Bonta Italian Restaurant

Bonta Italian Restaurant – A Re-visit

While not many restaurants are opened on Sundays, Bonta do.  I made a Re-visit to Bonta to enjoy the Ocean Trout & Jumbo crabmeat rolls as it leaves a deep impression prior the previous visit.



The interior


Elegant & classy

I felt that Bonta makes an ideal location for a Romantic dinner .

Set lunch menu


Bonta offers a 3 course set lunch menu priced at $32++ and it’s even valid on Sundays! The set lunch menu changes weekly so you wouldn’t get bored of having the same food here.

There were several dishes that were recommended ( by diners and personal likes ) – Ocean Trout & Jumbo crabmeat rolls , Scallops, Zucchini flowers with mushroom ragout , Capellini with ”Live” lobster, Braised Milk fed veal shank , Black Angus Tenderloin & The mango gelato with pistachio crust.

Their signature complimentary Bread cup filled with feta cheese and walnuts is a crowd-pleaser.

I had the 3 course set lunch & ordered an extra Ocean trout & crabmeat rolls (my fav!)

Warm calamari salad with broccoli, roasted bell peppers and capers


Capers? I couldn’t find a single trace of capers in this calamari salad.

I was utterly disappointed with this salad as the salad leaves were yellow,withered and dry! The salad dressing was too little which affects the salad- as though I’m munching on grass! They were pretty generous with the grilled calamari though.



Ocean trout & Jumbo crabmeat rolls ($23++)

The ocean trout were wrapped with generous mixture of fresh crabmeat ( mixed with a little mayo) . I left a good impression in this appetizer the previous visit but this time, I felt a little disappointed .

The ocean trout wasn’t very fresh …

Anyway, apart from the ”unfresh” ocean trout, the presentation was lovely – Garnished with cherry tomatoes, avocados & spring salad.

Grilled Red snapper, watercress salad, green beans




The Grilled snapper came with baked potatoes with tarragon & topped with watercress salad was lovely. Seriously, I felt that the watercress salad does not serve any purpose as the fibres were tough and difficult to chew( serve as a garnish ).

Even though I was not a fan of potatoes, I managed to accept & finished all  the baked potatoes. The baked potatoes were rubbered with tarragon & baked till crisp – a healthier alternative compared to traditional creamy mashed potatoes!



Crispy apple crumble with vanilla ice-cream, cinnamon emolsion



The Set lunch comes with a dessert of the day – Passionfruit panna cotta.

Panna cotta sounds boring to me and it was just too ordinary . The service staff was kind enough to replace the dessert to the Crispy apple crumble with vanilla ice-cream .


Close up



The apple crumble was something different . It was the Flaky pastry type ( reminds me of fruit danish)  and there were cubes of  stewed apples & crumbles in the flaky apple crumble. The vanilla ice-cream served alongside was too sweet & ordinary. Th cinnamon emolsion , either you like or hate it , was also on the sweet side . for someone with sweet tooth) . The flaky apple crumble alone is enough to satisfy me.



Verdict: Hits & misses. Even my favourite Ocean trout & crabmeat rolls fared average. Service were professional & efficient.




Bonta Italian Restaurant

UE Square River Wing

# 01-61







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