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Fellow food bloggers must have heard / had been to Oomphatico’s . I have heard of it long long time ago  but I always missed the chance to visit the restaurant.  I am sort of  Mountain tortoise, calling myself a food blogger and yet to try their food till now! Anyway, Oomphatico’s is quite popular in Tanglin Mall as well as Caffe Beviemo (the strawberry shortcake is damn cute !)

                                                             ThE Menu outside the restaurant


Oomphatico’s is a sort of cafe, serving from breakfast all the way to dinner. It is a favourite place for caucasian to sit around, chit-chat , having breakfast and enjoying high-tea. Thus, you can see that at least 70% of the diners here are Caucasians.


                                                                                The Interior



The cafe/restaurant adopts a pinkish decor and it looks elegant and resembles a fairyland!   Once you step in, you can see the dessert counter with a variety of colourful cupcakes, pastries and cakes. The waiter/ waitress would then ask you for outdoor/indoor seating. Most Caucasians would prefer outdoor seating and it is just opposite Ah Hoi’s Kitchen!



                                                                                  The Set lunch menu



They offer 3 different  types of  set lunch- a soup/salad, 2 course or 3 course set lunch and prices are nett.



                                                                                     The Main Menu



They offer quite a variety of cuisine and those dishes  that are vegetarian are being highlighted.  There is a mixture of different cuisines— Mediterranean, Western and European .. to cater to a larger group of people.

                                                                                Mixed Leaf Salad ($5 ++)



Being a ”salad lover”, I would always try to have a simple salad to start. This mixed leaf salad was ordered as an extra side dish but it came together with my mains.

The mixed leaf salad has mixed salad leaves, Avacado,kalamanta black olives, cubes of cucumbers and Real juicy cherry tomatoes. I highlighted the word Real juicy as the juice of the tomato burst out immediately when I took a bite and I created a mess!

Roasted Black Pomfret, served with butter, veg, tossed with olive oil & Lemon ($19++)


Initially I wanted to get the vegetable steak  but I saw the red snapper being offered in the set lunch as well. They do not allow me to change the soup. Thus, I had to choose between the vegetable steak or the Snapper. When I asked the waitress the ”Fresh catch of the day”, she told me it was Black Pomfret . I confirmed with her that it was 1 fillet of black pomfret &  I want it being roasted.

                                                                          1 Whole Black Pomfret


I waited for about 15 mins for this dish and when it appeared in front of me, I was completely stunned! It was not a fillet but a WHOLE FISH! OMG, I thought it was rather huge and I probably could not finish it. Anyway, I began to dissect the fish and enjoyed the fish head (my fav!) but found the front portion was a little under-cooked. I could see some red coloured blood in the gills part and I had it sent back to the kitchen. They apologised for the mistake and promised to prepare a new dish for me thus I waited… again for another 10 mins.


                                                                                    Close up



They just reheated the under-cooked fish and serve it back to me. As I had already ” enjoyed the fishhead”, the reheated fish was ‘‘headless”. I thought they would prepare a ”new dish” for me but was just talking through the hat (bullshit!).

Back to the fish, it was well-roasted and the skin was very crispy and the meat is very tender and juicy. Being a fish lover, I would definitely enjoy the fish especially the chin, belly and the fishhead. It was a little unglam when I actually used my hands to dissect the different parts and spitting out the fish bones. However, I did not care and enjoyed the fish  because it delicious!

The accompaniments- Maittake mushrooms, asparagus  brocolli and tomatoes were well roasted as well.

                                                                                  The fishbones



These were what was left on my plate-  Did I enjoy and finish the fish? Of course I did and what was left were the bones!


Overall verdict : The cafe is  provides a relaxing and comfortable setting and I would love to spend my leisure time having high tea here or simply chit-chatting with some friends. It deserves another return , perhaps for the desserts or the pomfret fish again. I would have given a high score if the fish were not served undercooked as the fish is really delicious !


#01-35 Tanglin Mall



Marble Slab Creamery

Marble Slab Creamery


Iluma is a considered a quiet and sort of ”abandoned” shopping mall. However, Level 5 is still my favourite level because it is the level where you can find all the restaurants and eateries and MARBLE SLAB CREAMERY is one of them.

The ice-cream parlour offers some comfy seats to enjoy the ice-cream



There are 2 Marble Slab Creamery stores in Singapore, one of them is located at Cluny court and the other is at Iluma. They are famous for the ” frozen slab” technique for the ice-cream preparation where the ice-cream are being placed on the marble slab and mixing begins. The concept is similar to cold rock creamery.

                                                                       Some ideas for creation



You can choose from the tasty creation menu or simply create your own ice-cream flavour , with mix-ins and different flavours!

