The Cookie Musuem

The Cookie Musuem   ( Formerly the V -Tea room)


The Esplanade mall has now become my favourite place as it houses the library (spent my time there!), Max Brenner Chocolate Bar ( like the chocolate fondant)  and The Cookie  museum.

The cookie museum has a rome-like decor- I Feel like a tai-tai sipping tea, coffee and enjoying the liqueur tea-cakes.

The English tea cookies are pleasantly floury, with no eggs. The bold flavours are sometimes delicious, like lychee and lavender, and sometimes too extreme, like tom yam and nasi lemak. The cookies sold in tins are pricey (imo)  but they are exotic flavours and I am proud to  say it is ”MADE IN SINGAPORE”!.

Strictly No Photography

I Took my camera, hoping to snap some shots of the interior decor but was stopped by the staff. She pointed to the sign ” No photography”. I wished to snap some  photos in secret but I was being ”  surveillanced”.

                                                                                      The Menu


Their speciality is the Liqueur Tea-cakes and there are a few choices . The Bailey Irish Cream Tea-cake is one of the highly recommended. I went for the 3 Queens – Grand Marnier, Mexican Khalua , Bailey Irish Cream & Dark Chocolate.

A waiting time of 10-15mins is required but I think I waited for about 20mins for my tea-cake. The waitress pushed up a cute trolley and served me  the necessaries (e.g. sugar and tea cup) while waiting for the tea-cake .

                                                                          The 3 Queens ($19++)


The picture was not well taken as it was a I took it secretly.

A light warm chocolate cake served in a porcelain cup , served with juicy strawberries, fresh cream, mint leaves and they would pour the liqueur right in front of you. The liqueur would then soak the tea-cake and you would enjoy the goodness of liqueur  slowly. …

The chocolate tea-cake had some orange-peel and almonds but it was a very light chocolate cake. The cake was partially soaked in the 3 liqueur and it was so sinful when I enjoy it slowly … strong flavour of liqueur in each bite. It’s haven sent!

I feel that the tea-cakes are a little on the pricey side. Not many people would be willing to spend 2o over bucks for a tea-cake. It’s extravagant but indulgence!  It would even be better if the waiting time is shorten.

The Cookie Musuem( Formerly The V-tea room)

8 Raffles Avenue
#01-02/04 Esplanade Mall


2 responses to this post.

  1. It’s such a waste that the place does not allow photography because it sounds very charming and elegant!

    but wow, the desserts here are really pricey and sound very simple. I dont think i will visit it in the near future xD


    • I agree…! The interior is very beautifully furbished …
      No doubt the tea-cakes are pricey but it’s really good. I still can’t find any places in singapore that is generous with the liqueur in desserts.


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