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Last week on the 25th and 26th March, Si Chuan Dou Hua raised more than $10,000 for Japan with a charity high tea which drew overwhelming support from customers. Encouraged by the results, the restaurant will hold a second charity high tea this coming weekend on 2nd and 3rd April from 2.30pm to 5.30pm. The charity Imperial High Tea features its popular and classic high tea menu of dim sum and tea-pairing. The Imperial High Tea menu will cost just $10++, down from its usual price of $20++. In return, guests are encouraged to purchase limited edition Royal Copenhagen Danish Plates ($88 each) for which 100 per cent of proceeds will go towards the Singapore Red Cross in aid of relief efforts in Japan. Each Royal Copenhagen plate is a piece of collector’s art, handmade and printed in specific years and available in limited quantities. The elegantly designed plates in the brand’s classic blue and white porcelain make for great conversation starters when displayed at home.


As each design is available only in limited quantities, each Royal Copenhagen Danish is a piece of collector’s art, handmade and printed in specific years. The elegantly designed plates come in several themes including Mother’s Day and Christmas, and make for great conversation starters when displayed at home.

Other than Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, Si Chuan Dou Hua is also present in Tokyo. Through the charity drive, Si Chuan Dou Hua hopes to make a positive contribution to the community in which it operates in, and to bring relief to co-workers and friends in Japan.

The Si Chuan Dou Hua Imperial High Tea Charity Drive will be held from 2.30pm to 5.30pm on 2nd and 3rd April at:

PARKROYAL on Beach Road

7500 Beach Road, Singapore 199591



Hosted on the Patio

Hosted on the Patio



Previously, this space was occupied by Smoochies Bistro & Bar and the restaurant leaves a relatively good impression on me . I was astonished by the closure of Smoochies.

However, the present occupant – Hosted on the Patio , proved to be a success too! Hosted on the Patio offers bistro food at affordable prices and you can choose to dine alfresco (in a garden landscape) or indoors.


The ala carte menu for lunch



For set lunch, you can choose to top up $8 to any main course of your choice . You get to choose between a soup of the day/ salad + dessert of the day.

Sounds like a great deal!



Hosted on the Patio salad



Between the Soup of the day and Salad, I would definitely had the latter. The simple mesclun salad comes with a hard boiled egg (would prefer a poached egg) , cherry tomatoes , cucumber slices & crisp mesclun salad leaves.



Pan roasted Red snapper fillet



For choice of main course, I had the Pan roasted red snapper fillet which I enjoyed it lots ~  =)

The generous slab of red snapper fillet was fresh and the shellfish broth complements it. The broth had a hint of turmeric and fragrance of dill + a dash of white wine .

The cloves of garlic & cherry tomatoes were raw and I would prefer them to be braised together with the broth—-(at least there would be a garlicky and tangy flavour ). Nevertheless, the freshness of the fish managed to wine me over.



Chocolate mousse



Dessert of the day – Chocolate mousse

The chocolate mousse was not too sweet and there were bits of chocolate chips in it. I wonder if it was out-sourced?




Verdict: The prices here were affordable and the ambience was suitable for a quiet lunch on a lazy afternoon. If you were drop by for dinner on thur  , they do host belly-dancing by Sophia Meng.




Hosted on the Patio

991B Alexandra Road

Website :










Domani- A pictorial

Menu- pasta collections



Oriental prawn salad ($10.90++)



The prawn salad comes with a soup of the day ( Pumpkin soup), a slice of garlic bread & a drink of choice



Squid Ink pasta ($15.90++)



Pan roasted Seabass ($18.90++)


It comes with a choice of French fries/ Saffron rice.



Coffee jelly topped with vanilla ice-cream ($7.90++)






B2-37 Ngee Ann City




NUSS The Dunearn

NUSS The Dunearn Guildhouse



Located at the NUS Fac. of Law, The Dunearn is an ideal dining place for students and on top of that, it is the only Guildhouse that is opened to the public. This was my 3rd visit to The Dunearn and so far, I enjoyed every visit. I guess the monthly set lunch priced at $25++ is the pulling factor that attracts me.



Set lunch for March




$25 ++ For 3 Course and $28++ for 4 course (inclusive of beverages), sounds like a great deal!

