I was planning to visit Fairprice Finest @ Tripleone Somerset after lunch and the nearest Italian restaurant would be Italiannies.


I remembered dining here once and there were hits and misses then. A revisit and discovered new dishes being added to the menu.




Sicilian Chicken salad ($16.90++)



The portions served here are great for sharing and they were generous with the grapes and cubes of chicken. The ”Lemon-dijion dressing” stated on the menu were contradicting to the dressing being served. The dressing reminds me of caesar dressing which was creamy. However hint of basil and parsley can be detected in the dressing. I wished the mangoes would be sweeter….



Baked Mediterranean Seabass ($29.90++)



There were 2 fish dishes being listed in the menu- Salmon & Baked Med. Seabass. I had the latter since I was not a big fan of salmon. ”Normally”, in western/ italian/ french dining places, I would expect fillets being served .

After placing my order , I waited patiently for the seabass to be served. The servers actually cleared the table and then placed the ”WHOLE” dish of seabass right in front of me! I can’t believe that they actually serve a WHOLE fish.

In the first place, when I asked the waitress how do they actually prepare/served the seabass, she was unsure and did not highlight to me that a WHOLE fish is served instead.

Anyway, I dived straight at the entire fishhead.

I realised that the scales and fins was not properly cleaned as I had to spit out the fish scales every now and then…. unglam!

The fish was stuffed with bay leaves( to remove the fishy smell) , baked in sicilian style – garlic and cherry tomatoes.The fish was fresh and moist…. just the way I like to enjoy the natural flavour of fish.

I would recommend the fish to be shared.

Thankfully, I could ” doggy-bag” the left-overs home .

The Head chef informed me that they always want to create something different & instead of serving fish fillet, they served a whole fish .. Ahem, that’s really a unusual scene.





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