There are actually 2 shops in Vivocity selling Yoghurt , one of them is OIO  and the other, YIGLOO.

Yigloo specialises in soft serve yoghurt and their yoghurt are 100% fat-free. With a few yoghurt brands in Singapore such as Yami Yoghurt, Frolick, Red Mango, it’s a rather tough competition.

I was captivated by its funky and cute design …. and they offered me a sample of their soft serve yoghurt.

In Yami Yoghurt, Frolick… we had to pay for the toppings and it’s limited to a few toppings too. But here, the toppings are FREE!  You can pile as much as you want but there is NO ”refill”.  For me, I would rather have some simple toppings to enjoy the natural flavour of yoghurt INSTEAD of just munching on the toppings.

They offer 3 sizes for the cups –  S,M,L & 6 different types of flavours to choose from.

If you are adventurous enough, try all 6 ! Get the Big cup can try all the 6 flavours mixed together. There is no limitation for the number of flavours to mix in.

I wanted to try all flavours thus I had the medium cup , all flavours are in except the Cheesecake (personal dislike). 

                                                                                 The Yoghurt machine



                               This is where the yoghurt would come out, all 6 flavours to choose from!

                                                                                        Free toppings!!!



They have over 30 types of toppings to choose from.

The free toppings are separated into 2 categories –   Nuts and Chocolate on  the Left and Fruits on the RIGHT. Help yourself but please try and limit yourself because the Yoghurt would taste funny if you put too much toppings.

                                                                                       My CREATION!



All 5 flavours are in except cheese and I had some white chocolate, jelly and fruits to top it up. The jelly comes in different colours …so colourful and soft!

                                                                                            Closer look



My personal comment:

I like the ORGINAL flavour out of the 5. It has the natural yoghurt flavour without any fancy colouring or flavour in it. The taste is quite similar to Yami Yoghurt too. I like the yoghurt to be eaten with fruits toppings – mangoes, strawberries, blueberries… etc but the jelly is not too bad. No nuts and seeds for me pls! I had a hard time trying to munch the chocolate chips and by the time, the yoghurt is starting to melt .  The taste is qu

They have a ” playground” like area for free sitting. You can sit at the there and enjoy your yoghurt while watching the shoppers walking around in vivocity.

Overall verdict:  Cute and funky design ,  healthy and deliciousss yoghurt plus unlimited toppings , how can I resist not going back again?


B2-06A Vicocity

Website :  http://yigloo.com.sg/


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