Capella is not the hotel at Sentosa but a  modern Italian Dining retaurant located at Chijmes. There are quite a number of restaurants at Chijmes but surpisingly, the resturant is very quiet and hardly any customers. Well, Cityhall area has got quite a number of ”good” restaurants thus I guess it was a little difficult to attract people to come over.

The restaurant interior is not very spacious and they have a open kitchen and shadows of wine bottles in the wine cellar. I can constantly hear the chef ‘‘displaying” his skills in the kitchen such as chopping ingredients.

                                                                                   The Menu




Capella offers a 3 course set lunch priced at $27++ and $34++ (with choice of fish )respectively. Choose from a selection of starters and mains. I felt that they are not ”flexible” enough to make changes such as choosing dishes from the ala-carte menu to substitute the mains. I do not mind paying the extra cost but they just do not allow. I decided to have 2 starters  a main and skipped the dessert, with an extra charge of $10 ++.

                                                      Insalata Romana (extra $10++)



This was basically a caesar salad but I could hardly find any hard-boiled egg or bacon. It was just a simple and plain version of the caesar salad topped  generous parmesan flakes. I like the home-made anchovy sauce but too much cheese makes the salad a little cloying.

Baby spinach salad with marinated cod, sundried tomatoes & kalamanta olives

Starter number 2 was the baby spinach salad accompanied by a small serving of marinated cod. I suspect it was not codfish as the texture and the taste was slightly different from cod. The chef mashed the cod and mixed it with sun-dried tomatoes and olives.

The marinated cod was under -seasoned and one word to describe, ‘‘Bland”. The marinated cod has got fishbones in it and I was quite disappointed with this dish.

                                                                                   Pan Fried Seabass




The seabass was the ”Fish of the day”. The other options on the set lunch menu includes 3 types of pasta dishes and a meat dish. The fish is pan-fried till crispy, served with asparagus, roma tomatoes in saffron sauce.

                                                                                       Close up




This was a lovely dish. The thin fillet of seabass is pan-fried till crispy on the outside and soft in the interior. The fish is slightly seasoned with some salt and pepper but it retains it natural flavour. The skin has a nice crisp to it, an awesome dish. The accompaniments, asparagus and roma tomatoes were excellent in terms of flavur. The lightly grilled tomatoes were juicy, bursting in flavour when I pop it into my mouth while the asparagus has a nice crunch to it.

Overall verdict: Since I had 2 starters and a main, I had to pay the extra $10 for the Ceasar salad which I felt was overpriced. They explained that the caesar salad originally cost $18++ and since I did not have the dessert, they deduct $8 off. Bill came up to abt $51 and I felt was not worth it.

The service needs improvement.* They should practice a little courtesy by avoiding saying” What , What !” to the customers ( the tone is a little rude) and they seemed to be very ”eager” to clear the plates when I am still eating.*

* This is my personal opinion*

Capella Modern Italian Dining

#01-24 Chijmes



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