Deste, a Tradition in Confectionery was established as a ”chocolate  laboratory” at the Riverwalk. They have been experimenting and creating chocolate bon bons, pralines and cakes. The first Deste outlet opened it’s door at The Mandarin Gallery (for takeway) and the most recent cafe was at 313 @ Somerset where you can enjoy your desserts in alfresco style.

                                                          Cakes and pastries on display



I guess I have tried most of their cakes since they were pretty much similar to the ones from Ricciotti ( from the same company) .



                                                              Chocolate bon bons and pralines




The chocolate bon bons and pralines are made from artificial sweetener, Maltitol which is suitable even for diabetics! Pralines are normally made from caramel but the Patissier had found a method which allows him to produce these sugar-free pralines.  For those who wants to cut off their sugar inake without having to forgo Chocolates, Deste pralines are a safe bet!

                                                                       The Dessert Menu






Enjoy a slice of pastry/cake of your choice , a piece of chocolate bon bon & a scoop of gelato + coffee/ Tea for $14.90++ ( available from 12-6pm)


It was this promotion that ‘lured” me to Deste…



Black Forest :  Chocolate cream, cherries in brandy, flourless chocolate sponge and lots of chocolate



I am an avid of desserts infused/ flavoured with liquor thus my personal favourites are Tiramisu and Blackforest. My favourite blackforest would be the ones from Laurent’s and Cafe Pralet.

Deste version of  Blackforest would be slightly on the mild side . The cream was a little bland but the chocolate was flavoured with adequate amount of liquor . I love brandied cherries but there was merely 3 mini cherries soaked in very mild liquor. The chocolate sponge has a burnt chocolate taste.

                                                                           Bon Bon: Espresso



One of the popular flavour would be the Boero ( Brandy) but since I am having the Blackforest, I shall try the Espresso . The espresso and chocolate ganache was pretty smooth and not too sweet. Perhaps due to the usage of artificial sweetener.



                                                     Gelato: Chocolate crunchy caramel




The gelato was served frozen(molten) but melts pretty fast and becomes slightly watery after some time.  I couldn’t detect any caramel flavour but instead, a strong espresso syrup is present. The gelato taste more like coffee flavoured ice-cream to me. I like the crunchy chocolate cookies in the gelato which added a little crunch.




Verdict: Give me Lauren’t and Cafe pralet’s blackforest any time!




313@ Somerset




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