O’ Coffee Club

O ‘Coffee Club


O’ Coffee club is a popular hangout place for coffee and gatherings. I am not very sure the difference between O’coffee club and Coffee Club but I can guarantee that the quality of food Coffee Club provides never fail to disappoint me. I am a fan of coffee club food since about 4-5 yrs ago where I used to frequent the outlet at Imm.

Here at O’ Coffee Club, you can choose to sit in smoking/ non -smoking area. Choose the non-smoking if you do not want to inhale the toxic cigarette smoke.

                                                                                The Menu




Savour light bites like sandwiches, pastas, mains and desserts. There were few selections on the mains though. Certain dishes e.g Mesclun salad with sweet potatoes, Crunchy Crab with Black pepper linguine…etc are ONLY available at O’ Coffee club.



                  Thyme Roasted Portobello with Cream Spinach ($11.50++)




This is a star! The Huge portobello mushroom is filled with creamed spinach and topped with cheese. Accompanied by a generous serving of salad leaves and a bread stick wrapped with parma ham, this is a delicious and wholesome indulgence!


                                                                                        Close up



The orange zest dressing was a little tangy and goes well with the salad leaves. The parma ham, with was wrapped around the bread stick was just average. I would prefer the ham to be slightly smoked. Other than the little imperfection, the portobello mushroom was really delectable.



                                        Tropical crabcakes Picante ($9.90++)




Given 4 pieces of breaded crabcakes at an affordable price of $9.90++, I can’t really fuss/grumble too much. However, this so called crabcakes are really a huge disappointment.



                                                                                        Close up



The 4 breaded crabcakes were served under a small slice of tortilla with spicy pineapple cubes and dressed with mango cream sauce. The so called crabcakes were merely the” frozen  crab nuggets” that you can get at any supermarket…. and was rather tasteless too. Just reheat them and served with some mango sauce… sounds simple too.  The tortilla were not crispy, perhaps due to prolong exposure in the atmosphere, thus loses the crispiness.



                                                                        The innards



Verdict :They do have a wide range of delectable desserts but I was too stuffed thus I shall leave it to the next visit. The service here needs some improvement. I observed that the service was doing their own work / hang around when they saw customers standing outside the cafe. Even when the customers stand right in front of them, they did not even take the initiative to show them to the seats, some of them looked pissed off. The bill took a long while to arrive which I couldn’t understand as the staffs were ”not that busy”.




O ‘ Coffee Club

Wheelock Place

Website: www.coffeeclubworld.com


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