Once upon a milkshake

Once upon a milkshake


Due to overwhelming responses, OUMS opened the 2nd outlet at *Scape , the hangout place for teenagers.

Frankly speaking, this is my ”virgin” visit to OUMS despite the raves. I never liked milkshakes because of its creamy consistency but OUMS offers ice-cream milkshakes, which is rather a novelty to me.

The outlet at * Escape is slightly smaller compared to the one at maxwell chambers. If you would prefer having the milkshakes or ice-cream there, they provide a small seating area (small stools and tables).

         Ice-cream flavours          

I was there for the ice-cream. They offer about 10 ice-cream flavours and was trademarked ( do not use their recipe without permission!)   .

A single scoop would cost you $2.80 , double $5.10, Triple $7.20. Toppings cost $0.70 each. Well, there are 3 toppings that are only found in OUMS ( Crunchy choc pearls, Triple choc crispy pearls and the Crushed homemade choc chip cookies)

                                              Grumbling raisins + Chocolate Truffle Castle

                                 Toppings: Crushed homemade choc chip cookies ($5.80)




I had the grumbling raisins (aka Rum and raisin) and the Chocolate truffle castle ( dark choc) topped with their home-made choc chip cookies. The ice-cream was served in a butterfuly-shaped tableware , so cute!



                                     From left: Grumbling raisins, Chocolate Truffle Castle



The grumbling raisins were rich in rum and they were generous with the dried raisins. It would even be better if the raisins were soaked in rum!

The Chocolate Truffle Castle is the dark chocolate ice-cream, with bits of truffles in it. The ice-cream is not too sweet and towards the bitter side. I like the bittersweet chocolate but still my votes goes to Awfully chocolate.

The crushed chocolate  cookies are so addictive! They were made with less-sugar as Singaporeans are beginning to be more health-conscious.

P.S .Do get the hop-scotch card, get 10 stamps to redeem a $5 voucher from OUMS!



Verdict: A second visit is needed as  I want to sample all the ice-cream flavours! I would prefer the outlet here @ *Scape as it is much quieter . The main store @ maxwell chambers is often booked/reserved for private events and thus you need not worry and come down now to * scape!


Once upon a milkshake

* Scape #02-03

Website : www. onceuponamilkshake.com.sg



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  1. I just cant get enough of Grumbling Raisin. Have been visiting the outlet at Maxwell whitehouse regularly. Now it’s good to hear that it has opened a new outlet at Orchard.


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