Cafe Beviamo

Beetroot salad

                                                                                                      I like the open space concept- similar to marmalade pantry @ ion.
The cafe is abt 75% full when i visit, mostly caucasians.Pior to sitting down, i was given the menu and water.

The menu clearly classify the food in different sections- sandwiches, pasta, salads, beverages. I’m a ”salad” person thus i wouldnt miss out the salads here. .

There are a few choices available the ”Beetroot and kumara sweet potato salad” caught my attention. The salads would consist hazelnuts and feta cheese. I asked the staff if i could omit there and replace with other food. She was very flexible and told me i could choose anything i wanted. Im a sucker of eggplants and tomatoes thus i replaced it these 2 items.
Therefore, my salad would consist of roasted beetroots, kumara sweet potatoes with rocket, eggplants and tomatoes slices. All salads would come with a slice of bread.

The salad is served promptly, less than 5 mins. I was delighted to see the colourful salad plate. The beetroots and kumara sweet potataies were sweet and juicy,the tomatoes were fresh and the eggplants were chargrilled till perfection. However, i would prefer it to be more charred. I find that the balsamic dressing is too little, resulting it a little dry. The wholemeal bread is lightly toasted and taste great with the salad.

Personally, i feel that Cedele would be a better option for salads as their portion is slightly bigger and more varities available. Caffe beviamo is more suitable for high tea or simply have a cup of coffee/cappucino here!


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