Alcova- Great place for set lunch!


It was my 2nd visit here and as usual… the restaurant is full. Thankfully, I managed to get a table. It was common to see ” reserved” signs placed on the tables @ Alcova as they offer a salad buffet which was well- received by the office people.

If you are planning to have a business discussion here, my advice is to drop the idea. The restaurant have great sound and audio system & it tends to get pretty noisy .



Set lunch menu



The set lunch menu changes weekly but rest assured that the Salad bar for ”Healthy set lunch” is always available (the restaurant changed the choices of main courses and desserts).

If you have a huge appetite, go for as many rounds of the salad bar as you can. The main courses here are fit for a ”princess” ( small portion).



My salad



They offer mesclun , romaine, rocket salad leaves, artichoke hearts, sun-dried tomatoes, carrot sticks, cucumber,pickles, olives, tomatoes,brocolli, hard-boiled egg,canned tuna,coleslaw, potato salad, raisins, cheese powder, pumpkin seeds, dressings & condiments along with 3 selection of in house bread.

The hard-boiled egg stood out.

Usually, the yolk of hard-boiled egg tends to have a grey-ish colour due to over-cooking ( iron content lost) but the egg yolk here is definitely not! It was slightly soft, light soft-boiled egg.




Malabar red snapper, roasted potatoes, white wine sauce


The chef loves to create fusion dishes.

The malabar red snapper has a crispy skin and a soft texture and laid on top of 3 slices of roasted potatoes and top with baby bok choi.

The baby bok choi is” drenched ‘‘ with sesame oil and seeds which smells fragrant and while I am usually not a fan of potatoes, fell in love with the slices of roasted potatoes here. The skin is incredibly crispy and wasn’t starchy at all! The white wine sauce complements the dish very well.




Verdict: Well-reasonable priced set lunch and I would definitely return!




Market Street carpark








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