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The raves of Mezza 9 crabcakes attracted me to try it for myself . Those who had been to Mezza 9 would share an appetitzer of blue swimmer crabcakes that are packed with generous fresh blue swimmer crabmeat and a remoulade sauce served alongside.



Set lunch menu



A 2/3 course set lunch menu priced at $29++ and $39 ++ is available . They offer a range of starters and mains for you to mix and match . In other words, you could have  crispy spring rolls for starters and perhaps sushi rolls for main course.



Romaine lettuce with parmesan dressing



For starters, I had a romaine lettuce salad & it wasn’t a caesar salad . The romaine lettuce , sliced asparagus & cherry tomatoes were tossed in a creamy parmesan dressing & topped with roasted sunflower seeds. Though I did not even touch the sunflower seeds, they produce a fragrant aroma to the salad.


Blue swimmer crabcakes, remoulade ($9++)




I had 2 pieces of their popular blue swimmer crabcakes. Packed with generous crabmeat ,their secret herbs and spices and served with a remoulade sauce. The crabcakes were deep-fried till golden brown & looked delightful .



Generous crabmeat




No doubt they were generous with the crabmeat but I find  the fillings to be on the salty side. The fillings consist of finely chopped onions, bell peppers, mushrooms, capers, gherkins and their secret herbs and spices and….. salt. If they were less salty, I would just shut up and perhaps order a second serving.



Pan-fried groper , mashed potatoes & spinach




The ”Market fish” is the pan-fried groper fish… sounds good ! I am a fan of meaty fish such as Groper and I have high anticipation for this main course. However, it was a let-down!

The fish was not really fresh and the scales wasn’t properly cleaned! Th meat itself was quite tasteless ,the lemon butter sauce was diluted & the spinach leaves look withered (yellowish in colour) . I felt like asking them to send back to the kitchen again but I decided to just finish up the rest of the food and leave Mezza9 asap !



Verdict: (Perhaps I may have a light taste-bud), other than the saltiness of the crabcakes, the crabcakes were acceptable and worth returning. Other than that, I can’t find a reason / excuse to return to Mezz9 .





Grand Hyatt Singapore








Niniq bistro




Located at Jalan Perang of JB, Niniq bistro is a bakery cafe which offers freshly baked breads, pastries and desserts. They do offer some light meals such as salads, sandwiches and pastas. Many people come here to enjoy their sandwiches and desserts. Well, there aren’t many dessert cafes in JB other than the common Secret Recipe and Lavender outlets.



Mango strudel (RM 4.80)




They offer a durian and mango- flavoured strudel but I am not a fan of durians thus the latter would be an ideal choice. The strudel was flaky , cream was light and I felt it was a ”healthy” dessert . However, I would prefer fresh mango cubes instead of a thin layer of mango puree in the strudel. It would ever be better if I paired it with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream!



Classic Caesar salad (RM 12.80)



I had a Caesar salad only  due to the limited selection in the menu .

I like the creamy garlic dressing which was light and original. I guess Niniq is a halal cafe cos they used turkey bacon instead. Nowadays I seldom see hard-boiled eggs in Caesar salad… what’s happening?



I proceeded to a nearby Japanese restaurant after the Light meal @ Niniq.


Sizzlo Dining & Bar



Frankly speaking, I wouldn’t even bother to look at the menu placed out Japanese restaurants let alone enter a Japanese restaurant. However, the stretch of Jalan Perang are mostly chinese cze char and malay hawker . Out of alternatives, I settled for the Japanese restaurant , Sizzlo Dining & Bar which was just opposite Niniq bistro .



Dining area

Maguro Yamakake (RM 15)



I find it to be a challenge to be able to read and understand the menu as they were written in Japanese characters. Luckily, I knew Maguro which refers to Tuna fish. The cubes of lean tuna was pretty fresh and paired well with the grated mountain yam . Somehow the grated mountain yam reminds me of mucus… haha yucks!



Panko crusted grilled Salmon (RM18)



Waited for almost ….20mins for the panko crusted grilled salmon to arrive. I requested it to be middle rare but they still serve a well-done salmon fillet to me. Nothing special about this salmon fish expect that the fish is topped with breadcrumbs and served with a creamy mustard sauce.


