice of baguette and a crispy pancetta.

The wobbly egg attracts my attention. I tried my best not to cause the runny egg yolk to leak out but the egg yolk blends in with the romaine lettuce, it taste great!

Runny egg yolk…..


While the caesar cream was too heavy , the crispy pancetta was sort of ”unhealthy” and the baguette ( replaced by croutons) was plain, the runny egg yolk helped to salvage the inperfection.

Sticky date pudding ( $13++)

The sticky date pudding is small but it serves as a filling dessert . I was recommended to try out this sticky date pudding. Frankly speaking, this is my first time trying a sticky date pudding and thus I am not very sure how to rate a sticky date pudding.

Close up ( due to the lighting, the picture did not turn out well)

The sticky date pudding  is served with a scoop of ice-cream butterscotch sauce and some fruits. The pudding was sweet and dense but towards the end, I felt that the base was a little charred but generally the pudding was average.

Verdict: A pleasant dining experience at Michelangelo’s. I have not been to Michelangelo’s and thus I was not sure whether the standard has risen or (dropped) after the departure of Chef Angelo but in IMHO,  the scallops were yums!


Chip Bee Gardens



”Updated” menu @ TCC

”Updated” menu @ TCC

Date of visit: 9 August 2010

Occasion: The Nation’s birthday

I dread public holidays…. most places are not opened for biz, the malls are crowded and since it’s the nation’s birthday, there would be some road closures (it affects where im going too !).

I decided to head town since it’s just a direct bus-ride from my house (convenient). I did my homework and knew TCC introduced a few new dishes to their menu. Hence, I headed to the Istean Scotts Outlet  ( where my friend works).

Mooncake promotion

Check out the dishes labelled with ”NEW”

Quick seared Tuna salad ($13++)

The tuna is served middle rare. The fish was fresh and melts in my mouth. Tangy mustard sauce and bits of chives to go along with the tuna. The mesclun salad was sprinkled with some crispy ” keropok” (the chinese version of the indian mee keropok). I enjoyed nibbling the keropok and I think it adds a nice crunch to the mesclun salad leaves.

Vegetable Tian ( $17.80++)

What is a ”Tian”? Did a goggle search and found out it was a dish layered with different ingredients, topped with chinese and baked in the oven. In this case, it was Vegetable Tian and the ingredients were vegetables.  It looks very much like a gratin (French style).

The Vegetable Tian resembles a gratin(French style) and a Lasagne ( Italian style). It consists of several layers of vegetables:

Top layer: King Oyster mushrooms and Asparagus

Middle: Sweet pieces of pumpkin, Slices of potatoes, cheese

Base: Tofu ( but I felt it taste more like fried soy bean cake)

Close up

If you are looking for a healthy vegetarian ”lasagne”, give this Vegetable Tian a try.

Strawberry Shortcake ($5.60++)

A light dessert to finish off my lunch…. the strawberry shortcake is pretty light in texture and has custard cream in between layers. I wished there were more strawberries…..


Isetan Scotts

Website  :

Cafe Oliv

Cafe Oliv

I had been to Cafe Oliv abt a year ago. I can still remember that I had their soft shell crab with salted egg yolk ($6.90). The soft shell crab was very crispy and coated with the sinful salted egg yolk…. it was truly an indulgence!

I decided to head back to try some of their other dishes .

                                                                                   The Menu

They offer a 3 course weekday set lunch priced at $10.90+ and a ”premium” set lunch (Mon-Sun) . The Premium set lunch comes with a soup, main course, dessert and a drink.

I am trying to cut down sugar in my diet and hence I decided to go ala-carte.

                                                                   Caesar Salad ( $8.90+)




Served with Herb foccacia croutons , romaine lettuce and crispy bacon in caesar cream. I find the caesar cream too rich & cloying for my tastebuds. The bacon strips were very crispy and had a smoky flavour. I like their bacon strips , which taste quite different from the bacon bits normally found in Caesar salad.


                                       Chilean Cod with Citrus and vegetables ($21.90+)

They were very generous with the serving portions. The chilean cod comes with 2 slices , fatty and generous slab of oily fish for omega boost!  The cod fillets  were well seared , retain its natural flavour.