The monthly set lunch is reasonably priced , the food passed a certain standard, ambience is relaxing and comfortable and the service is prompt and courteous. I would gladly return every month!



Focaccia Bread




I enjoyed the Warm and Crusty Focaccia herb bread here. The bread has fragrance of herbs and was soft and moist in the interior. I could easily finish the whole bread basket by myself!



Nicoise salad with anchovy dressing




I started by chewing the anchovy fillets and it leaves an extremely salty after taste. The anchovies fillets were soaked in brine! Thankfully, the sweet flavour from the capsicum slices and  broad beans managed to ‘‘conceal” the saltiness from the anchovies in brine.



Vietnamese rice paper rolls with tamarind salsa




We shared the appetizer of  Vietnamese rice paper rolls ( from the ala-carte menu). The rice paper skin was not too thick nor rubbery and the chef cleverly uses soba noodles and salad leaves as fillings for the rice paper rolls.

The tamarind dip was a delight. It leaves a sweet and tangy after -taste and I would gladly choose this over chilli sauce.



Crab tower with chilli lime dressing




2 mini crabcakes were served and it looks rather odd . We took a glance at the mini crabcakes which took up less than 5cm space of the serving dish. Fortunately, the crabcakes were packed with sweet blue swimmer crabmeat and we enjoyed it!  ^_^




Close up of the mini crabcakes



Pan seared dory with beurre blanc, capsicum, prune, onion & corriander salsa



I had the pan seared dory and chef uses a simple way of serving the dory  – Pan searing . The dory was average but I enjoyed the salsa served alongside.




Grilled pork cutlet on prune confit with creamy madeira sauce



The grilled pork cutlet was well executed and  I enjoyed this compared to the Dory fish . The meat was done just right – Right texture and the done-ness. The meat was slightly firm , chewy and was oozing flavours. The prune confit goes very well with the meat – sweet and tangy.




Pear tart tarrtin, balsamic reduction and melon ice-cream




15 mins of waiting is required as the pear tart is baked ala-min.

The wait was worth it… the pear tart was baked fresh out of the oven, warm and crusty. The pear slices were slightly caramelised and was crispy. The melon ice-cream was mild-flavoured and I thought it was a melon sorbet. When both hot and cold dessert are eaten together, it’s  divine!



Chocolate creme brulee with creamy orange broth, vodka chilli lime




The chocolate creme brulee is a light dessert ( IMO ) . The chocolate wasn’t heavy and goes well with the creamy orange broth.  Be warned of the vodka chilli lime as it leaves a slight tinge of spiciness but is acceptable.



Verdict: I felt that desserts are their forte. I actually enjoyed their desserts compared to the appetizers and main courses. The oozing chocolate from the battered valrhona chocolate balls still lingers in my mind…. I can’t wait to go back to try it again!!!



NUSS The Dunearn

1F Cluny Road





Gianni’s Trattoria

Gianni’s Trattoria



Gianni’s Trattoria





There aren’t many Italian / French restaurants in Johor  and so far I only had been to IL Giardino but unfortunately it had been closed down.

I discovered Gianni’s Trattoria, an Italian food restaurant located along a row of shophouses ( along the same row as Season’s & Lavender cakeshop and Bistro).

The Chef is an Italian and I have read several reviews recommending their thin crust pizzas. Many recommended Gianni’s and rated Gianni’s as one of the better Italian Restaurant in Johor.







Upon seated, 2 menu(s) were presented- Ala carte & pizza menu. Even though they offer a 3 course set lunch menu priced at RM 22 , the lunch menu was not presented nor recommended to me . I managed to find out after looking at the set lunch promotion board placed just outside the restaurant!

The 3 course set lunch comes with a soup of the day- Pumpkin soup , choice of mains ( snapper or  pasta carbonara) and a scoop of ice-cream.

The ala-carte menu offers a small selection of starters but they offer a wide range of pastas and mains . If you are a fan of cod  / black cod/ steaks, they have them all!







2 slices of crusty rosemary herb focaccia bread.

I enjoyed the bread 🙂



Insalata mista (RM 12)




Mixed green salad with balsamic dressing an shaved parmesan.



