Sakura International Buffet

Sakura International Buffet


Today is my 21st birthday and it’s the day I declare adulthood! I decided to treat my relatives to Sakura Internatinal Buffet since there is one new outlet opened near my house. The old folks are lazy to travel to the town area and are not fan of Western Food thus Sakura Buffet is a safe choice!

Frankly speaking, I am not a person who is into buffet as I felt that the food quality is affected and hygeine concern. I detest those ”kiasu” people who tend to pile their plates with food and there are just too many leftovers.

Anyway, we had buffet at the KEAT HONG SHOPPING CENTRE OUTLET.

2 adults, 2 Senior Citizen and a child.

Mother’s Day thus  additional charge of $4 for adults( $25+ for adults, $20.90 for senior citizens and FOC for child under the height of 100cm.

                                           Oysters, mussels and deep-fried section



                                                                          Teppanyaki section



                                                  Japanese Sashimi Section( most popular!)



                                                        Salad and cold appetitzers (my fav!)



                                                          Desserts section( They sucks!)


                                                                            Chinese selection



                                                                          Oatmeal Prawns


My Little cousin love Oatmeal prawns but he didn’t touch the prawn after 1 bite. I tried a little and understand the reason. The oatmeal were not crispy at all! In fact, it seemed to be left in the open for too long and ” Lacked air”. We were disappointed with this.

                                                                                My Mum’s plate


Mum likes the mussel mentaiko and the seasoned  Jumbo octopus!



My cousin likes sushi thus she had a few rounds of the sushi. From what I observed, the sashimi section is the most popular and many people had a few rounds of the sushi.

I didn’t like raw food as they contain bacteria ( health conscious). But, the salmon looks just ok to me.

                                                                             Chilled Prawn


Looks fresh to me but the taste was not very sweet. I was lazy to peel the shell too.

                                                                     Mentaiko scallop sushi


I only had 1 sushi throughout the buffet as I didn’t like raw food and the sushi rice was horrible.

                                                             Scallops baked with cheese


I’m not a fan of cheese thus I didn’t like this. However Mum and my cousin like this and had a few .

                                                                           Oyster Florentine


I like this Oyster Florentine even though they baked it with tomato and cheese. The oyster is very fresh and huge!

Enjoy it in 1 mouth…..yums!

                                                                             Kueh Pai Tee


The Kueh Pai Tee cup is sooo crispy and I DIY it myself- Fill it with prawns, turnip shreds…etc Yummy! I had a few cups!

                                                                           Pan-fried Dory fish


The dory fish has a nice and crispy skin and the meat is so tender and soft. I had a few rounds of this fish but had to wait for quite some time as they cooked it on the spot and the waiters would serve it to your table.

We actually had to clip the number tag on the food that we want and the person would prepare the ones at the top thus my food seemed to take a long time to arrive and now i know the reason!

                                                                                   Chilli Squids


Mum commented that the squid was not fresh and was too tough! We left 1 stick unfinished!



Though the cheesecake cannot be compared to Hilton’s, it was pretty ok for the price we paid.

                                                                             Octopus sausage

Can I say it was just average?

Overall verdict: Reasonable pricing for buffet but limited choices for food.  I had to wait for a long time for the food to be served to my table. For sushi and sashimi lovers, help urself with the sashimi selection.

Sakura International buffet

Keat Hong Shopping Centre


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  1. happy birthday!


  2. Happy 21st Birthday!


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