Private Affairs

Private affairs is the brainchild of ex-investment banker Sharon Chow and Eoss Velantine Errol. It opens it’s door along Joo Chiat road which is a foodie haven! It’s located right beside Four seasons durian cafe and the black signboard made it so obvious to confirm that I came to the right place!

The interior is cosy , ideal for intimate dining. Black and white decor makes it a little style and classy. Dad feels that such fine dining restaurant is not really suitable to be along Joo Chiat area due to the ambience and style. Most of the restaurants along Joo Chiat are more of chinese cuisine and a Fine-dining restaurant seemed ”out of place”.

                                                                             The menu


3 or 4 course lunch priced at $28 ++ and $38++ respectively. Some dishes such as the Foie gras and Rabbit meat would require additional top up. Chef’s signature available upon request.

                                                                               Hazelnut Roll


Freshly baked from the oven. The bread is so crispy , soft & fluffy in the interior.

Dad , his friends and myself loved the bread here. They highlighted that the bread taste better than any of the food here and helped themselves to several rounds of bread.

                                                                                  Foccacia Roll


I would prefer the Foccacia roll since I am sensitive to Hazelnut. The bread is infused with fragrant herbs and love my bread hot from the oven!

Dad and 2 other friends had the 3 course lunch while I ordered items from the Chef’s signature. I can ”steal’ some food from them to try it.

                                                                     Pan-fried Foie gras

                    Caramelised grapefruit & bloodorange , citrus gel , pinenut oil


Dad had the Foie gras and the skin is very crispy and the Foie gras melts in the mouth. He ”dipped” the Foie gras with the crispy almonds served by the side and it added some crunch.

 However, the other friend who had the Foie Gas did not like the grapefruit & Bloodorange as he feels that it tasted quite strange and therefore didn’t like it.

                                                             Smoked Salmon, Green Pea gateau

 Mango & tomato salsa, horseradish cream, pickled ginger sorbet, black olives crumb


The portion was small and it looks like a green tea gateau dessert to me rather than a dish made from smoked salmon.

                                               Grilled Lobster in green curry broth

                                         Tropical fruit, Foccacia chips, confit



They would pour the green curry broth over at your table right in front of you.




Dad and his friends commented that the lobster meat is too ‘‘mini’‘ for them. They prefer huge boston lobsters …

Anyway, they also commented that the soup was salty and tasted funny. One of his friends took a few sips and left it untouched.

I tried a little and thought that the broth taste like tom yam soup, a little sour and spicy. Somehow it just didn’t complement well with the lobster meat.

                                                                               White Lobster Bisque

                             Salmon & Lobster cannelloni, capsicum salsa, lemongrass crumbs



                                                                  Pouring the White Bisque over


The white lobster bisque is one of the chef’s signature dish and no wonder it taste so good!

The bisque is creamy but not too rich and heavy. The flavour of lobster is significant and I like the addition capscium salsa which provided a little citrus flavour to it. Lemongrass crumbs added some crunch… good!

                                                                             Crispy Duck leg

                 Risotto cake, pickle carrot & raisin , carrot foam , apple vinegrette

The duck leg is of the size of a chicken drumstick. It has a very crispy outer skin which Dad and his friends like it. The meat is soft and tender in he interior even after roasting.

                                                                     Hokkaido scallops

                                            White asparagus, cauliflower and carrot


I had this as my mains thus they served 5 Jumbo scallops to me. Since I do not like any cornmeal and corn, the chef kindly prepared some white asparagus, cauliflower and carrots as I told him I love veggies.

                                                                    Another shot of the scallops


I was disappointed with the scallops as they were over-seared. Scallops would become tough and chewy when it is over-cooked and indeed fails to impress me with the chewy texture. Scallops were also under-seasoned .

The white asparagus tasted raw but it is very crunchy. I guess the chef wants me to try enjoy the crunchiness of the raw asparagus. I still prefer my asparagus to be lightly grilled.

                                                                          Roasted Rabbit Saddle

          Wild mushroom, crushed potatoes in rosemary emulsion , mustard sauce


I would strongly encourage anyone who order the lunch set to have this rabbit saddle as rabbit meat is seldom served in restaurants and this rabbit meat is really tender!

I know it is animal cruelty to kill rabbits as they are such adorable pets  but the meat is tasty and rich in protein!

PA’s rendition of the rabbit is well executed with a soft and tender meat and the skin of the rabbit is not fattening/ oily at all! The mushrooms were well-cooked and mustard sauce goes well with the rabbit meat.


                                                                                Kale Royale


Initially I though this was a dessert or some kind of sweets but it is actually Spinach mousse!

They blend the spinach together with cream/something to make it into a mousse texture.

Innovative , Interesting and Excellent taste!

                                                        Second round of the Kale royale


I absolutely love this kale royale. The chef is able to transform a single vegetable into such creative dish- Spinach Mousse. I had a second round of it and I’m hooked to this!

                                                                   Happy Birthday to me!


The chef kindly prepared a birthday cake for me as I inform them that I would be celebrating my birthday.

A pretty chocolate praline cake was served.

                                                 Complimetary Chocolate Praline Cake


The chocolate praline cake has a rich chocolate at the top layer and my favourite hazelnut praline at the base.

Sweets dessert to end my lunch  =)

Overall verdict : We spent $230++ in total while I felt it was a little over-priced considering the quality of food and location. Dad was a little famished even after the lunch which I cannot blame him due to his huge appetite & body size.  The small portion could hardly fill his tummy.

We wanted more bread and it took a long time to arrive as it is freshly baked from the oven. The rest of the food also takes a long time to arrive. Other than that, the service is pretty good.

The food is pretty to look at but taste -wise, needs little improvement. I guess the location was not that suitable for a fine-dining restaurant.

Private Affairs

45 Joo Chiat Place

Website :





2 responses to this post.

  1. Hi Hui Yuan, Happy Bday! Have fun and keep eatin’ and bloggin’
    The spinach mousse looks nice 🙂 You’re definitely right, the portions look small.


    • That’s a fast comment!
      I just posted my blog and u commented!

      Looking at the size of my dad, the food is definately not enough to feed his tummy 🙂


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