Pepperoni Pizzeria

Peperoni Pizzeria



Mum was craving for Pizzas( that was her fav!) and I made a reservation with Peperoni to secure a table as I knew it’s gona be crowded during weekends. Indeed, there were already a queue before we arrived and we thought we were early!  Reservations are highly recommended especially during weekends .


Forget about those thick-crust pizzas… they jus sucks (imo). Peperoni serves one of the better pizzas in Singapore. Their pizzas are made on the spot and sent in the wood-fire oven , the pizzas were so thin and crispy! The pizzas also have slightly burnt edges… and they have a nice fragrant burnt smell too. The crust is so thin and you can easily finish 1 whole pizza by your own .  There were also quite a number of people doing T.A pizzas home. When you enter the pizzeria, you can literally smell the nice aroma of cheese and garlic.


                                                                                            The Menu


The menu is scibbled on the glass mirror and also available in the menu itself.  Peperoni does not only serve pizzas but also offer a range of pastas, appetitzers and bar snacks as well. The squid ink pasta is quite popular here… but I’m not there for pastas.

Peperoni offers about 18 types of pizzas. The pizzas are available in 9 inch, 12 inch and Family size/XXL size and additional charges for top ups for Extra Truffle/ seafood / Parma ham. You can do a half half for pizzas above 12 inch … can try 2 types of flavours! The popular flavours would be the pancetta ( Pancetta ham , soft egg ) and Suprema ( chicken sausage, shittake mushrooms, tomatoes).

                                                                  drawing  … I noe it sux…lol   🙂



They provide some chalks and vanguard sheet on the table top. Let your creative juices flow and feel free to scribble and draw on the vanguard sheet. I drew a pizza and I know it was ugly … sorry I do not have any talent in drawing.



                        Pizza 1 : Vegetariana & Frutti Di Mare( Extra seafood & Truffle)



We had a 12 inch half half pizza , with one side Vegetarian and the other side Seafood + extra seafood & Truffle. The pizza looks rather huge and generous with the pizza toppings. Mum and I worried that we could not finish this big pizza.



                                                                             Yummy Pizza


Vegetariana : 

Tomato sauce, Mozzarella, Shitake Mushrooms, Artichokes, Zucchini, Eggplants,Bell Peppers, Black olives

I feel that the vegetarian toppings were less generous than the seafood. There were just a few pieces of Eggplants, zucchini , mushrooms and  Artichokes but lots of black olives. Mum loves the black olives and pick them to eat.


Frutti di Mare:

Tomato sauce, Mozzarella, Prawns, Mussels, Scallops & Squid Rings

The seafood is so much better… lots of crunchy and bouncy prawns, squids, mussels and clams. The prawns were quite huge but it would be better if it taste naturally sweet because it is rather tasteless. They also spread some minced garlic which I sooo loving it! Black truffles sprinked around the pizzas look so lovely.

                                                                     Pizza 2: Salmon + Vegetariana



Mum and I were 1/2 full after finishing Pizza 1 and decided to have another pizza thus Pizza 2 is shown as above. Intially we wanted to get the Suprema but Mom does not like chicken sausage thus we had the salmon instead. We stick to the Vegetariana on one side because it seemed kinda healthy???

                                                                       Salmon   +     Vegetariana




Tomato sauce, Mozzarella, Fresh Salmon, Caramel Onion and Capers

They were quite generous with the salmon and they came in huge chunks… fresh and tasty. The caramelised onions goes well with the salmon too. Mum prefer the salmon pizza out of the 3 flavours we had.

For me, I still prefer the Seafood! 

We did not manage to finish Pizza 2, probably left about 5 pieces. Do not worry! You can doggy-bag home if you can’t finish the pizzas. It’s still as tasty after re-heating in the oven.

Overall verdict: I like the thin-crust pizzas! One can easily finish 1 whole pizza as the pizza was not too heavy. The crust is so crispy as if you are munching on some crackers. The service here is excellent…. all the staff have smiley face and were courteous and friendly. I would definately be back for more pizzas if not…call for pizza delivery!


Peperoni Pizzeria

6 Greenwood Ave


Pizza delivery :   6465 6556



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