Delcie’s Chocolate Mudcake

Chocolate Fudge, Chocolate ganache…. sinful.

They contain large amount of saturated fats and loaded with sugar. It is ok to enjoy them once in a while =)

Vegans who love chocolate cakes sometimes find difficulty getting chocolate cakes made without eggs, dairy products or butter. Should they just forgo the ”desire” of enjoying cakes and desserts?

Delcie’s Chocolate Mudcake is the choice.

Delcie’s chocolate mudcake is made with wholemeal flour, unbleached flour, raw sugar…  etc . The ingredients are organic products , no dairy, gelatin, eggs and butter are used in the cake. 70% chocolate is also used in the chocolate cake to provide a rich and intense flavour of chocolate .

Sounds healthy right?

4.5 INCH mini chocolate mudcake ($50)

I opted the diabetic friendly version of this chocolate mudcake and an additional $10 was required. Natural sweetener- Organic agave was used in replace of sugar.

You can also opt for gluten free version , priced $78. This would benefit those who suffer from coeliac disease.

For the standard chocolate mudcake (4.5inch), it is priced at $40. It should be able to fit 4-6 people though the cake appear to look really ‘‘mini”.

After calculation, a slice of the chocolate mudcake cost between $6.60- $10 ( for the standard 4.5inch ) . It may seem ex but since organic ingredients were used and the cakes were made with love by Delcie and her team of bakers. You can be assured of the quality of the cakes.

A slice of the chocolate mudcake  

The top layer was a layer of chocolate fudge which was rich in chocolate yet not over-sweet. The sponge was a little coarse and dense since wholemeal flour was used in replace of the usual cake / self-raising flour. For people who enjoyed soft and fluffy sponge in cake, you may take some time to adjust to the liking + it require a little chewing. Chocolate ganache was also present in between the layer of sponge.

Close up of the layers

Generally speaking, I give this cake a 6.5 / 10. I wouldn’t say I really enjoy it nor hate it . Personally, I would prefer a soft and fluffy sponge in cake .

My parents, on the other hand, enjoyed the cake. They enjoyed the cake being less sweet and the texture provided a chewy texture . Well, this chocolate mudcake had received lots of compliments from Vegans and non-vegatarians and even the older generation enjoyed it!

Verdict: Vegans out there, you can now safely enjoy this chocolate cake ! For non-vegetarians, give it a try and spot the difference between egg and eggless chocolate cakes.

For ordering info , please log on to Delcie’s cakes and desserts website :

http:// www. 


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  1. Posted by anony on May 17, 2011 at 4.00p05

    are you doing sponsored products by delciesdesserts? why are you doing so many reviews promoting them?


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