Mushroom soup (RM 14)




I seldom order soup in restaurants but when I saw the menu stating ” Mushroom soup, mascarpone, truffle oil”, I felt the urge and curiosity to try this soup.

Fans of mushrooms would certainly enjoy this chunky and thick mushroom soup. They were really generous with the mushrooms. You can literally chew the chunks and bits of mushrooms and enjoy the strong mushroom flavours in every spoonful . However, the hint of ”truffle oil” could not be detected.



Pan seared Seabass on a bed of seafood (RM45 )




The portion for the main courses were huge and it would certainly fill your hungry tummy.

2 Pan seared seabass fillets, a scallop, 2 prawns and mussels , Squids, clams were served with an asparagus spear and broccoli florets in a fish broth.

The scallop was average.

The squid was too rubbery and prawns were not fresh .

The mussels were huge! Fresh and succulent… the clams were sweet too 🙂

The 2 seabass fillets were fresh , soft and had a slight crusty skin. I enjoyed the fish the most.


Verdict: Considering the price ( due to exchange rate ), I would certainly drop by Gianni’s Trattoria again if I were to visit Johor again!





Gianni’s Trattoria

110 Jalan Serampang

Taman Pelangi 80400



Gunther’s- It’s the White Asparagus Season!

Gunther’s -A pictorial

Tomato salad

A light Tomato salad ( not found on the menu) to start. It actually comes with some grilled corn but I kindly offered to my Mum. I just love the natural sweetness of the Japanese tomato!
Floating Island of Champignon de Paris on consomme of Poultry

Just look at how lovely the Champignon mushrooms were, like a flower floating on a hearty consomme of poultry. The consomme reminds me of a certain chinese herbal soup (Adenophora Liuwei Soup) which I used to brew it for my dad with pork bones.
Roasted tiger prawn salad, cocktail

This was one the starter offered in the set lunch.

The prawns were sweet & crunchy in texture and it comes with minced garlic, gherkins, mushrooms, capers which I enjoyed it lots….Yum Yum!
Can I have another serving please???

White Asparagus, spanish ham, hollandaise sauce

The white asparagus which they showcased to you as a sample were huge . However, the ones that we had were slightly smaller in size . I like the way this White Asparagus was prepared – lightly steamed , served with mushrooms, spanish ham , honey- flavoured ham and a light hollandaise sauce to finish.

Though the asparagus had a slight bitterness towards the end, the spanish ham , honey-flavoured ham managed to salvage the imperfection . The mushrooms and the hollandaise sauce ( had a touch of balsamic ) were superb… I cleaned the plate.
Angel hair pasta, Chili Monte Poro, dried prawns, kombu, chives

A more economical choice would which were recommended would be the Angel hair pasta with dried prawns . Drizzled with a light truffle oil, mixed with chives, kombu and topped with generous dried prawns, it was aphrodisiac. One can easily finish the whole serving of pasta without challenge . The dried prawns which I believed were sakura ebi were sweet and had a slight crispy texture. It goes especially well with pasta!
Love it  ~  🙂

Pan roasted Threadfin, rice pilaf

The Gunther’s creation was the Pan roasted Threadfin which I thought was not too bad a choice to be offered in the set lunch ( Threadfin meat are rather costly ). The portion served was just enough for 1 pax and it comes with a small serving of rice pilaf and side vegetables.
Another shot

The threadfin had a nice crisp skin and the meat was sweet. I felt that Chef Gunther enjoyed using grilled corn in his dishes (most of the dishes I’ve tried would have grilled corn ) .
The rice pilaf reminds me of Chicken rice …. but hey! This is Modern French cuisine and I’m actually thinking/associating it with Asian chicken rice . Well, I guess it’s a fusion of both…. interesting…….
Petit 4 with Mango sorbet

Dessert of the day was Mango sorbet with blood orange + Petit 4 to end .

Verdict: I enjoyed every single visit to Gunther’s. The dishes there were light- tasting and food done in a simple way ( which I personally enjoyed ) .  The service was impeccable and atmosphere was cool . Frankly speaking, Gunther’s is one of my favourite restaurant and I would gladly visit them repeatedly if time and wallet permit.
36 Purvis Street