Spizzico Ristorante Italiano



Spizzico Ristorante Italiano is a small and quaint restaurant in UE shopping mall. UE shopping mall seemed to be crowded especially during weekends as parents would bring their children for pastry and baking class at Bakerzin and hang around Delifrance.

The interior of the restaurant is quite cosy, probably sit around 7 tables at most. However, alfresco sitting available.

I was attracted by the Executive lunch and set lunch that are  being offered and decided to have my lunch here. It has been quite some time since I had pasta!

                                                                                  The Menu



They offered two different set lunch. The 3 course Executive set lunch price at $24.90++ and Set lunch priced at $12.90++. I must admit the price was quite reasonable for 3 course lunch . If you would to order the Exeuctive set lunch for 2 pax, it would be slightly cheaper – $34.90++.

Looking at the choices offered for the 2 set lunches , I thought I should go ala-carte, to try the chef’s specialities pasta.

                                                Insalata Tomo e Caurolflori ($16++)



I was being warned  by the waitress that the starters and salads served are meant for sharing. I went against their advice and ordered the Tuna salad with rocket leaves.



                                                                                         Close up




I was taken aback by the huge portion of Tuna salad that was served to me. Bascially, the rocket leaves were topped  with geneorus Tuna Mayo ( canned tuna mayo, probably from Ayam Brand). I thought the Tuna were fresh tuna slices or seared tuna slices served with the rocket leaves. There were really generous with the tuna mayo which I thought the serving was amount 2 cans of Tuna! The salads also comes with lots of cherry tomatoes and cauliflowers and I enjoyed eating the cherry tomatoes with the tuna mayo.

Did I managed to finish the salad? Of course not! I tried my very best and left a portion of tuna mayo on the plate. Hey, I still have a pasta dish coming up!



                                                                            What is it inside???



                                                                 It’s my crayfish pasta!

( Oven baked Paparadelle with crayfish & tomato wrapped in aluminium foil) $28++



They offered Tagliolini pasta with the crayfish but they kindly allowed me to change the pasta to Home-made Paparadelle . Only 3 types of pastas are home-made – Paparadelle, Fettuccine and Tagliatelle. Of course, I would like to try their home-made pasta instead of the commercial pasta.

The pasta took around 15-20mins to arrive as the pasta is slowly baked in the oven, to allow the natural flavour of the crayfish to be retained. Do wait patiently, it is worth it!

I slowly tear open the aluminium foil and the aroma of the pasta smells so fragrant! Take a sniff before enjoying the pasta.

                                                                                    Close up




2 CRAYFISH was being served with a small serving of Paparadelle pasta, with black olives and tomatoes cooked in a spicy tomato sauce. The juice from the crayfish leaks out to the tomato sauce, resulting in a savoury and richness of seafood flavour. Crayfish was fresh and meaty and the serving paparadelle pasta was just alright. The texture of the pasta was a little rough, something like Fettucine but broader. I would prefer it to be slighly smoother but I guess this is what they call al-dente.

Anyway, the pasta was delicious!



Spizzico Ristorante Italiano

UE Shopping mall



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  1. Homemade pasta!!

    Your pasta looks gorgeous, must have been really tasty 😀


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