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First attempt in baking a chocolate lava cake , even though i search for recipes online, I made certain modifications to the cake.

Fortunately, it turned out pretty sucessful???

Actually the chocolate failed to ooze out  :/ which I assumed that I over-baked the cake. The recipe indicated 450 degrees preheated oven , 5 mins- 6 mins and I baked in a 250 degree preheated oven ( highest temp was 250 degree for my oven ) for 6-7 mins. I thought the baking time should be extended a little since the oven temperature was reduced.

Anyway, the inner of the cake was still soft and moist while the outer formed a crunchy crust. Mum suggested that I put a small bar of chocolate in the center before baking the cake … perhaps the chocolate bar would melt slightly and create the flow….. .

Worth trying …

Chocolate eclair ($8.50)

Chocolate eclair from Laurent Bernard Chocolatier … yums!

The choux pastry seemed to be a little hard which I’m not sure whether it should be the right texture. Personally, I would prefer soft choux pastry .

The inner

Instead of using cream / custard as fillings, the chocolate eclair was filled with chocolate with very minimal cream. The chocolate content was pretty intense and I want more more  & more pls!

The size is just too petite!

” Pure ” Chocolate Cake ($10.50) 

”Superb for chocolate lovers, made of criollo Venezuelan dark chocolate.” 

This is G.O.O.D ! 

The layers

The cake has many layers… I think around 7?

The chocolate mousse has a very intense chocolate flavour and I can taste a tinge of liquor added to the mousse but I’m not too sure whether it was rum/ kirsch ???

The chocolate sponge was a little coarse though but it was pretty much to my liking.

The chocolate base had a slight crispy texture which resembles a burnt chocolate shell…. I like it!

Even though the cake was relatively ex, it was well worth it!


3 responses to this post.

  1. ooh, chocolate overdosage huh? 🙂 You gave me an idea i think i want to make chocolate lava cake too. 🙂


    • Posted by Huiyuan on May 28, 2011 at 4.00p05

      U can try baking 1 ? Actually it’s easy and as long as u use gd quality chocolates, it would stand out!


  2. i think the 450 degrees refers to Farenheit, which converts to 230 degree Celsius.


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