House of Robert Timms GSS promotion

GSS Promotion 



Buy 1 main course and get the second FREE!


Prosciutto & grilled pineapple salad ( $15++)


Claimed to be the most popular salad at The House of Robert Timms . They were pretty generous with the prosciutto ham and the peppery rocket leaves. I would prefer fresh pineapples instead of those from cans where the sugar syrup was just too sweet. The best commination would be rock melon~ .


Herb crusted barramundi ($26++)



The main course was huge .

The chunky piece of barramundi was crusted with herb breadcrumbs and baked till golden brown. Sat atop was the tangy salsa with bits of black olives, gherkins and tomatoes which goes well with the fish.


Pumpkin Lasagne ($16.50++)



I realised that The House of Robert Timms offered a variety of vegetarian choices. They have Tofu patties, Portobello mushroom salad and the Pumpkin Lasagne was one of them.

The sweetness of the pumpkin and the melted cheese goes well. The cheese was not too overwhelming and cubes of pumpkin can be found between the layers.




Verdict: Do make a visit to The House of Robert Timms during the GSS period to enjoy the 1 for 1 offer!





The House of Robert Timms

Wheelock Place & Orchard Shopping Centre







Lick the screen! ^_^

First attempt in baking a chocolate lava cake , even though i search for recipes online, I made certain modifications to the cake.

Fortunately, it turned out pretty sucessful???

Actually the chocolate failed to ooze out  :/ which I assumed that I over-baked the cake. The recipe indicated 450 degrees preheated oven , 5 mins- 6 mins and I baked in a 250 degree preheated oven ( highest temp was 250 degree for my oven ) for 6-7 mins. I thought the baking time should be extended a little since the oven temperature was reduced.

Anyway, the inner of the cake was still soft and moist while the outer formed a crunchy crust. Mum suggested that I put a small bar of chocolate in the center before baking the cake … perhaps the chocolate bar would melt slightly and create the flow….. .

Worth trying …

Chocolate eclair ($8.50)

Chocolate eclair from Laurent Bernard Chocolatier … yums!

The choux pastry seemed to be a little hard which I’m not sure whether it should be the right texture. Personally, I would prefer soft choux pastry .

The inner

Instead of using cream / custard as fillings, the chocolate eclair was filled with chocolate with very minimal cream. The chocolate content was pretty intense and I want more more  & more pls!

The size is just too petite!

” Pure ” Chocolate Cake ($10.50) 

”Superb for chocolate lovers, made of criollo Venezuelan dark chocolate.” 

This is G.O.O.D ! 

The layers

The cake has many layers… I think around 7?

The chocolate mousse has a very intense chocolate flavour and I can taste a tinge of liquor added to the mousse but I’m not too sure whether it was rum/ kirsch ???

The chocolate sponge was a little coarse though but it was pretty much to my liking.

The chocolate base had a slight crispy texture which resembles a burnt chocolate shell…. I like it!

Even though the cake was relatively ex, it was well worth it!

Cakes & Desserts from The Connoisseur Concerto

After having brunch @ Heart Bistro, HM & I went to TCC for  chocolate fix!

We had…..

Dark Devotion ($11++)

10-15 Mins waiting time was required.

However, the cafe was quite busy at that time so we waited for about  20 mins I guess….

I’m not too sure whether the wait was worth it as the chocolate lava seemed to be watery and the texture of the molten lava cake seemed to be soggy and had a ”kueh-like” texture. It was slightly different when I had it in my previous visits ( at different TCC outlets). I didn’t really enjoy it  =/


Chocolate Confession ($6.50++) 


The are 4 distinct layers present in this chocolate fudge cake. 

The base is a thick layer of hazel praline which I felt was crispy and not too sweet. The chocolate sponge was alright, not too dry and was chocolatety. The chocolate fudge or ganache in between the sponge was cloying sweet and gets very jerlat after a few bites. I didn’t enjoy that as well :/

Raspberry Chocolate Cake ($6.50++) 

Again, 3 distinct layers were present in this chocolate mousse cake.

I would prefer this raspberry chocolate cake than the chocolate confession. The chocolate sponge layer was just alright but the dark chocolate mousse left a bitter and intense after taste which I enjoyed it lots. The thin layer of chocolate gloss was quite chocolatey as well and not sticky like those gelatin cakes.

Verdict: We enjoyed the Raspberry Chocolate Cake .

Heart Bistro

Heart Bistro

A wellness theme cafe, Heart Bistro serves healthy and hearty food in a comfortable setting @ the basement of Palais Renaissance .It was my second visit here and the previous visit left a forgettable impression . The head chef had left and they had changed their menu slightly. Their burgers received compliments from several food critics and bloggers and I am tempted to try them out myself!

