NUSS The Dunearn- AGAIN!

4TH visit to The Dunearn… I sort of become one of their regular here. Anyway, I wouldn’t mind returning monthly for their set menu + the food was decent given for the pricing.

This time, I came here along with Rachel, whom initiated in trying the food from The Dunearn. Reservations are highly recommended!!! 

We shared the Harvest Set ( 2 appetitzers, a main course + a dessert ) and ordered an additional main course for myself.

Roulade of Tuna Tempura with Wasabi Mayo & Teriyaki Salsa 

Listed as one of the chef’s recommendation, the thick slices of tuna tempura was well-seared. The tuna was wrapped with a thin sheet of nori and coated with a thin batter was deep-fried. It was not greasy and yet retained the moisture in the fish meat.

The accompanying wasabi mayo give slight kick and pungent flavour while the teriyaki salsa provided a tangy flavour.

Baked Oysters with Comté Cheese & Wilted Spinach (4 pcs)

4 pcs of baked oysters were served on a bed of rock salt ( not too sure if it was edible). The cheese just melted on the oysters… oozing … perfect!

Close up 

Though they were generous with the cheese, it was not too overwhelming. The oysters were juicy and succulent … natural juice from the oysters spirt out and mixed with the cheese . The wilted spinach helped to balance the rich flavours from the oysters and it  reminded me of eating the oysters from oyster omelette. We were both very impressed with the oysters.

Braised Australian Red Garoupa with Double Boiled Lemongrass Broth & Seasonal Vegetables

I had this dish again…. probably due to the fact that I enjoyed the lemongrass broth . I had this dish about a year back and liked the thick and strong-flavoured lemongrass broth.

However, I was let-down by this time. The lemongrass broth was too mild and watery. There was just a faint aroma of lemongrass and taste very mild. The fish was probably under-cooked as well since some parts of the meat was a little chewy ( due to the fibres of the fish ).

Oven Baked Chilean Cod with Blue Ginger Red Wine Sauce & Almond Rice Ball

Listed as one of the chef’s recommendation dish as well, the chilean cod was indeed good.  Since the fish was oven-baked, the fats from the fish was not lost and keep the fish meat moist. The skin was incredibly crispy … a thin layer of fats or probably the collagen from the fish was umami and just slip down my throat. You know…. I enjoyed every single parts of the fish , except fish bones.

Close up 

A little imperfection was the ”almond rice balls” which I thought was a small serving of fried rice. The rice grains were fragrant as the chef added a little black olives in it but was nonetheless too greasy.

Red Bean Custard with Coconut Broth & Soya Milk Ice Cream

This was a hit as well and in fact it was the star of the lunch . I’m not too sure about the exact taste or flavour of this lovely dessert as I didn’t lay my spoon on it.

According to Rachel, she proclaimed that this was the BEST out of the dishes we had so far and I can tell she really enjoyed it.

Verdict: The desserts here seemed to be a blast. I had tried their desserts in my previous visits and was impressed as well. I guessed that the chef’s forte lie in desserts … can probably skip the main course.

NUSS The Dunearn

1F Cluny Park Road


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