Cafe 26 Mustard Salad Dressing

It all started when Augsta, the Director of Vrescano Pte Ltd emailed me and offered to provide me with some samples of Mustard dressing. My perception of Mustard dressing is Dijion mustard , which goes well with beef and burgers and definately not my ”type” of dressing.

                                                                          Tangy Salad Dressing


I was interested to try out this new product which Agusta brought in from Perth. The Mustard dressing is very popular in Perth and the brand, Cafe 26 was voted to be the top-pick of salad dressing. The Dressings are 99% fat free therefore it is very healthy. (Organic)

There are a few flavours to the Mustard dressing and namely:


Caesar Salad

– Tangy Salad

Classic Red dressing

-Classic dressing


Personally, I felt that all dressings taste almost alike. While some dressing like the Original and the Classic dressing tend to be on the sweeter side.

My personal preference would be the Classic Red Dressing as it was a little tangy and not too sweet. It goes well with salad as well as for dippings too. 

 Agusta is trying to introduce the product to the market, he first distribute it to some cafes such as Munch (but now they made their own dressing) and now he is doing wholesale. There is no retail shop thus pre-ordering is required. You may request for some samples to try it out first. Simply email your request to Agusta.

If you are interested to find out more information  or order the salad dressings, please email Agusta . The email address is

Mobile: 96281609

Join the Facebook page :!/pages/Singapore/Vrescano/345894372828?ref=ts


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