The ”tree” @ Heart Bistro  

Brunch menu

Brunch is served on weekends, from 10.30am- 4.30pm .  A few selections of starters, mains and desserts are available . The 3 course brunch set is priced at $35++ which I felt was comparatively cheaper than ordering from the ala-carte menu.

Palate cleanser 

”A blend of watermelon, strawberry and sweet grapes ”.

Refreshing …. however, due to the rainy weather, the drink was a little unsuitable . 

Warm salad of wild mushroom and fennel ($18++)

The warm spinach salad with wild mushrooms was recommended . Personally , I felt that the spinach leaves were a little soggy and the citrus soy dressing was on the salty side. Other than that, the fried shallots provided a fragrance aroma and crunch which managed to enhance the flavour of the salad.

Grilled baby snapper fillet with wasabi mayo sandwich ($20++) 

The sandwich was supposedly to be served with a sunflower bun but I had it with carrot toast instead.

A palm-sized grilled snapper fillet was served on top of the toast, which reminds me of fillet-o-fish burger from Mcdonalds. Given for the pricing, I would rather grab a burger from Mac!

The grilled snapper fillet was slightly over-salted, there was too much wasabi mayo and the carrot toast was also too greasy due to the garlic butter spread ( probably outsourced from bakery).  Fortunately, the side salad with raspberry dressing provided a light and refreshing finish.

Grilled chicken and avocado burger ($20++)

The grilled chicken had a smoky flavour but perhaps chicken breast was used, the meat was slightly on the dry side. For those who loves nuts and seeds, the sunflower bun would probably impress you! Again, I felt that Cedele’s rosemary chicken sandwich would probably be a better choice.

Verdict :  Pay over $58++ for 2 burgers and a salad was not really worth the money (in my opinion). The portions were slightly small and it was easy to replicate the exact dishes at home. However, the ambience was relaxing and suitable for intimate dining. A return visit ? Probably not for the time being  @_@

Heart Bistro

Basement , Palais Renaissance


NUSS The Dunearn- AGAIN!

4TH visit to The Dunearn… I sort of become one of their regular here. Anyway, I wouldn’t mind returning monthly for their set menu + the food was decent given for the pricing.

This time, I came here along with Rachel, whom initiated in trying the food from The Dunearn. Reservations are highly recommended!!! 

We shared the Harvest Set ( 2 appetitzers, a main course + a dessert ) and ordered an additional main course for myself.

Roulade of Tuna Tempura with Wasabi Mayo & Teriyaki Salsa 

Listed as one of the chef’s recommendation, the thick slices of tuna tempura was well-seared. The tuna was wrapped with a thin sheet of nori and coated with a thin batter was deep-fried. It was not greasy and yet retained the moisture in the fish meat.

The accompanying wasabi mayo give slight kick and pungent flavour while the teriyaki salsa provided a tangy flavour.

Baked Oysters with Comté Cheese & Wilted Spinach (4 pcs)

4 pcs of baked oysters were served on a bed of rock salt ( not too sure if it was edible). The cheese just melted on the oysters… oozing … perfect!

Close up 

Though they were generous with the cheese, it was not too overwhelming. The oysters were juicy and succulent … natural juice from the oysters spirt out and mixed with the cheese . The wilted spinach helped to balance the rich flavours from the oysters and it  reminded me of eating the oysters from oyster omelette. We were both very impressed with the oysters.

Braised Australian Red Garoupa with Double Boiled Lemongrass Broth & Seasonal Vegetables

I had this dish again…. probably due to the fact that I enjoyed the lemongrass broth . I had this dish about a year back and liked the thick and strong-flavoured lemongrass broth.

However, I was let-down by this time. The lemongrass broth was too mild and watery. There was just a faint aroma of lemongrass and taste very mild. The fish was probably under-cooked as well since some parts of the meat was a little chewy ( due to the fibres of the fish ).

Oven Baked Chilean Cod with Blue Ginger Red Wine Sauce & Almond Rice Ball

Listed as one of the chef’s recommendation dish as well, the chilean cod was indeed good.  Since the fish was oven-baked, the fats from the fish was not lost and keep the fish meat moist. The skin was incredibly crispy … a thin layer of fats or probably the collagen from the fish was umami and just slip down my throat. You know…. I enjoyed every single parts of the fish , except fish bones.

Close up 

A little imperfection was the ”almond rice balls” which I thought was a small serving of fried rice. The rice grains were fragrant as the chef added a little black olives in it but was nonetheless too greasy.

Red Bean Custard with Coconut Broth & Soya Milk Ice Cream

This was a hit as well and in fact it was the star of the lunch . I’m not too sure about the exact taste or flavour of this lovely dessert as I didn’t lay my spoon on it.

According to Rachel, she proclaimed that this was the BEST out of the dishes we had so far and I can tell she really enjoyed it.

Verdict: The desserts here seemed to be a blast. I had tried their desserts in my previous visits and was impressed as well. I guessed that the chef’s forte lie in desserts … can probably skip the main course.

