Garibaldi – Menu Dégustation

8 months passed… I stepped into Garibaldi once again. I’m certain that I would have a satisfying lunch here.

Indeed, I had an enjoyable lunch.

The White ” Gold” at Garibaldi

The Alba white truffles were being displayed at the bar counter and visible the moment you enter Garibaldi Restaurant.

Menu Dégustation

Before coming to Garibaldi , I told myself to hold back and not to over-spent  & probably would just enjoy the weekly set lunch priced at $38++.

However, after looking at the dishes from the set lunch menu , ala-carte & menu dégustation. I  did some comparisons and finally decided to go for the 7 course tasting menu. Perhaps it’s due to the personal preference in some of the dishes in the 7 courses tasting menu that excites me and the ”boring” salmon fillet in the set lunch.

If you look closely at the above menu, there are some slight changes being made as I do not take any beef or lamb and therefore I was allowed to substitute the ox-tail & lamb rack to the Grilled Seabass and a Rucola salad . The price was then reduced to $128++. I love to go for menu dégustations as it allows me to sample various exquisite  dishes in small portions & it showcases the chef’s talents.

Now, let’s begin…

Coffin bay oyster with caviar

The oyster was placed on cubes of ice , came with a wedge of lemon nicely wrapped up and placed at the side. It was like opening a gift.

The oyster was very fresh and in fact the wedge of lemon was not necessary. I gulped  it down my throat … one word to describe ‘‘ shiok”.

Rucola salad

My mandatory salad

One of my favourite salad leaves was the Rocket leaves as it leaves a peppery after-taste. I like it simple –   cherry tomatoes ,parmigiano reggiano and a dash of olive oil & balsamic vinaigrette.

Pumpkin soup with truffle ” mascarpone ”

I enjoyed this hearty soup.

The soup wasn’t too thick nor creamy. The aroma of truffle oil was intriguing and as there was a dollop of mascarpone cheese infused with white truffle . Slowly stirred and mixed in with the pumpkin soup , it was satisfying .

Pan seared hokkaido scallops with caponata & liquorice

~Lovely presentation ~

The scallop was seared  & had a beautiful outer layer that was slightly crusty. I find it a little mild for my liking . The caponata ( aubergine stew) had a tangy flavour which was good.

Seabass with roasted vegetables

No fuss but full of praises for this well-executed dish.

One of my favourite dish in this tasting menu.

The seabass was fresh and definitely NOT the local kind ( muddy taste ). The meat flakes off my fork easily and the skin was so crispy like nibbling biscuits.

The roasted vegetables were tasty as well and the sweet balsamico dressing completes the dish.

Panfried Jumbo prawns with tomato ” San Marzono” and Orange

My Favourite dish of all.

I loved seafood and especially prawns & crabs and when the 2 jumbo prawns were presented to me, my first reaction was  ” WOW”!

Firstly, the presentation attracts me .

Next, I try the sauce which the chef uses the ”San Marzano ‘‘ tomatoes which claims to be the best sauce tomatoes in the world . It  tasted a little weird in the beginning . There were different flavours all mixed up in the sauce which was a little complex. All I can say is tangy & fruity flavour from the orange and herbs from the rosemary & tarragon .

Another shot!

Finally, the prawns were firm but not over-cooked. Prawns that are over-cooked are tough & difficult to chew! I enjoyed this jumbo prawns and how I wished the chef did not remove the prawns head as they were the yummiest part ! ( full of prawn roe )

Rhubarb tart with amaretti & chocolate coulis

I expected the rhubarb tart to be in a form of a ”TART” .

It was interesting to see a rhubarb tart to be presented  this way . The sides were crusty which reminds me of nibbling on some butter cookies while the inner part was soft and have a ”cake-like ” texture. It was a little on the sweet side but paired well with the bitter-sweet chocolate sauce.

The strawberry sorbet was good, really good!  It was so smooth like eating ice-cream!

Verdict: Gastronomic dining experience indeed! Lovely presentation of the dishes and the food was great. The people there are nice & friendly. I would love to visit them AGAIN when my wallet is FULL.

Garibaldi Italian Restaurant

36 Purvis Street

Website :


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