                                                                            The ice-cream flavours



The kiddy cup only allows 1 scoop of ice-cream flavour thus it is recommended that you get at least the medium size cup to get 2 scoops(only 2 scoops are allowed!) + any mix-ins that you like.

It’s quite rare to get some imported chocolate snacks such as butterfingers and heath bars … rmb to try em’! The only thing is that they do not provide any sampling so it’s quite difficult to make a decision staring at the different ice-cream flavours.

                                                                                     My Creation!



” Blackberry  +   Swiss Chocolate  with Mashmellows   & Butterfingers  ”


Black berry : It is made from the black berry juice, sweet and creamy

Swiss Chocolate : Cocoa imported from Europe , has a distinct Alphine flair.

When mixed together with mashmellows and butterfingers, it taste quite alright but taste a little weird. Personally, I prefer the blackberry flavour . The mashmellows were the mini size and was not the QQ and chewy type that I like. Butterfingers were delicious….! It is made of caramel + chocolate and is crispy and has a slight taste of peanut butter… yum yum  😉

Overall verdict: $ 8 for a middle size cup of ice-cream is considered a little on the pricey side. The ice-cream is just average and STICKY but I like the mix-ins which is rather rare in Singapore. Would I return again for the ice-cream? HARD TO say… as there are numerous ice-cream parlours around.

Marble Slab Creamery

L5 Iluma


New Green Pasture Cafe

New Green Pasture Cafe


New Green Pasture Cafe is one of the Vegetarian Cafe housed in Fu Lu Shou Complex. The whole complex is a vegetarian haven where you can find numerous vegetarian cafe. New Green Pasture is slightly different as they offer Organic and healthy vegetarian food of different cuisine. The other vegetarian cafes on the other hand, offers ci zhar dishes and mixed rice.

It’s not my first time here and in fact I have been here many times, trying quite a number of their food. Normally, I do not go back to the same eatery unless the place is worth a visit again. IMHO, I felt that this quaint this cafe is a hidden gem. Their salads are fantastic and the food served is suitable for those who wished to switch from a meat to a vegetarian diet. It’s actually quite healthy to consume vegetarian food at least once in a week but not those deep-fried and oily stuffs, mock meats and mixed rice you can find in the neighbourhood!

                                                                                               The Dining area



Once you step into the cafe, take a look at the menu(with pictures)  place your order, pay, grab a seat and wait for your food. Their service here is a little unfriendly at times. They get a little fustrated if you ask them about the food, ingredients… blah blah. It’s also self-service here, they will shout out the name of the dish you have ordered and you would have to get it yourself.

The dining area resembles the typical dining room , with a few large and small tables. You can smell the STRONG smell of smoke but luckily there was no deep-frying being practiced here thus it’s not smoky, just a strong smell.

                                                                                            Rainbow Salad



It is called Rainbow salad as it consists of 7 different types of veggies in it—- Carrots, beetroots, turnips, red cabbage, dou miao, tomatoes and green cabbage.  Mine was a special order– No sesame seeds, green beans and peanuts + extra salad dressing. I knew I’m a fussy and troublesome eater but they were willing to accede to my request.

                                                                                                 Close up



The salad has a tangy flavour as they have added some dried ginger , dried plums and  pomelo ,providing a well -balanced of sour and savoury. They also added some raw green beans (sprouted, sesame seeds and peanuts and   topped it with a few sheets of nori and crushed brown rice crackers. The veggies were all shredded thinly, giving it a crunchy texture and easier for the salad dressing to be mixed in. The brown rice cracker is also very crispy and addictive thus I bought a packet home.

Their rainbow salad is still my favourite salad after all …. after trying so many variations of salads in Singapore.

                                                                                 Fruits and Veg Rojak



Instead of the having the normal rojak sold in the coffeeshops that uses shrimp paste, why not try this Fruit & Veg Rojak which uses a Plum sauce and with more fruits?

Rojak that uses shrimp paste is shiok but this version of rojak is equally outstanding. The rojak consists of a variety of fruits such as apples, pineapples, mangoes, cucumber, turnip, beetroots and carrots tossed in a plum sauce. The plum sauce provides a tangy flavour, which goes well with the fruits. Try this!

                                                                                        Seaweed roll



This is like the Japanese sushi minus the rice in it, replaced by shredded veggies.

                                                                           Closer look



The nori sheets were chewy and the raw salads were similar to the ones in the rainbow salad. I would prefer the nori sheets to be slightly crispy. They have also added some mint and basil leaves which provides a tinge of refreshing after- taste. I would prefer the nori sheets to be slightly crispy.

                                                                                         Vietnamese roll


                                                                                    2 Vietnamese roll!



I thought 2 rolls of vietnamese rolls refers to the ones in the first picture thus I ordered 2 rolls. When it came, I was a little surprised but nontheless, we managed to finish them.