                                                                         Delicious piece of cod…




                                                                                        Close up




Notice the shredded carrots strips garnish on top of the cod? I thought it was ginger strips but when I nibble , it leaves a sweet aftertaste and I was assured it was carrot. Sometimes little things can be used to garnish  food to enhance the overall presentation and taste.

The vegetables served alongside – Brocolli, cauliflowers and carrots were soft but not mushy. There were times where I tried a few version which were either too mushy or raw.

Verdict:  Other than the caesar cream which was a little too heavy , the cod was well-prepared. I’m glad that I made a re-visit to Cafe Oliv to try their mains. I must say that their prices are pretty reasonable and the service was attentive.

Cafe Oliv

220 East Coast Road

website :

I skipped desserts @ Cafe Oliv to leave space for chocolate therapy @ Awfully Chocolate. The outlet @ Katong Mall is under renovation & in fact the whole of Katong mall under renovation. Awfully chocolate shift to the space along the traffic junction ( near to Glory catering). The outlet here is much more spacious and seats offered indoors to enjoy the chocolate cakes!

Awfully chocolate had been known to be popular for their simple chocolate cakes … the quality lies in the dark chocolate used. The HEI ice-cream, cold poached chocolate and chocolate truffles are some of the popular items being offered. Having tried the super-staked layer chocolate cake, I convinced myself to head back to try the cold-poached chocolate .

                        Cold poached Chocolate( $5.60 )  + Honey Malt Whisky ($7.10)




As you all know, Im an alcohol sucker and thus the honey malt whisky would make a difference to the pure chocolate dessert. 


                                                                                              Close up


The cream is rather tasteless on it’s own but it taste pretty good when you eat it with the chocolate. Now, where’s the honey malt whisky? It’s…… infused in the chocolate ! The chocolate taste a little jerlat due to the honey malt whisky but trust me…. it’s  sinful indulgence!  Try it for yourself to find out.


Awfully chocolate

Vis Vis Revsited

Date of Visit:  6 August 2010 (Friday)

Restaurant: Vis a Vis

The visit to Vis a Vis was about 10 days ago and I haven’t got the time to blog about it. It was Sunday today & I managed to ”squeeze” out some time to type out  this post.


I was really impressed with the Chilean Seabass that I had the previous visit .  This time round, I  took the usual weekly chef’s menu priced at $58++.



                                                                                   Vis a Vis House Salad



It was clearly a simple mesclun salad but what makes it a little ”special” was the addition of some strawberries . The balsamic vinaigrette was sweet and has a pleasant taste.


The set comes with a choice of striploin or the Roasted rainbow trout. I would definitely go for the latter as this fish is high in Omega 3 (essential fatty acid gd for health).

Frankly speaking, Rainbow trout is not  really an expensive fish but it is not commonly sold in wet markets and supermarkets. I bought a packet of frozen rainbow trouts  which cost only $15 !!! ( 5 whole rainbow trouts) . If you do your calculations, it cost a mere $3 for one whole fish and the restaurant raised the  price 10X. Well, you can save the hassle of deboning and I wouldn’t mind paying if the chef does a good job.



                                  Roasted Rainbow trout perfumed with beurre blanc




The fish is panfried , served with some asapargus and pomme noisettes . When the dish was served to me, I mistook the pomme noisette as mini scallops. I tried to verify with  them and they told me it was scallops.

The texture is very different from scallops which was supposed to be slightly chewy and perhaps bouncy . However, the ‘‘scallops” was a little starchy and floury. I began to suspect it to be pomme noisette. I verify it again with another staff whom she confirmed it was pomme noisette. In the first place, why did confirm it was scallops?



                                                                                   Close up



The fish was overdone, resulting in a rough texture. I have tried grilling the Rainbow trout @ home and the meat was smooth and soft, very different from this. I was a little disappointed with the preparation of this dish.


         Baked Parcel of crepe with chocolate couverture & Vanilla ice-cream



In simpler words , crepe filled with chocolate and sliced bananas.

The crepe was filled with slices of bananas and dark chocolate. There is nothing fanciful or special about this crepe except that the Chocolate used was Valrhona chocolate ( which is bittersweet) . The crepe itself was neither here nor there .