Next time I shall travel to other parts of Johor to discover new eating places!




LIeno Modern Bistro


LIeno Modern Bistro



There is no class today and dad was going to Serangoon area to meet up with his friends. I decided to check out NEX – the largest shopping mall in the NorthEast area of Singapore.

I checked out the restaurants @ NEX and its pretty much similar to the restaurants in the usual shopping malls. Well, there are 3 restaurants that I would like to check out their food – LIeno Modern Bistro, The Ship Restaurant and The Little Fish Shop.

LIeno Modern Bistro



LIeno Modern Bistro , which is derived from Spanish phrase -‘ to be full of praise’ / full house. Nowadays, Business owners love to use different languages or phrases to name their restaurants which made them sound unique .

Expect to find European food with an Asian twist here and the kitchen is held by Chef Francis Quoh ( which I never heard of ).



Dining area- Simple decor



Set lunch menu & ala-carte



They offer set lunch and dinner menu and the dishes change daily. This means that you could drop by their bistro daily to enjoy different dishes . The 3 course lunch is priced @ $13.80 ++ which comes with a soup of the day, a main course of choice and dessert of the day .

The ala-carte menu, on the other hand, features tapas a range of appetitizer  , a small selection of salads , mains and desserts. They do provide a recommendation of wine to pair with each dish.


Green salad ($8.50++)



Watermelon & crabmeat ($13.80++)



Fresh crabmeat was served atop a small slice of  caramelised watermelon. If I guessed correctly , the watermelon was slightly pan-seared with honey to add a tinge of sweetness. Real crabmeat was used and not the imitation surimi / crabstick but the portion was a little on the small side .



Barramundi with braised leeks and potato, brandy cream ($18.90++)



Reasonable pricing and generous portion of the barramundi fish . The fish is executed simply, mild-flavoured and crispy skin. The accompanying sauce, which has a flavour of crab bisque in it was mild and in fact , bland. There wasn’t any hint of brandy (if any) in the sauce.



Another shot



The small slice of potato was tasty … and it wasn’t starchy at all! The braised leek was braised till soft…. I like!




Verdict: I find the food here a little too mild-flavoured for my liking. The dishes were simple and average & the presentation of food were clean and neat. Service was friendly though.



LIeno Modern Bistro

L2-17 Nex shopping mall




Resorts World Sentosa

B1 of Resorts World

I admit that I’m such a ”mountain tortoise ” as this is my first time visit Resorts World Sentosa. Well, I’m just lazy to travel all the way to Resorts World without a cause ( waste time and $).

Since today (13/2/2100) is the last day for the Sentosa Flowers 2011 & Mum was pretty much excited about the hype and adored admiring flowers, I suggested bringing her Resorts World .

It’s killing two birds with one stone! I could dine @ Osia ( which I badly wanted to try since its opening) & Mum could enjoy looking at the lovely flowers .

The Lake of dreams


Merlion & The Rabbit


Osia won the Singapore best new restaurant, honoured in Singapore’s Best Restaurant Guide 2011 by Singapore Tatler and Best New Restaurant by CNNGo’s Best Eats awards 2010 .



Famous Australian Celebrity Chef Scott Webster with Chef de Cuisine Douglas Tay created a unique dining menu with combination of Asian and Western influences.

Do try the  signature dishes include the Espuma of Papaya ‘Iced Brick’, Seafood Ice Experience, Duo of Tasmanian Milk Fed Lamb, and Valrhona Hot Chocolate Soup and the highly recomended Polenta crumbed Foie gras .





Set lunch menu

I did not expect them to serve set lunch even on Weekends ! Quite often , restaurants offer weekday set lunch/ dinner and ala carte on weekends . A 2/3 course set lunch priced at $28++ and $38++ respectively is certainly worth the money. They do include the Foie gras in the starters and the much raved Valrhona hot Chocolate soup in the set.

Ala-carte menu

* We are not adventurous enough to try the’‘ ceviche” which were raw fish marinated and cured and the ‘‘Seafood Experience’‘ served in little centrifuge tubes with ice and partially poached seafood.

* Mum was skeptical about raw food due to hygiene and food contamination.

