Coffee Stars by Dao

Coffee Stars by Dao



The popular bangkok coffee chain , known as Coffee Beans by Dao is finally here @ Wisma Atria. I walked past the chic cafe upteen times since it’s opening but after quite some time , I finally dragged someone to accompany me to this cafe.


Wide array of cakes !



Since the cafe was an ”open-concept”, you would probably be subjected to the staring by onlookers. The wide array of cakes on display looked tempting … mille feuille, cheesecakes, swissrolls…etc. You would be spoiled for choices!

I must say that they offer a wide variety of foods…different cuisines such as Western, Italian and Thai. You could have a Tom Yam soup as a starter, a western main course/ Pad Thai and finished off by having a slice of lovely cake. The idea was to try as many food as possible.






Chicken & Shrimp coconut rillettes ($8.80++)




8 pieces of bite-sized rice crackers were served with a small serving of the rillettes. The rilletes were really fragrant and flavourful due to the addition coconut milk in it. There were small bits of shrimps and minced chicken meat blended in the rillette which reminded me of having curry chicken with shrimps. You can choose to dip the rice crackers in the rillettes or eat it plain just like me!





Green mango salad with shrimp and coconut floss ($12.80++)



I tried a little of this crunchy mango salad ,it was quite refreshing and the coconut floss added fragrance and texture to the salad. However, the salad was generously tossed with peanuts which I’m allergic too, I left the salad to my dining companion which she happily polished it off.




Tom Yam seabass soup ( clear) ( $5.80++)



We opted for the ”clear” version of the Tom Yam soup. The soup was very light and left a slight tangy flavour after each mouthful. The soup contained mushrooms ( quite a variety of them) & a few slices of seabass fillet which was a little tough. Nevertheless, the soup warmed up our stomach .




Grilled prawns balsamic dressing ( $14.80++)



Simple salad and dressing + crunchy prawns.



Steamed seabass with chilli and garlic ($12.80++)


The seabass fillets were lightly steamed and served in a ”ultra-sour” & spicy broth.Though the tom yam soup contained slices of seabass, it was slightly tough. I preferred this steamed version.

The broth was sour due to the lime. For those who can’t take the sour and the heat, avoid at all cost! My lips turned into a swollen sausage after having a few slices of the fish. However, the result was an adrenaline rush and SHIOK!




Verdict:  A return is highly possible as there were many dishes which I would lovvve to try. The service was friendly and efficient and one of the staff was a Thai and she greeted the the customers with a friendly smile and ” Sawadee Krap” !



Coffee Stars by Dao

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