                                                                        Interior of the crepe




The chef’s menu changes weekly (every Wednesday) & perhaps luck is on my side that day thus the 3 dishes was rather disappointing and overpriced at $58++. How I wish they would introduce the Chilean seabass again…..

Vis a Vis

12 Chuntin road



Dempsey Hill green

Jones the Grocer


I’m sure most of us would have heard of Jones the Grocer. Jones is popular for it’s brunch and expect the cafe to be ”insanely” full during weekends. I was there on a weekday afternoon and thus it was less crowded.

Jones is a cafe cum grocer. You can shop for groceries( bread, jam, spread, bread…etc) and then enjoy a cuppa there !

They start serving lunch menu from 12 onwards. There wasn’t much selections on the menu but there are dishes that are popular picks e.g The burger and the Pumpkin & Feta cheese salad.

                                                Caesar Salad with poached egg ($15.50)




I had a simple caesar salad to begin. I was having a crave for Caesar salad recently and the generous serving of this caesar salad curb my crave.

The Caesar salad comes with a poached egg ”sat”  atop . I carefully slice the egg into halves and the runny egg yolk flows out and leaks to the romaine lettuce. I must say I really love it! They were also generous with the bacon bits and cheese .

Note: No Gst/ Svc charge here. Prices are nett.



After having the Simple Caesar Salad @ Jones, I walked further down  and head to CM-PB .



Contemporary Meling-pot & Bar




                                                                             Outdoor sitting




You can choose to sit indoors/ outdoors. I would prefer the outdoor sitting (more relaxed)



                                                                                              The Menu




They offer a variety of interesting food &  is skewed towards the ”Fusion” type. E.g Foie gras burger, Black cod fish & chips, Wasabi cod & an African dessert-The malva pudding.



                                                                                 Spicy Cod ($34++)


        ”Marinated Chilean Cod with Silky mash Potato & Asian Vegetables”



After the order was placed, I wait patiently…… and it took about 25 mins to arrive. I was feeling a little impatient to be kept waiting and prompted the waitress to check with the kitchen. Finally the dish appeared on my table after the long wait.


                                                                                     The cod



The cod was marinated with Hoison sauce and topped with sambal chilli. I think the chef was trying to create a sweet and spicy combination to the cod. Actually, I felt that the chilli was not really necessary and it was kinda weird. However, I like the sambal chilli which was not too spicy and had a fragrant hint of anchovies .

The cod was served with Battered Enoki mushrooms (too oily) & a small serving of sauteed Kailan. Like I mention , they are probably serving fusion food and in this case, the cod consist of a fusion of Malay/Nonya(sambal chilli), Kailan (Asian), Battered Enoki mushrooms(Japanese) and the cod itself was probably Western style.



                                                                    Malva Pudding ($12++)




I have NEVER heard of Malva pudding and was curious to find out what exactly was this dessert. I expected the Malva pudding to be in a pudding form & probably soft + goey. However……. it was completely the opposite of what I thought! I felt a slight disappointment when I saw the Malva pudding & thought they might have mixed up with my order.




                                                                                             Close up




The Malva pudding is South African dessert, served with ORAGE JACK DANIEL SAUCE & a scoop of Vanilla bean ice-cream.

The Malva pudding looks and taste more like a normal sponge cake to me( Think along the line of Malay sponge cake) and is slightly dense. It taste ordinary to me and in fact I didn’t enjoy it. I had to paired it with the vanilla ice-cream as the cake taste rather boring when having it on it’s own. The ice-cream was just ordinary vanilla ice-cream(without any vanilla beans).

In the end……. I left abt 1/2 untouched.



Verdict: Generally, I like the ambience of this place. It is rather quiet and perfect for chilling out @ night!  It’s worth a visit if you are keen to explore the fusion cuisine they had to offer.




BLK 7 #01-05 Dempsey Hill

Website :


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Thus, I would only be updating  my blog after 8 September ( Wednesday).

There are a few unposted reviews/ blogs and I have saved them in my drafts. I would only start blogging after my exams are over so pls check back my blog after 8 September !

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