Stone hearth flatbread (garlic butter) $9++

They do not offer free bread here & instead you could order a freshly baked stone hearth flatbread to curb your craving for bread or simply nibble it before the proper meal.

Garlic butter flatbread, extra virgin olive oil dip, french butter & tomato basil evoo

The bread smells fragrant and was crusty on the outside and soft in the inside. It was delicious even without any dips, butter or evoo…..simplicity . Crispy garlic flakes and cheese lightly sprinkled on top of the bread made me craved for more. Quite often, the free bread served in restaurants were either cold, dry , hard or tasteless which I normally skipped but I would gladly pay $9++ for this stonehearth bread!.

Osia Mesclun salad


My mandatory mesclun salad to start the meal proper. The salad leaves were crisp but I felt there were slightly too generous with the sea-salt , resulting a salty-after taste.



Polenta crumbed Foie gras

*Sorry for the blur image *

A piece of ”smaller than your palm size” foie gras was served but certainly we enjoyed that. The foie gras had a slight crisp outer layer which is sort of caramelised . The inner was soft and curd-like, which reminds me of eating soy bean curd. A small piece of bread was served by the side which I thought it serve no purpose at all.

Crystal bay banana prawn ($26++)

We had a crystal bay banana prawn to share and from the name itself, I assumed that the prawn was wrapped with banana & deep-fried or have something related to bananas.

But…. I was wrong.

The prawns were lightly-pan-seared , served with olives , tomato salsa with a pumpkin puree which was smooth and creamy.

The prawns were fresh but slightly on the salty side.

I couldn’t figure out what the 2 cubes served by the sides were. It has a curd-like texture… erm… was it cheese ???



Barramundi, Roquette potato mash, Tangy vegetables

The fish was fresh and a crisp skin.

However, the ‘‘tangy vegetables’‘ which was cubes of zucchini and capers was tangy at all.

Overall, it was simple and light.


Corn-fed chicken breast


Mum had the corn-fed chicken breast which we had no other choices but to have it as a main course. The two other choices were the beef and risotto which she is no a fan of both.

Well, the old lady prefer chicken leg/thigh /wing than the breast part which was supposedly to be dry and tough in texture.

It was just average. The meat has a slight QQ texture but still failed to win her over.


We skipped desserts.


Verdict: I felt that Osia tend to rely a little heavily on salt which I personally prefer a lighter flavours. Some dishes stood out —- polenta crumbed foie gras and the stone hearth flatbread. The dishes is the set are simple and can be easily be prepared at home. Well, I would probably head back again to try the seafood experience or ceviche before giving my opinion further.





Resorts World Sentosa

L2 Crockfords Tower

Michelangelo’s – Set lunch


2nd visit to Michelangelo’s and the previous visit left a positive impression. I missed the ”diver scallops & prawns topped with caviar”.



Set lunch



A 3 course set lunch priced at $35++ was available and the menu changed monthly. If you would to drop by from Monday- Wednesday, they offer a 3 course lunch menu which allows you to select any appetitzers, mains and dessert from the ala-carte menu .

Pasta for mains : $65++

Grilled meat/ fish : $75++


Mixed salad with sliced octopus



For the starter, there is a choice of minestrone soup/ mixed salad. The minestrone soup is frequently being offered ( one of their best seller ).

I had the mixed salad with sliced octopus and they were generous with the sliced octopus! The sliced octopus were lightly cooked and reminds me of chewing the japanese tako .



Pan seared Red snapper



”Red snapper served in a tomato based broth with lots of black olives”




The tomato-based broth is pretty light and there wasn’t any hint of brandy at all =(. The scales wasn’t properly cleaned and being an avid fan of fish skins, I find it annoying when they actually served fish with scales on / not properly cleaned to me. This shows that they are either careless  or ”CARE LESS”.






Dessert of the day was a vanilla-flavoured profiterole.I think it was out-sourced and not made in house.

They do offer a limited selection of desserts- marble cheesecake, chocolate cake, pana cotta, Tiramisu and Sticky date pudding.



Verdict: The service was attentive & I enjoyed chatting with one of the staff there from P.R.C.


P.S : Pay by Amex & enjoy 1 for 1 $35++ set lunch




#01-60 Jalan Merah Saga