Swiss Culture Restaurant

Swiss Culture Restaurant


Fancy a ” sky garden dining ” experience? Suntec City has a Sky Garden which housed many restaurants, sample Turkish, Thai, Vietnamese or even Swiss cuisine here. I happened to walked past Swiss culture resturant and the friendly waitress introduced the Swiss cuisine to me. I looked at the menu board and was interested to try their food.

Sits are available outside the restaurant as there isn’t any tables in the small restaurant interior.

                                                                                       The Menu




Upon seated, the friendly waitress handed me the oven. She further explained the signature dishes and her recommendations.

Swiss culture restaurant offers award-wining cuisine at affordable prices. The must-trys are the Cheese Fondue, Chocololate Fondue and the Swiss Sausage. These 3 dishes are award-wining and has received commendations and awards.

                                 Caesar salad topped with seared prawns ($11.90+)




I had the Caesar salad through the recommendation and chose the seared prawns as toppings (extra $4 charge). The waitress recommended the caesar salad as The Green Salad was a little boring and their caesar salad is quite popular too.


With Chicken slices                $3

With Baccon                                $3

With Beef Slices                        $4

With seared Prawns              $ 4

                                                                                    Close up



The Caesar salad comes in a huge bowl of ice-berg and romaine lettuce, lots of bacon bits, mashed eggs,topped with 5 seared prawns and separate caesar dressing at the side . The lettuce were crisp and I like the bacon bits, which is made from real bacon. The Casear dressing is home-made, I can taste the strong  flavour of anchovies and bits of bacon in the dressing.The  prawns were lightly seasoned with some black pepper and lightly seared, the texture was bouncy and not tough.

                         Chilean Codfish with cajun spice & mixed herbs ($28.80+)



The codfish is supposed to be seasoned witth cajun spice & mixed herbs but I couldn’t see or detect any spice or herbs in the fish . The chilean cod is served with mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables and they kindly replaced the mashed potatoes with lots of vegetables for me.



                                                                                                 Shot 2




The chilean cod was over-cooked, resulting the texture to be firm,  rubbery and chewy. It reminds me of eating dried scallops. The fish was not properly de-scaled and there were some fins remaining on the skin. The fish is then served with a creamy sweet butter sauce.

 They were really generous with the vegetables, serving a huge portion of carrots, brocolli and tomatoes.


Verdict: Other than the over-cooked codfish, everything is perfect- The service,ambience…etc. I received some vouchers from them which I can use it in my subsequent visits to off-set the meal. This gives me another reason for a re-visit.



Swiss Culture Restaurant

#03-006 Suntec Tw3

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