Cafe Indulge

Cafe Indulge

Cafe Indulge is a ‘‘hidden gem” at The Cathy. This is my third visit and it seems that the standard had dropped a little.  Cafe Induge is the brainchild of Kelvin Chua, currently a  professional Food Consultant who designs specialty menus, and a Food Photography Stylist for local and international food manufacturers and their advertising purposes.

Cafe Indulge was previously known as ‘‘ The Indulge” and after a ‘make-over”, they changed their name and restaurant set-up.

They are offering a lunch promotion- Main course comes with *2 free sides,soup of the day , a drink and a scoop of ice-cream.

* Free sides : Coleslaw , roasted potatoes, french beans, grilled corn, mixed salad, xiao bai cai and potato salad . Individual side dish cost $1.50

The Menu

After the ‘make-over’, they had introduced a range of new dishes to the menu. The popular dishes- Whole Lobster Pasta, Crispy prawns & Red wine braised lamb shank are highly recommended.

My personal favourite would be the ‘Crispy Prawns’ which is basically 4 deep-fried ‘ang kah’ prawns topped with a special wasabi-mayo sauce & sunflower seeds to add a little crunch.

Side Salad

Salad leaves with mayonnaise and topped with some black sesame seeds.

Herb Infused balsamic chicken ($10.90+)

The grilled chicken arrived in less than 5 mins and it was not warm. I ordered an extra potato salad as a side dish & the grilled chicken laid on top of the potato salad.

Close up

The grilled chicken is rather tasteless on its own but the sweet balsamic complement well with the chicken. The potato salad is a little bland and I was informed that they added a little wasabi & mayo but I could only taste mayonnaise and bits of onions.

Chocolate ice-cream

Only chocolate- flavoured ice-cream is available and I find the lunch promotion reasonable for its price. Cafe Indulge is an ideal place for lunch/ dinner where you can relax and enjoy your food without any disturbance ( cos its very quiet!)

Cafe Indulge

B1-25/26 The Cathy

Website :


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