MEDZS, located at basement 2 of Orchard Central belonged to the Food Junction group. The concept was pretty much similar to that of Marche. Upon entry, a card was given and you could order anything ranging from French pastries, Turkish kebab, Paella, Seafood, French duck confit…etc .When you are done, foot the bill as you leave.

Well, after ordering the food, a ”digital alarm” would be given. The purpose was to remind/ inform you that your food is ready for collection. An interesting idea? No really… I thought it was rather confusing as there were many ” beeps” being heard in the noisy restaurant. I had to keep track and stared at the ”digital alarm” , waiting for it to beep and vibrate.

The queue for the kebab station was long and the collection area was also crowded. The atmosphere was kinda rush & noisy. For those who wished to enjoy your food in comfort, the restaurant may not be suitable.

Anyway, back to the food… I had a Shish Chicken Kebab ($6) , Grilled Seabream ($12) and a Strawberry Mille feuille ($4.20) .


Shish Chicken Kebab was good but nothing spectacular. 4 Chicken kebab was served with a dipping sauce and a bowl of barley rice? I felt that barley rice was served instead of the usual rice as it resembled the grain of the barley.


Grilled Seabream was awful. From the texture and the flavour, I knew that the frozen varieties were used. The meat was dry , flat and tasteless. The three dipping sauces ( Tartar, Pesto and Tzatziki) helped to ”mask” the tasteless fish fillet.


Strawberry Mille Feuille was good . Fresh strawberry ,peach slices and whipped cream were sandwiched between 2 flaky pastries. The queue for the dessert section was long as they have a wide variety of french pastries such as eclair, creme caramel, bread and butter pudding and crepes!


Verdict: The food served were at most average and a return…. I would think twice  @_@

DBS/POSB credit card enjoy 25% off. 




B2-01-03 Orchard Central

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