Saint Pierre

Saint Pierre


Saint Pierre, one of the better fining dining French Restaurant in Sinagpore. When people ask me about fining dining  Restaurants, I would have thought of Les Amis, Gunthers and Saint Pierre. Saint Pierre offers one of the better Foie gras in Sinagpore. After my encounter of Saint Pierre, I reckon… they have the most extensive pre-meal nibbles and I would love to make another visit again!

P.S Chef Emmanuel Stroobant was there catching up with his friends while I forgot to snap a picture with him.



The restaurant can sit around 60 people, there is  a bar area and a private room. There is a book shelf which books and magazines are being placed, I helped myself to the reading materials there.

 I like the white roses placed on every table, classy…. and a sliver plate placed on the table.

                                                                         The Menu


The set lunch menu changes frequently but there are certain dishes that are always on the menu- The Cod & Foie Gras. The reason being, they are popular with the patrons.

Set lunch menu priced at $28++ for mains & desserts, $38++ for mains and starters and $48++ for the 3 course. My advice is to think twice and make a wise decision before ordering… the following pictures would serve as a good example/guide.

I proceeded with the 2 course set lunch…


                                                              Sun-dried tomato bread

A choice of plain baguette or sun-dried tomato bread. It would be better if the bread was served warm. Served with pesto dressing…. the bread was not too bad, flavour of herbs.


                                                                         Parmesan Bread sticks


The First Amuse Bouche of the day, Parmesan Bread sticks.

I feel that I’m still a little kid, nibbling on bread sticks…

                                                                       Butter and Olive pesto dip


Anyway, the parmesan cheese was not too strong .

Before I could even finish nibbling, the second amuse bouche arrived….

                                                   Sun-dried tomato chips and Black Olive Chips


Interesting… chips served on a rock.

2 flavours: Sun-dried tomato and Black Olives.

I like the Sun-dried tomato flavour as the flavour is strong. Nibbling….


                                                           Trio of brandied cod & Anchovy dip


The Anchovy dip is the dip for the chips. The fishy scent may put some people off. I overheard the lady from the table next to me that the dip was fishy and she didn’t dare touch it. Personally, I felt it is not too bad and in fact, I like it so much that I lick the dip clean.

The brandied cod in olive crumble was my favourite! A little creamy and savoury… creamy cod in a cone. I mistook the olive crumble to be sand/charcoal. It is EDIBLE of course…. savoury crumbles…. I like!

                                   Oyster cream, Apple & walnut emulsion and Jelly Fish


The Third Amuse Bouche came.

I am half full even before I even get to touch my main course.

The oyster cream is like ice-cream but has the natural flavour of oyster infused in it.

The jellyfish was crunchy.

Apple and Walnut emulsion was served probably to cleanse my palate without leaving the oyster flavour on my tongue. Anyway, the taste was quite familiar… i think is the taste of green apple gummies, sweet and pleasant.

Miso Marinated Black cod with smoked aubergine puree, roasted mediter.


The Miso black cod is highly popular and it remained in the menu for 20 years. Well, they do make some changes like changing the ingredients for the lunch menu.

The cod fish is marinated with miso ( see the top layer) and baked till perfection. However, I felt that the fish was too overdone, resulting the meat to be slightly tougher. Neverthless, the interior was still juicy.

                                                                                        Another Shot


The grilled mediterrean vegetables( capsicums, onions, aubergine) were flavourful…. delicious!

Finish it off with smoked aubergine puree and pesto dressing. I reckon… the vegetables were better than the cod itself!


                                                                                     Sauteed Spinach


Complimetary from the chef as I told him I love veggies and he kindly prepare this plate of spinach for me… delighted!


                                       Strawberry mousse & White Chocolate emulsion


My dessert was the Strawberry mousse served in a tall glass.

Strawberry tartar and mousse at the base and white chocolate emulsion formed the top layer. Finish it off with a crsipy waffle.

The strawberry mousse was not too sweet, just the way I like it.

                                                                                          Another shot

I simply love the white chocolate emulsion, it was very smooth and creamy… like eating vanilla ice-cream!

 Sweets to end (from left): Ginger Caramel fudge, lemon parfait and choco chip cookies

Sweet ending….

The Ginger caramel fudge melts in my mouth. It was not fudgy and I do not really like the ginger flavour in it.

Lemon Parfait: Soft and chewy lemon sweet..yum yum!

Chocolate cookies: I prefer famous amos….

”Any more amuse bouche to offer? ” that was my question to the sommelier. There’s simply no space for my tummy to fill any more food. The sommelier joked and promised that was the last.

My verdict: I feel like a kid…. eating sweets, nibbling chips and chopping down fod here… Saint Pierre is definately worth the visit. I was lucky that I ordered the 2 course set lunch … there’s simply too much food!

The service here is amicable, attentive and flawless.  The sommelier was a funny and interesting guy… makes my whole dining experience full of surprises and pleasant.

Saint Pierre, I would be back!


Saint Pierre

Central Mall




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