Entrenous Creperie

Entre- Nous Creperie

Walked past Sin Swee Kee Chicken Rice Stall , there is a quaint restaurant offering French crepes. I remember reading some positive reviews on them in the  magazines & hence I decided to drop the idea of having lunch at XX.

Entre-Nous Creperie is owned by a French couple. The restaurant being cosy, can only accommodate about 10 tables ( few tables available outdoors facing Raffles Hotel)

The Crepes here are made from Buckwheat Flour , which is healthier than the normal white flour/ wheat flour. Buckwheat flour has a slightly nutty texture , a ”sandy” flavour and is brown in colour.

In French , these buckwheat crepes are known as ” Galettes ”

They offer both Sweet and Savoury Galettes . Under the ” les gastronomiques” section, the popular choices are —- ”Stephane’s favourite” and ‘‘Geraldine’s favourite”.

Under the sweet crepes section , the Entre-Nous crepe with *salted butter caramel is highly recommended.


Check out the daily’s specials – Salad / Quiche/ soup of the day

Salad of the day: Cabbage & Avocado Salad

Basically some shredded raw cabbage and chunks of avocado . The shredded cabbage has a nice crunch but personally I do not like avocados ( though it is beneficial for the heart).

Stephane’s Favourite : Chicken, caramelised onions , whole grain mustard dressing ($16.80+)

The advice is to enjoy the galettes which is still warm and crusty ( at the edges). The crepe taste slightly different from the usual crepes made from white flour , it is slightly stronger in flavour but has a nutty flavour.

There were slices of chicken in the middle of the crepe (but non at the folded edeges!) but I find the chicken slices a little dry. The caramelised onions and whole grain mustard dressing has a sweet flavour which goes well with the crepe( I wished there were more!)

Sable ($8.10+)

The 3 mini french sables were yummy! It crumbles a little but it goes very well with the home-made sea salt caramel sauce . Eat it together with the scoop of vanilla ice-cream, it was divine!

P.S If you enjoy the sea-salt caramel , you can purchase it at $14 / jar.

Verdict: Though crepes are not meant to be filling, the crepes here are quite special . Worth a try if you would like to have a change of taste , from the normal crepes to buckwheat crepes!

Entre-Nous Creperie

27 Seah Street #01-01

Website : http://www.entrenous.sg/


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    This place deserves a visit pronto! Care to join me? Will sms you 😀


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