I can be certain about the fabulous ambience and service received here. The maginficient view from the restuarant deserves a special mention too. Ever since Chef Forlino left Forlino, I was quite skeptical with the quality of food being offered here.

Most of the restaurants are closed on Sunday and unfortunately mom had to work even on Mother’s day. Hence, I decided to try their special Mother’s Day set (Mother’s day today) since it looks good.

                                                                Castle design along the corridor



Getting to the restaurant itself can be a hassle/ difficulty as I had to walk along a dark corridor, like a maze , walk up some flights of steps and it’s quite dim too. The decor along the corridor resembles a castle, which I think it beautifully done.

                                                                                    The accolades



                                                                        View from the restaurant



The interior of the restaurant is  a different dimension (compared to the dimly lit corridor). It is very elegent, golden plate and a vase of flowers placed on every table.


                                                                                   The Menu



Warm and crusty Foccacia bread being served, cut into 4 pieces. The bread is chewy  dense oily (deep-fried). I prefer foccacia bread with some herbs and I think the Foccacia bread from osvaldo (restaurant of chef’s forlino) is great!



                                                                   Parma Ham Couquette



The amuse bouche for the day was the Parma Ham Couquette. Basically, it is miced parma ham with some mashed potatoes and deep-fried. The couquette is crispy on the outside and creamy in the interior.(can see the minced parma ham). They serve it with some salad leaves  and yoghurt sauce which I enjoy it very much.



                                                                                  Mixed salad


The 4 course set lunch actually comes with a dessert( strawberry and chocolate cake) but I am trying to cut down my sugar intake and stop having dessert for a period of time thus the chef kindly replace the dessert to a mixed salad for me.

Well, I would say that this mixed salad was well-presented , colourful greens… I love my greens!

                                                     Another shot cos it was too pretty


A tower of shredded vegetables– Asparagus, fennel, carrots, tomatoes and a touch of mint leaves.

The salad was tossed with champagne vinegrette, refreshing…

The veggies were shredded thinly and I like the tomatoes which had a taste of plum( sweet and sour).

                           Seared Balsamic Tuna with asparagus & apple sauce


The tuna was quite thick and serve it slightly rare in the middle. The meat was soft and tender, the doneness is what I prefer.

The tuna was fresh but I can’t taste any balsamic vinegrette in it.

They actually shred the asparagus into thin strips and tossed it into some special sauce. No wonder I can’t seem to find the asparagus.

                        Home-made Tagliolini with lobster & Romesco brocolli



Home-made Tagliolini pasta was all-dente… smooth and not starchy at all!

The lobster pasta was cooked in a light lobster bisque with a touch of tomato sauce… I like!



                                                                                   Shot 2


The lobster pasta was served with a few chunks of lobster meat which I find them to be slightly tough…didn’t really like it.

Finished off with a touch of pesto sauce…. pasta was yums!



                    Roasted Black cod with artichokes & soft cornmeal (polenta)



Choice of mains was either the cod/ duck and I had the black cod which was highly recommended and raved by some foodies. The cod took a long time to arrive as it requires time to roast to perfection.

The cod was presented beautifully with roasted artichokes, creamy polenta(blended corn + milk) and finished off with sage emulsion.

                                                                                        Shot 2


The good:

Creamy polenta which I like the ”unusual” taste . Though slighly creamy but was not too heavy.

Roasted artichokes were yums! Slightly charred and had  nice roasted layers.

Interesting sage emulsion which goes well with the fish.


                                                                                       Shot 3


Needs improvement:

First half of the fish was over-done, resulting in the meat to be slightly tough. I was a little disappointed and feedback to the manager . They would kindly request to replace a new one for me but I told him it was alright as I do not want to waste the food.

The second half of the fish was well-done, fish meat was tender and juicy. It was a little strange to experience two texture in a fillet of fish . I left the fish skin to the last to savour it slowly but it taste a little fishy and was not the crispy skin that I was looking for.

Overall verdict: Some hits and misses here. Overall, I still enjoy the lunch, especially the Tagliolini pasta and the tuna. The service was also tip-top and professional. This is the restaurant that I would come back again… perhaps try another pasta dish?


One Fullerton #02-06



8 responses to this post.

  1. I planning to go to forlino for their gourmet set because of UOB 1-for-1 promotion. looks it is really worth a try (:


  2. i will go in june with one of my makan and photography friend =)


  3. Heh nope, probably Mu Yao and me. Vinleon might join us. Planning to have a great meal before university starts 😉

    According to Forlino & UOB, the promotion ends at 30th June.


  4. hi vin is one of the 4 moose (: fellow food lover.

    As long as they don’t mind it would be nice =)


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