Bistro Du Vin

Bistro Du Vin


Credit : Bistro Du Vin

The lunch at Bistro Du Vin was an unplanned one. Initially, I wanted to go somewhere in Clarke Quay for lunch but there was a massive traffic jam this morning due to the heavy rain. I was stuck in the traffic jam for almost 2 hrs! It was already past lunch time when I finally reached Orchard Road and I decided to have lunch at Bistro Du Vin.

Bistro Du Vin is part of The Les Amis Group and thus I have confidence in the standard of their food. Bistro Du Vin is located along the restaurants beside Les Amis and La Strada.

Since it was raining , I decided not to bring my camera along with me. Thus this post shall have no photos but I have tried drawing the food I had there using the ”Paint’‘ in my laptop. I knew my drawings are childish and sucks but just try to visualise the food. I promised to make another visit soon to capture the pictures of the restaurant and food.

                                                 Chicken Consomme with mushrooms



There was a heavy rain and thus the chef was caring enough to serve the diners a small cup of chicken consomme with mushrooms. The consomme was most suitable to be enjoyed at this moment, warm and hearty enough to ”protect” my body from the chill.

                                                                                   The Menu



 The Daily specials are written on the board but I was informed that they are going to change their menu very soon and those dishes written on the board are ” potential” dishes to be served in he new menu.




                                                                                        Set Lunch Menu

Credit: Bistro Du Vin

I decided to have the 3 course set lunch menu priced at $28++. Having read some reviews that their apple tart was popular, I decided to top up an additional $7 for the apple tart. However, they double-checked with the kitchen and confirmed that the apple tart is made of an almond base thus I had the Grand Marnier Souffle instead.

                                                            Smoked Salmon, Meslcun salad




The starter was either the smoked salmon salad or Cream of Celery soup. I chose to have the former as I do not like cream based soup. The chef was very generous with the smoked salmon , I counted and there were about 10 generous pieces of smoked salmon . The salad consists of more smoked salmon than the salad leaves itself.

I took a peep at the other diners whom have the smoked salmon as me and saw that my portion of the smoked salmon salad is bigger and of course, extra smoked salmon was given to me!

                                                Pan-fried Groper with Champagne sauce




Groper is one of my favorite fish. It has a rather firm , light and meaty meat. I would definitely order it if I see it on the menu.

The groper is poached rather than pan-fried I thought as the meat was not overdone, just the perfect texture I like. The fish was generally fresh but was a little bland on it’s own. I had it with the champagne sauce infused with tarragon and it was fine though i would prefer it to be slightly creamier.



                                                                              The Vegetables




The vegetables was served separately from the groper. I opted for no potatoes and the chef made a sauteed vegetable dish for me, consisting of zucchini, carrrots, savoy cabbage, green beans and shallots. I like the carrots the most as it has a caramelised sweetness and it is soft and not mushy. The small little shallots were fragrant and has a nice buttery taste.

                                                               Grand Marnier souffle




A waiting time of 10-20 mins is required for the desserts, especially those that are served warm. The weather was a little cool and I wanted something warm, light and fluffy thus a Grand Marnier souffle is the most suitable dessert to be enjoyed at this moment.

The wait is worth it… the souffle came light and fluffy, served with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream and vanilla sauce. I slowly use my fork to pierce the top layer to pour the vanilla sauce in. I actually prefer to eat it without the vanilla sauce as the Grand marnier liquor is strong and fantastic to eat it just with the ice-cream itself. This is another souffle which I like other than the one I had at The Black Sheep Cafe ( Kahlua souffle) .

Overall: I like the bistro style, reminds me of Paris. Unfortunately, I didn’t bring my camera along with me to capture the decor of the bistro and the food. I promised, to return again to try the Salade Nicoise and probably some of the new dishes. The service is very friendly and not OTT .(OVER THE TOP)

Bistro Du Vin

#01-12 Shaw Centre


9 responses to this post.

  1. haha what an interesting substiture for pictures!


    • im not good at drawing and in fact I failed my art during my sch days!


      • haha but i agree with fen! while your drawings are a far throw from xinli’s comics, it’s an interesting way to let readers have a rough gauge of the presentation of the dishes you had.

  2. Interesting way of presenting “food” pictures. It does capture people’s attention… =)


  3. to fen: thks for ur compliments…!
    Anway, have u been baking lately?


  4. Yea, bake a couple of rose chiffon with different results on all 3 attempts… Apart from that, have been busy…


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