Vivo Pizza

Date of visit: 27 August 2010

Place : Vivo Pizza ( Johor Bahru City Square mall)

I used to frequent JB, went there for shopping and doing sprees as the currency exchange makes spending more affordable . Some of the restaurant chains in  Malaysia ( e.g Secret Recipe and Kenny Rogers) offer similar foods as the locals but considering the exchange rate, it is definitely much much cheaper.

I went to Vivo Pizza, an Italian food joint in Malaysia , which is located at L4 of JB city square mall.

Free free to sit anywhere you prefer . The restaurant adopts a self-service ordering method where you :

1) Choose the dishes you want to order from the menu.

2) Use the pencil and ordering form provided to fill up the form.

3) Pass it to the counter , pay and wait for your food to be served.

Waldorf Chicken Salad (RM 9.90)

The iceberg lettuce were shredded too finely and mayonnaise cream were used as salad dressing . The salad dressing was a little too watery as the finely shredded lettuce absorb alot of water. I would prefer grilled chicken slices in place of the battered chicken strips which was almost tasteless… disappointing!

Smoked Salmon with Salmon cream sauce on  Oatmeal Panini bread (RM 13.90)

The food took about 20mins to arrive, considering the fact that the restaurant was not busy (there were only 6 guests!). The oatmeal bread was warm and crusty but it was just normal brown bread with a sprinkle of oat flakes.

The Smoked salmon was disgusting! It was unfresh ( colour turned pale) and bland taste. They served a fried egg together with the smoked salmon , something like a ramly burger, just substitute it with some pieces of smoked salmon.

Verdict: Most of the food items are deep-fried, for a health-conscious person ( like myself), I would have limited choices and the food are not my preference (subjective to personal) .

Vivo Pizza

L4 City Square Mall, Johor Bahru

Website :

—————————————————-Dessert from  Gelatomio ——————————————

Rum & raisins + Mixed berries (RM 6.60 )

I had the rum & raisins and mixed berries which cost me RM 6.60 for 2 mini scoops . I felt that it was overpriced , considering the scoop was half the size of the ice-cream scoop in Singapore.

The Rum and raisins —  No raisins at all and the flavour of rum was too mild to be detected.

Mixed berries—-  a fruit based sorbet , normal.

Verdict: The gelato s from Singapore beats hands-down!!!!


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