The fillings of the vietnamese roll is slightly different from the Seaweed roll. The fillings are quite similar to that of popiah, with tunips, carrots, soy bean cake and some vegetarian stuff in it. It was pretty ok but I do not like the thick and chewy vietnamese paper.

                                                                                           The rolls!



We ordered so many veggies rolls but managed to polish them off… I suddenly feel very healthy from a switch of occasional meat diet to a full veggies diet.  I should come more often, for their rainbow salad!

New Green Pasture Cafe

L4 Fu Lu Shou Complex

Hokkaido sushi Restaurant

                                                                                              M Hotel


                                                                        Hokkaido Sushi Restaurant


I seldom dine in Japanese Restaurants AND  I have little knowledge in Japanese cuisine.  Personally, I do not like sashimi as they are raw and MAY inhibit bacteria. Japanese cuisines normally uses  pickles, miso, teriyaki sauce and salt but I prefer food in its NATURAL taste ie. less salt and seasoning. Only fresh fish are used for sashimi and they are prized for their natural flavour and freshness. As much as I love fish, I still prefer my fish to be cooked.

Hokkaido sushi Restaurant is located at Level 9 of M hotel. They are currently having promotions for their bento sets. You are entitled to 30% discount if you possess a DBS card and order the bento sets during weekends and public holiday. I made use of this opportunity to try their Japanese bento sets as I find it’s quite worth it.



                                                                           Japanese Teppanyaki




                                                                                              The menu



They offer ala-carte and bento sets but I highly recommend the bento sets as the portion is just perfect for 1 pax and it is 30% off during weekends! There are different bento sets for you to choose from thus please make a wise choice.







Pickles- White radish and Lotus root. They were soft and sweet.



                                                                         Salad with Wafu dressing



As I opt not to have pickles in my bento set, they kindly prepared this Salad with Wafu dressing for me.

                                                                                  Closer look at the salad




I know it is weird to order a salad in a Japanese Restaurant but I really do not like pickles and vinegared stuff. This salad is pretty to look at and it has strips of surimi as toppings. I like the wafu dressing which has a tangy flavour.

                                                                             Gindara Teriyaki



I opt for the Gindara bento set– comes with miso soup, sushi rice, fruits and side salad. There was a choice of either TERIYAKI / SHIOKAYI for the cod fish.

2 fillets of grilled cod appeared in front of me, perfectly grilled with oomph factor.

                                                               Nice charred fish skin!



I always like fish skin thus I left it to the last to savour it slowly. Look at the charred fish skin, it looks so beautiful and on top of that, it was crispy and has a smoky flavour…. definitely shiok!

                                                             I’m coming back again for this!



The cod is soft and tender, it flakes off easily using the chopsticks. Be sure to enjoy it slowly to enjoy the delicious cod in Teriyaki sauce.

                                                       The bento set – Nasu with seafood



A little confusing, I ordered this Nasu with seafood as an ala-carte order but they serve it with the bento set while the cod teriyaki  is served separately.

                                                             Nasu with Seafood ($25++)



I love Nasu thus I had this nasu with seafood with the recommendation of the manager.

The nasu is sliced into small pieces and cooked with some fish , squid and a prawn.



                                                                            Closer look

When the dish is presented in front of me, I could literally see the pool of oil but I thought it was the sauce. Taken a closer look at it, the nasu slices are  ”swimming” in a pool of oil. I think there should be some QC check as they actually serve a plate of super oily dish to a customer! But, I still managed to finish this dish as I hate wasting food !

The nasu is soft but soaked in oil and I had to ”drain’‘ away the excess oil on a piece of tissue paper. It was just a disappointing dish.

                                                                     That pool of OIL ….Ewwwww!


                                                                                      Mango ice-cream



If you pay by DBS credit card, you are entitled to a free scoop of matcha/mango ice-cream. I thought I should get the matcha flavour since I was in a Japanese restauarnt but the waitress told me to get the mango instead. The ice-cream is served almost instantly as she told me the ice-cream was from a supplier.

Anyway, the ice-cream was just average, with bits of mangoes in it.

Overall verdict: I would strongly encourage to come on a weekend/ PH to enjoy the discount and get the bento sets as it is more worth it.

Hokkaido Sushi Restaurant

L9 M hotel






Chocolato is the latest ”Gelato-themed cafe ”at Sqaure 2. No doubt Square 2 have a few dessert parlour like Yami Yoghurt, Geladiso , Angelz cup… Chocolato chose to open this cafe serving fat-free Gelato.



Chocolato is a rather small cafe with just 5 tables. They offer about 12 Gelato flavours, some pastries, chocolates and cakes on display (strawberry shortcake, brownies and cheesecake).

