Out of the Pan

Out of the Pan

Mum had not tried crepes before  and both of us was shopping in Raffles City &  decided to have a light dinner at Out of the Pan.

The Menu

They offer a range of appetitizers and salads.

The crepes are classified under different sections(savoury)- Vegetarian, Poultry, Fish& Seafood and Meat.

Sweet: Chocolate filled with bananas, tiramisu ….

For the crepes, choose from White, wholewheat or sun-dried tomato .

Fish Marsala ($16++)

” braised groper meat with marsala spices”

The crepes were soft and warm. It was filled with generously chunks of marsala groper meat & shredded lettuce. The only complain is that the fish smells fishy .

Yum Yum

Asian Spice chicken breast salad ($12.50++)

Mum’s Asian Spice chicken breast was well-marinated with spices. The chicken meat was tender & juicy. They serve along some mango with lime dressing to go along with the chicken . However, I felt that the chicken breast was already well-marinated thus the dressing is a little unnecessary.

Verdict: It was rather difficult to get the attention of the staff due to the the crowd. Many are seen queueing up , waiting for a table. Business was good yet they are understaffed. The crepes were innovative but the fish marsala crepe that I had DID NOT passed.

Out of the Pan

Raffles City Basement


2 responses to this post.

  1. I actually like crepes from out of the pan xD Had the mushroom one previously- but having said that I love anything with mushroom so this might be a biased opinion.

    DIdn’t get to eat crepes or tom’s palette icecream yesterday because I was lazy to travel all the way to town 😛 Had a delicious tomtato mozzarella sandwich in starbucks and ice cream from island creamery instead. How did the lecture go?


    • it’s not a lecture but a stupid and boring workshop abt effective time management…
      I saw a quite a lot of ppl having the yum yum mushroom crepes. Hmm…. next time we can have crepes there


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