Melting Pot Cafe


                                                                               Holiday Inn Atrium



                                                                                     Melting Pot Cafe



Melting Pot Cafe, located at Level 4 of The Holiday Inn Atrium offers a 1 for 1 buffet for DBS card/Ntuc card members. Although I am not a fan of buffet, I still went ahead as I thought it was pretty reasonably – priced for a buffet. I would say that the variety of food is disappointing as they were merely some ”cheapo” food such as fried beehoon and some mixed rice dishes. This buffet is considered one of the least variety of food that I have had. Given for the price, I would rather go to Sakura International Buffet which offers more variety of food such as Sushi and Desserts.

                                                                                 Buffet Pricing



The buffet pricing is as follows…


For lunch:

$32++ for adults ( Mon- Fri )

$35++ for adults ( Sat & Sun)


For Dinner:

$34++ for adults ( Mon- Wed)

$38++ for adults ( Thur, Fri & Sun )

$40++ for adults (Sun)



                                                                                        Rojak Station



There is a rojak station where you can prepare your own rojak. Remember to queue up!



                                                                                    Desserts station



There were cheesecakes, passionfruit mousse cake, Apple crumble Pie, Lemon Meringue Pie and Tiramisu. They were just medicore and look ordinary to me.

                                                                                             Salad Bar



They only offer salad leaves, corn, Achar, Alfafa sprouts, Olives and Salad dressings. There wasn’t much variety to choose from.

                                                          Ice-cream – Chocolate & Vanilla only



They offer only 2 flavours– Chocolate and vanilla. Both were disappointing as they taste like cheapo milk ice-cream. The ice-cream melts pretty fast. Anyway, I didn’t like it as it taste  like diluted milk.



                                                                                      My Salad bowl



                                                                                         Mum’s plate



Sheperd’s Pie   : This is quite popular and the food finishes in less than 10 minutes. I wanted to try it but they didn’t

replenish it. From what I observed, there were prawns and fish covered in a milky foam.

Duck Breast:  Taste ordinary

Pumpkin Ragout: Another favourite. However I felt that the pumpkin was mushy and they coast it with some funny white sauce which makes me feel like vomiting.

The stir-fry brocolli & pork : They were acceptable.

                                                                 Deep-Fried Fish and Curry fish



They only offer 2 types of fish items here- The deep-fried fish and Curry fish. IMHO, both were equally disappointing. The batter of the deep-fried fish was tasteless and flat. The curry fish was slightly better but they used dory fish for the curry which I didn’t like it.

                                                                                  Mushroom soup?



I am not sure what soup this was. Mum told me it taste a little spicy but it was quite ok. There were kelp and  mushrooms in the thick soup/ broth.


                                                                                       Roasted Lamb



The dish of the day was the Roasted Lamb. It was available in thn slices… but I didn’t like it as it was rather tasteless and cold.

                                                                                    My dessert plate



Lemon Meringue Tart   : Though it is called Lemon Meringue, there was just a hint of Lemon cream.

Apple Crmble Pie  : Disappointing! The crumble was too thick and floury.

Passionfruit Moussecake  : Average

Brownie : A little dry

Cheesecake: Acceptable




Tiramisu : Where’s the rum? This was much better compared to the other desserts. At least the cocoa powder and  mascarpone cheese is decent.

Overall verdict: A likely return? Probably not. The buffet was just medicore and disspointing enough. Sakura beats hands down. Most of the food were average and some disappointing. If not for the 1 for 1 promotion, I feel it was a little over-priced.

Melting Pot Cafe

L4 Holiday Inn Atrium


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