Sheraton Towers Singapore


                                                                                       Nice decor!


DOMVS, The Italian Restaurant


                                                                          The Restaurant Front



You can see the Restaurant the moment you enter Sheraton Towers. Domvs means ”Home” in Latin. I think they wanted to create a ”Home-like” ambience in the restaurant so that diners feel relax and comfortable having their lunch/dinner at ”Home”.

The previous Chef Lino has left Domvs and opened his own restuarant, Gattopardo and they welcomed a new chef, Chef Carmine.

                                                                                        The interior



The dining area is very spacious and I like the tables being spread far apart from each other, keeping small talks ”enclosed”. The decor is modern and elegant, furbished with real trees and flowers placed on every table.  

                                                                                           The set lunch menu



Ladies are being pampered on WEDNESDAY, the chef offers a complimentary Seasonal Salad to go along with the set lunch specially created for Ladies. From my observation, the dishes are very light and healthy, emphasising more on vegetables and steaming. The special set lunch is only meant for ladies on Wednesday, Men don’t get it!

Domvs also offer a 2/3 course business set lunch which is wallet friendly, priced at $28++ and $ 36++ respectively.

                                                  Smoked ocean trout with mixed green salad



A simple mixed green salad topped with smoked ocean trout to start. The chef has kindly included more salad leaves for me.

                                                                           Closer look at the salad



The smoked ocean trout was sliced thinly and topped it on the mixed salad leaves. I was curious to find out what was the red coloured thing that was sprinkled on the ocean trout. Was it red capers?

                                                                             The red-coloured seeds



Can someone please enlighten me what is the red-coloured seeds? I am curious to find out.

                                            Pan seared garouper, black olives & capers



My mains was a Garouper fish was is a firm and meaty fish. The chef served the seared fish in a spicy tomato stew with some mixed vegetables( zucchini, carrots and bell peppers). The tomato stew is very ”home-made” and has a hint of spiciness. The fish was also served with carrot sticks, asparagus and snow peas which I requested for more greens. I like the spicy tomato stew with lots of vegetables and I love anything with tomatoes!

                                                                            Close up of the fish



On the other hand, I felt that the fish tasted a little fishy and does not have the sweetness of fish. This was a slight disappointment though. At least, the fish has a crispy skin and the tomato stew compensated for the slight imperfection.

                                             Mango Charlotte with raspberry coulis & sorbet



Dessert was a choice of mango charlotte or the Earl grey chocolate fondant which I didn’t pick. The waiter reccommended something lighter, the mango mousse to end my meal . I was also told that that the mango charlotte was quite popular here , it is also available for purchase.



                                                                            The mango charlotte



Soft vanilla sponge with mango mousse in between the layers. The mango mousse is ok, I would prefer the mango flavour to be stronger( mangoe-y). The vanilla sponge is very soft but I felt it was a little on the sweet side.

                                                               The raspberry coulis and sorbet



The sorbet has a mild raspberry flavour. It is advised to consume the mango mousse before reaching for the sorbet as the latter has a slight sourish taste. Not too bad, I like the berries with passionfruit puree.

                                       One last glance at the mango charlotte and sorbet


                                                                                          Petit 4



2 chocolate cookies and peanut butter cookies. The waitress was unsure of the latter and had to double check with the kitchen. The chocolate cookies were just passable, probably it was the texture was too hard and chocolate taste was mild. I prefer Famous Amos / Amoy cookies!  I didn’t try the peanut butter cookies as I am sensitive to the peanuts.

DOMVS, The Italian Restaurant

GF Sheraton Towers

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