                                                                              The range of Gelato flavours



They will offer some free samplings so it makes it easier for you to decide which flavour to get. A small cup would cost you $3.70 and double flavours in a cup cost $5.70. Thus, it’s more worth it when you get two flavours.  I sampled their baileys and Mixed berries and liked the Baileys more as it is richer in flavour. The fruit-based gelato are 99.5% fat-free and milk gelato, 94% fat-free. Thus, you can enjoy these gelato with no guilt.

                                   Double flavours in a cup – Mango & Caramel ($5.70)



I like the MANGO flavoured Gelato as it taste just like the real mango, very rich in flavour and fruity,I like this!

The CARAMEL is slightly mild and I couldn’t taste what is the exact flavour. Strange~

                                                                         Complimentary Brownie

Initially I wanted to get a slice of brownie to go along with the gelato and double check with them whether it contain nuts. They were unsure and tried the product on the spot, called up the supplier to re-confirm and later they re-confirmed there were no nuts. It was  complimetary as both the brownies and cheesecakes looks awful as they were sliced unevenly, with broken edges.

I had the brownie without the cheesecake. The brownie was ok but imo, it was not chocolaty and fudgy enough. I actually  paired it along with the gelato and it was not too bad.

Chocolato is quite new , opened not too long ago, their gelatos are worth a try.


Square 2 #02-68/69,
10 Sinaran Drive

Website :

Urban Pantry

Urban Pantry


The people behind the popular donut chain in Singapore,’ Donut Factory ‘ has opened ‘Urban Pantry’ in tie with the Donut Factory at VELOCITY NOVENA SQUARE. Urban pantry serves Asian- inspired cuisine at an affordable price. Hence, you can have your lunch here and enjoy a doughnut in this cafe. Remember to bring home some freshly made doughnuts to crave your sugar rush.

The menu selection is limited but there are some dishes that sounds rather interesting like the ” Tom Yam seafood pasta’‘, ”Crispy fish Wasabi” and ” UP burger”. The prices start from as low as $3.50 with no service charge. Simple choose from the range of dishes that is printed on the walls, order, pay and grab a sit. They will serve the food to you shortly.

                                                                             My number  🙂


                                                                    Crsipy Fish Wasabi ( $4.50)


It was simply 6 thin slices of breaded dory fillet, served with wasabi mayonnaise and colslow . The dory slices were thin and thus I bite on more breadcrumbs than the fish meat. The breaded dory slices was also on the oily side. . Remember to sqeeze some lemon !I like their colslow, it taste very original wth rasins.

The wasabi mayonnaise sauce is not too bad,  the combination of wasabi and mayonnaise  is light on the palate though the wasabi taste was not strong.

Overall verdict: No doubt the food is cheap and cafe ambience is relaxing. But I felt it could be better if the fish was not too oily. There seemed to be a larger crowd for the doughnuts than the food. ~Halal certified~



Urban Pantry

L2-24 Velocity Novena Square

The Salad Stop

The Salad Stop


This is not my first time having salads at ”The Salad Stop”. I was there at it’s first flagship store at Marina Square and had one of their signature salad ,” Oh Crab-lah”. It has been quite a while since I had their salads but I knew they are receiving good comments and opening more stores in Singapore. This time round, I went to the their newest store which is at NOVENA SQUARE and the staff actually recognised me.

The Novena Square outlet is somehow similar to the Marina Square outlet, with outdoor seating.

The names of the Signature salads are interesting.They have Iron-wo man,Sunshine Reggae, Big Bird…etc. The menu clearly labels the ingredients , I can choose to omit those salads with nuts since I’m sensitive to it. Choose from the Signature salads or ”Create your own salad” priced at $8.80 with unlimited toppings. The signature salads can be made into a wrap at a dollar less. Be warned that the salad portion are huge hence it’s recommended not to ”overload” the toppings. You can request them to chop the lettuce leaves more finely so that the dressings can be mixed more evenly and easier to eat too.

                                                                          Cheaper than a Facial ($8.50)



Packed with skin rehuvenating goodness

” Mixed Greens, Mango, Tomato, Cucumber, Carrot, Vermicelli, Mint, Thai Lemongrass Dressing”


As usual , the salad comes in an huge bowl, full of mixed greens in it… so healthy!

The ingredients are cut evenly , lettuce are slightly chopped and they are so generous with the tomatoes. The Thai lemongrass dressing was a little sour and too spicy for me but the sweet mango cubes managed to complement it very well. They provide a biscuit stick for every salad too.

At the end of the day, I still could not finish the bowl of salad as the portion is huge. It is good for those who have a big appetite or who are real hungry!

They do provide delivery and simply order your salad online and they will deliver it to your doorstep It’s as simple as that!

The Salad Stop

#02-24 Novena Square

Website:  www.