Buffet- The Square at Novotel Clarke Quay

I received a kind invitation from HGW and the The Square Restaurant for a food tasting buffet at The Square Restaurant. The Square Restarant had recently revamped it’s menu, included some new items and thus we were invited to sample the food.

I finally discovered the people and supporters behind HGW, the person with the most reviews : Hoongy, Weighty man, His Foodblog, Macadamia Nut, Starzdevil. They started writing in HGW even earlier than me, they were there when HGW first started. In the past, I was always wondering who are the people in disguise of Weighty Man, Macadamia nuts, starzdevil, cloudgal  as they wrote very good food reviews and I feel the urge to meet them in person.


Kevin, the F&B manager showed us around the buffet selections, explaining the concept and idea of the buffet. I must admit that the food spread was not much of variaties as they want food to be cooked ala-minute rather than having a long buffet line.  The is buffet is more of a global menu, featuing cuisines from different cultures and countries. The theme of this buffet is crab and thus, there are 3 types of crabs being offered- Black pepper, Chilli and Garlic Butter.


                    The Salad Selection                                                                   Antipasto

The Salad selection has a few types of salad available and it’s great to have something light to start off the buffet.

The Antipasto section is one of my favourite here. There is variaties of antipasto served in small portions and a few tapas available. Some of the antipasto includes : Marinated Antichoke, Grilled Zucchini, Portobello mushrooms and cheese… Small tapas includes foie gras, salmon sashimi…

                                                                              Sushi Bar


Apparently, there is only 2 kinds of Sashimi offered here- The Salmon & Maguro. The Sashimi is cut freshly and served upon request.


                                                                                         The Chefs

Mussels, Fish and Pork loin cooked upon your request. They offered 1 type of fish everyday and the types of cooking method changes everyday too.


                        Lamb Shank                                                    Crayfish in Tomato coulis


         Selection of Cheeses and Dried fruits                 The Chocolate Fondue


                                                                          Dessert  Selections




             Spinach & butternut salad                                                    Grilled Zucchini


The spinach leaves were over salted with salt and too strong of pepper and the grilled Zucchini and butternut were acceptable.



                                                         Tapas: Salmon Sashimi & Foie Gras


                      Pan-seared Butterfish                               Pork Loin with Rosemary



      Crayfish with tomato coulis               Baked potatoes & Har Gaw


The Crayfish simply just doesn’t fit to my tastebud. It was cold and almost tasteless, the meat is tough and the tomato sauce on the crayfish is bland.

The dim sum offered here are halal, therefore muslims can enjoy the cold cuts and dim sum. The baked potatoes were not too bad and the har gaw looks cute in mini size.


                        Salmon belly sashimi                                  Salmon sashimi


The salmon belly sashimi is sliced specially for us, it is not available on the sushi bar itself. It was not too bad,the fatty fish just  melts in my mouth .

Now comes the Crabs!

                                                                              Chilli Crab

Taste is subjective. Some people may find this top spicy and some may find it just alright. They even garnish the crabs with chilli padis. Perosnally, I felt that the chilli gravy is too sweet and I think they didn’t use any eggs or corn starch to thicken the sauce. Macadamia nuts and Starzdevil actually like the sweetness of the chilli sauce. The crabs were quite fresh and the shells were full of roe. I wonder why there are no chinese Mantou??


                                                             The Black Pepper Crab


Perosnally, I felt that this was the best of the 3. The black pepper is very pungent and I can almost taste the intensified hint of spiciness and peppery of the crab, Though it was a little tad too oily.


                                                              The Garlic Butter Crab


Kevin commented that some of the patrons here like the garlic butter crabs. However, I feel that the sauce is neither here nor there. It  tasted quite funny and the corn starch wasn’t even dissolved properly into the sauce thus I can taste some lumps of corn starch. Personally I prefer the salted egg yolk coated with crabs (not available).


Cheesecake & mango pudding   Bread with butter      Vanilla and Raspberry mousse

Apparently, the dessert are disappointing (in my opinion). There wasn’t much desserts available. Usual ones are the Creme Crulee, Triamisu, Strawberry mousse. The 3 desserts I had tonight were the MASHMELLOWS coated with chocolate, The creme brulee and Raspberry with vanilla mousse.

The creme brulee                                                           :   Too heavy and tasted more like cheesecake.

R/berry with vanilla mousse                                  :   Taste like cheap cream and r/berry jam.

MASHMELLOWS coated with chocolate    

 As the dessert selection doesn’t look exciting to me, I helped  myself to  the chocolate foudue. I had almost 10 sticks of the  mashmashmellows . Grapes and kueh lapis available too.

Overall, I felt that the food spread was too little and very few variaties. Many people come for buffets, anticipating a wide spread of food available and helpful themselves to the galore of foods available. There was some hits and misses… personally, I do enjoy some of the antipasto and the MASHMELLOWS with Chocolate. The service here is friendly and attentive.

Thanks once again for the kind invitation and I hoped there would be another food tasting soon.



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  1. Posted by peace ... on March 17, 2010 at 4.00p03

    Beautiful Photo 😀 Cheers


  2. This is one of the buffets I have shortlisted but have yet gotten the time to try.

    Like your new blog, simple and neat… Heard that you have gotten a new camera, what model is it?

    Saw your fb’s wall that this buffet cost $45++ so I am assuming this is a weekend buffet dinner. Is there any oysters served for that night?

    Anyway, I realize there isn’t much buffets priced below $50++, guess food has increased a significant bit, considering buffet dinner @ Melts used to cost $42++, 4-5 years ago. Even for now, hotel buffets that are priced >$60+ don’t have an extensive spread, at least there are some buffets that has disappointed me given its price tag.

    Hard to find a cheap and good hotel buffet these days.


    • thks for ur compliments:)
      This was an invited session and it was during a weekend(dinner buffet)
      Well, there are some fresh oysters and prawns but the quantity is very little.
      This is one of the buffet that has the least variety of food. I would rather go for higher price and at least there are more choices.
      I guess u would be disappointed in the dessert section.

      For melts, my dad’s friend is a fnb manager there so there would be discount if i dine there. Anyway i was thinking which resturant/eatery to hold my 21st birthday party.

      Oh my new camera is canon S90. I dun really like dslr cameras as they are bulky and difficult to ” sneak” into some places that doesn’t allow photography. I prefer something like compact cameras. Anyway, this camera is not too bad as the quality of the photos taken are just like dslr cameras.(refer to new garo restaurant & subsequent posts).



      • Guess I shall give this place a miss. I was debating between Merchant Court, Novotel, Roxy & Changi Meridien for a $40+ buffet. Trust your judgement…

        O.o, Melts, visited that place twice and their savoury is good, however, desserts were alittle disappointing apart from their waffles and cookies. May is coming soon, not too far off from now… Lookin forward to your pictures…

        S90 is quite a popular choice and I understand the bulkiness of an SLR… That was why nowadays I seldom blog as the camera is often not with Yuan… Somehow or rather, eating desserts without the intention to blog is more shiok…

  3. I totally agree. Sometimes when photography is concerned, u have to take at certain angles and lightings!

    Some of the food bloggers were so engrossed in taking the pictures of the food until the ice-cream melted!

    When is ur wedding? have u considered the venue?

    Since we r both in the sci industry, i may need ur help in the future:)


    • I presume u r refering to the customary wedding dinner, tentatively either March 2011 or May 2011, shortlisted a few restaurants/hotels… Gonna meet them up and see if I can get a good bargain… 😀

      Sure, just drop me an email or sms if you need any information 😀


  4. Email sent 😀


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