NUSS The Dunearn

1F Cluny Park Road

Delcie’s Chocolate Mudcake

Chocolate Fudge, Chocolate ganache…. sinful.

They contain large amount of saturated fats and loaded with sugar. It is ok to enjoy them once in a while =)

Vegans who love chocolate cakes sometimes find difficulty getting chocolate cakes made without eggs, dairy products or butter. Should they just forgo the ”desire” of enjoying cakes and desserts?

Delcie’s Chocolate Mudcake is the choice.

Delcie’s chocolate mudcake is made with wholemeal flour, unbleached flour, raw sugar…  etc . The ingredients are organic products , no dairy, gelatin, eggs and butter are used in the cake. 70% chocolate is also used in the chocolate cake to provide a rich and intense flavour of chocolate .

Sounds healthy right?

4.5 INCH mini chocolate mudcake ($50)

I opted the diabetic friendly version of this chocolate mudcake and an additional $10 was required. Natural sweetener- Organic agave was used in replace of sugar.

You can also opt for gluten free version , priced $78. This would benefit those who suffer from coeliac disease.

For the standard chocolate mudcake (4.5inch), it is priced at $40. It should be able to fit 4-6 people though the cake appear to look really ‘‘mini”.

After calculation, a slice of the chocolate mudcake cost between $6.60- $10 ( for the standard 4.5inch ) . It may seem ex but since organic ingredients were used and the cakes were made with love by Delcie and her team of bakers. You can be assured of the quality of the cakes.

A slice of the chocolate mudcake  

The top layer was a layer of chocolate fudge which was rich in chocolate yet not over-sweet. The sponge was a little coarse and dense since wholemeal flour was used in replace of the usual cake / self-raising flour. For people who enjoyed soft and fluffy sponge in cake, you may take some time to adjust to the liking + it require a little chewing. Chocolate ganache was also present in between the layer of sponge.

Close up of the layers

Generally speaking, I give this cake a 6.5 / 10. I wouldn’t say I really enjoy it nor hate it . Personally, I would prefer a soft and fluffy sponge in cake .

My parents, on the other hand, enjoyed the cake. They enjoyed the cake being less sweet and the texture provided a chewy texture . Well, this chocolate mudcake had received lots of compliments from Vegans and non-vegatarians and even the older generation enjoyed it!

Verdict: Vegans out there, you can now safely enjoy this chocolate cake ! For non-vegetarians, give it a try and spot the difference between egg and eggless chocolate cakes.

For ordering info , please log on to Delcie’s cakes and desserts website :

http:// www. 

Delcie’s desserts

Delcie’s Desserts- Enjoy your cakes without guilt !

Whisk and Fold central kitchen 

Delcie’s desserts are made WITHOUT eggs and butter . The desserts are suitable for vegans which sometimes may face problems when ordering desserts. Most cakes are made with eggs , butter and sometimes milk. However, delcie’s desserts contain none of them!

Vegans can now safely enjoy their desserts.

If you are worried about the sugar and fat contents in desserts, rest assured that you can request your cakes and desserts made using organic agave ( suitable for diabetics) and even gluten free! ( for celiac disease patients) . The cakes and desserts are also made without butter, which considerably reduced the fat content. The whipped cream is made using non-dairy source.

In summation, Delcie’s desserts are egg-free, dairy-free, sugar-free and guilt-free!

I ordered mixed flavours ($38) of dessert cups from Delcie’s desserts online.

From left: Chocolate ganache and  Strawberry  

The Chocolate ganache :

Unbleached wholemeal flour crumbs with a layer bitter-sweet and smooth chocolate ganache and topped with chocolate cream.

Strawberry :

Unbleached wholemeal vanilla crumbs , whipped cream ,preserved strawberries and strawberry cream . The cream was very light and perhaps too light for my liking . Anyway, I am not a big fan of whipped cream ~  #_#

From left : Dark cherry and Raspberry chocolate 

Dark Cherry :

Unbleached wholemeal chocolate crumbs, preserved dark cherries , whipped cream with chocolate shavings.

I felt that my personal preference was skewed towards kirsch/ rum soaked cherries. The preserved dark cherries didn’t managed to win me over. The wholemeal chocolate crumbs goes relatively well with the whipped cream.

Raspberry chocolate:

Whipped cream, chocolate ganache with raspberries and chocolate cream. I like the 3 combinations , providing a tinge of acidity (sour) from the raspberry and bitter-sweet flavour from the chocolate ganache.

Verdict: The prices are considerably on the higher side but you are paying for what you get ! – —- The Quality ! The ingredients used are organic and some of which are imported and therefore the prices are slightly steep. The cakes and desserts are made with love by Delcie and her team of bakers and not mass-produced ! Do give them a try !

You can order cakes and desserts online @

Delcie’s desserts

778A North Bridge Road